4 Eye Makeup Looks for Holidays 2017


Hi Guys! Holiday season is upon us shortly and by shorty I mean a month away, but you can never be too early to prepare for the festivities because that time is such a whirlwind that any respite is unacheivable. Today, I thought about showing you guys some my favorite eye makeup looks for this holiday season.

I remember in the early 2000’s the crease became a focal point in eye makeup. While the nineties were all about the liner and maayybee a uni-dimensional eye shadow, it is around the turn of the millennium that brands like Mac started focusing on highlighting the crease and the corner of the eye. I remember going shopping with my best friend at the time and spending literally an hour learning what brush to use for what part of the eye. Today, eye makeup is much smarter and you do not need so many proverbial bells and whistles. What a difference!!!

This season is all about metallics (not necessarily glitter). Although, some young girls love to play with a glitter eyeliner or shadow, it is the working woman in her 30’s that can be tricky. How can you adopt metallics in your office holiday/holiday parties this year? Read on. Do note that these images are from Pinterest and the cruelty-free makeup I suggest to achieve the look is mostly based on trial and error. Results may very.

1. Look # 1:

This is probably the simplest and more age-appropriate for girls in their twenties. To achieve the look, I would recommend using Urban Decay or Huda Beauty eyeshadow. I am not going to recommend any colors, because everybody has different skin colors and skin tones.  And while the above look will look great on olive skin tones, it probably will be too dark for cool skin tones. So I would recommend to get help from your local Sephora store expert and pick eye shadow colors more suitable for you. See HERE

Then comes the liner. I have used the glitter eyeliners by Urban Decay and they are absolutely lovely, but tooo subtle. To achieve the dramatic liner look here, I would suggest an eye pencil and then going over it with liquid glitter eyeliner. Finish it off with a mascara and brow pencil.

2. Look # 2:

This look is more appropriate for a party at a club than an office party. If you have a fun date planned with your honey New Years’ Eve then try this look. I love, love Kat Von D eyeliners (See HERE) so I would recommend using them. Finish it off with some Tartiest mascara. Here I would recommend NOT to get overzealous with the eye shadow-no metallics and shimmer.

3. Look # 3:

I love this look as it looks more age-appropriate for women like me. This is another take on the winged/cat eyeliner look and it involves a shimmering gold eye shadow. I would put a gold shadow as a base (See HERE) and then put the shimmery glitter shadow (See HERE) on top with a wet brush to achieve maximum results. Finish it off with some white liner in the rim and dark mascara. Huda beauty lashes would go beautifully with this look.

4. Look # 4:

This is the most editorial of the four looks I have posted. It took me forever to find an eye pigment with the same texture, look, and feel of the example. Milk products (available in Sephora) such as the  Milk Eye Vinyl (See HERE) would be perfect to achieve this futuristic look. While I wouldn’t recommend this for any religious gatherings, it would look awesome in an office party. I would not even put lipgloss on my lips as a lightly tinted lip balm would be enough.

Hope I have given you some eye makeup ideas for this holiday season and you will incorporate them. Like everybody, I would recommend trying the products out (for allergic reasons, not just aesthethics) and then purchase them. I have found Sephora always helpful. Happy Shopping!!

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