Style Star, Kate Middleton


We all love Kate Middleton’s life story. An upper-middle class girl (and by upper-class I mean a self-made millionaire’s daughter) married a real life prince and now is living the real fairy-tale life as the future queen of England. However, Kate is a celebrity in her own right. I remember when Prince William and her were dating, there was much curiousity and talk about her. At that time, she dressed nice, but what cemented her as a style icon was her navy blue Issa wrap dress for her engagement announcement. The dress sold out overnight and Kate Middleton was born a style icon.

Then came the Alexander McQueen wedding gown. The designer and design of the dress was not publicized until she emerged from the car- a well-kept secret indeed. I still remember my reaction when she first stepped out. It was exquisite, no, it was perfection. Soon I found out, my reaction was the same as the rest of the world. There was so much praise about it that it actually has its own Wikipedia page.

Originally, I was going to write a post on Kate’s top 5 looks, but during the research, it was quite difficult to narrow down from the hundreds of choices. What can I tell you? She is perfection. From her glossy light-brown hair to her simply chic pumps, she oozes royal elegance.

So, instead of a countdown post, I decided to write on “How to dress like Kate Middleton”. So here goes:

1.  First, you need a knee-length coat. Now, I am not talking about the basic black or brown coat. I am talking vibrant, lively, vivacious jewel tones. It doesn’t matter what you wear inside, the coat is the first thing people outside see you in so make it good.

2. Basic nude or black pumps. Now, Kate is a lucky girl. Duke of Cambridge or Prince William is a tall guy, so she can get away with wearing high heels, but that doesn’t mean you won’t find her wearing flats or sneakers. If you notice, she focuses on neutral tone colors that she can wear multiple times with different outfits. I would say invest in some nice nude  Louboutins and black Manolo Blahniks and you can wear Good Will clothes and look like a million bucks.

3. Hats. We live in America so hats are not such an important part of the dressing. In England, hats are a big deal and can dress up any outfit. I say, why not start a hat trend here in America? Some of my favorite Kate Middleton looks are when she wears hats. They can match your shoes and clutch or your dress, they are that fun.

4. Knee-Length dresses. I haven’t seen Kate Middleton wear that many skirts, but she loves dresses. Now, she is a royal, so modesty is a deciding factor in her wardrobe choices. I have never seen her in tacky, short clothes, but rather always in pleasant, soft, and feminine clothes. If I could describe her fashion sense in one word, it would be feminine. She is not afraid of colors, but dresses for her age and role.

5. Earrings. Kate is the world’s famous royal and probably one of the richest, but I haven’t seen her much in ornate jewelry pieces. She is worn a tiara a couple of times and diamond necklaces here and there, but her go-to accessory is usually a small, classic pair of earrings.

Well, here are five steps to dressing like Kate Middleton. I hope she keeps wearing memorable clothes so we can have more fun posts like this. Happy shopping!

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