2017 Golden Globes Fashion: Death of An Era


Hi Guys and a happy Monday to you! I had a great weekend at my aunt and uncle’s house in Walnut Creek, California. However, I am back to blogging this early Monday morning because of what happened this weekend and it’s significance and relevance in society today. During my stay-cation in Walnut Creek, I followed the Golden Globes fashion over social media and was quite taken back by the statement celebrities made on the red carpet, especially the female celebrities (I didn’t watch the awards).

Whatever the impetus was behind the all-black attire, the red carpet seemed to be mourning something rather than making a statement about gender equality in Hollywood.  Don’t get me wrong; I thought the beautiful gowns were classic, ecclectic, tasteful, and beautiful, but I am questioning whether this bold statement was in good taste and even needed in this day and age. Honestly, before the Harvey Weinstein sexual assault case in Hollywood, the celebrities actually spoke out about issues concerning the world TODAY, not complain about their $20 million dollar a movie paycheck not being enough.

And the #timesup hashtag made the whole situation seem like a time bomb than a catchy phrase highlighting the gender inequality issue in Hollywood. Is Hollwood really that dangerous a place to work? Yes, its no secret that the industry is ruthless and high-pressured, but don’t actors and actresses and everyone involved know that when getting in? And truly what interactions do these women experience that the rest of the world doesn’t? This question made me wonder about my jobs and all the male bosses, mentors, and co-workers I have had the pleasure to work with.

In my experience, I have come across only ONE male who abused his power to get what he wanted. Yes,  I worked for someone who gave preference with his time, attention, support to one other female colleague than ANYONE, for God knows what reason. However,  I didn’t let it bother me enough to question my worth or felt the need to declare his incompetences to the world. Instead, I sought help from co-workers to help me succeed in my professional goals. Honestly, these issues are less men vs. women issues and more personality conflicts where no one is wrong or right. Did he undermine my accomplishments? Yes. Did he think I was unqualified for the job and communicated it to me to give me feedback? No. Did he gossip about everyone? Heck yeah! But, instead of humiliating him, I chose to take the high road. I left the position and moved on with my life. Because of that choice, I am so happy and fulfilled today. And that is what I expect other women to do as well- Know you have a choice.

The whole problem with the #metoo and the #timesup “campaigns” is that they highlight women issues only. Do we hear anything about race, ethnicity, and class status in this…uh no. The reason I am asking these questions is the timing. With the smearing nature of the media coverage of the political realm and the entertianment world, this move by female celebrities was unwise. Other times, I would have been like, ok, and moved on. I mean, why should I care if a woman actress’ salary matched the pay of her male co-star?

What do I think about these Hollywood women who cost the industry millions of dollars not only for their hair and makeup, elaborate gowns, publicity that has no end and their hefty annual paychecks for working a few months of the year is ignored? Here’s the truth. I love how these actresses work WITH men and FOR men in powerful roles and are role models for young girls everywhere. But, please your influence positively and don’t leave the rest of the world scratching their heads going, really? The Anti- Harrassment Plan composed by certain Hollywood celebrities seems more like  a joke than proactively reaching out and teaching women how to handle tricky situations like negotiating your salary, reporting a problem, and having a public vs. private persona- you know EDUCATE women.

This is not the 1950’s or the 1960’s or the 1920’s when women were fighting for basic civil rights AND women rights like voting in elections. Ladies, I am with the guys on this one. I a think I am going to forget this like last week’s news. Do look at the beautiful clothes and I don’t know, wear black to stand for something positive. Happy viewing!

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