4 Milestone Trips To Take In Your Life


Hi Guys and a happy Tuesday to you!!! I want to put this out on today’s post. Thanks so much to all of you who have been with me on this journey. It means so much to know that people are reading my blog and enjoying it. Writing has been a passion of mine since childhood and I hope to take it somewhere with your support-so keep on reading!

A good percentage of my bloggers are young adults, some even as young as college students. Even though I write about a lot of “adult” topics, I do a few posts now and then catered towards their interests and passions. I know being a young adult is overwhelming, especially when you have so much to figure out. Honestly, the best advice I would you give you is time management. Sure it is great to have long-term plans, but scheduling daily or weekly goals is critical to keeping life on track. Your only task after graduating is landing a dream job. Research requirements of the job market and practice, practice, practice your skill set to nail that job. And then after you land your dream job, just chill out. I know the natural progression to getting a job is getting married, and then having kids, but honestly, this is the illusion of a happy life that gets so many in trouble. If you have a job that pays your bills, I would recommend you rather spend some time finding yourself, spending time with friends, traveling, learning new skills, and improving you career trajectory. You will thank yourself that you have done all this when that right person comes along and you want to settle down as a mature and wise adult.

For those college go-ers and even soon-to-be high school graduates, today I wanted to talk about something that I learned from older generations. I like to call it “milestone trips”. Growing up in a wealthy town like Palo Alto, I was not new to having friends go on annual trips to Europe or Mexico. I had friends and classmates that would spend spring breaks in some exotic locale, while I would work and save money for college. To be brutally honest, I didn’t care that was my reality. I had bigger aspirations and bigger goals. However, I loved traveling so I included what I coined “milestone trips” as part of my goals.

What is a “milestone trip”?

A milestone trips is a trip you take with family, friends, or alone after you have reached a life milestone (duh!). The milestone could be different things to different people. It could even be as “random” as you finishing your medical rotations or making partner in a law firm. Basically you set a milestone goal and work towards achieving it. Once you achieve it, you go on a trip.

4 Milestone Trips I Recommend (and plan) On Taking

High School and/or College graduation: After I graduated high school, I took a grand trip to Europe. I specifically picked Europe because I wanted to learn about its history, culture, and ART! I didn’t go alone and had loads of support to ensure I had a good learning experience. And I totally did. I made a lifetime of memories on that trip. You can read it HERE. I didn’t travel anywhere after my college graduation because a. I had been traveling internationally during college and b. I wanted to save money for going to school to earn my teacher credential.

Grand Canal, Venice - Italy

Bachelorette Trip: I am not getting married soon, but I definitely plan on doing a bachelorette trip with friends and family. I probably will not plan on doing something elaborate like a foreign locale, because coordinating everyone’s schedule is the last thing I want to do when planning my wedding, but I do want to take a weekend away somewhere close-by so I can celebrate the new change that is going to be coming. One of my former boss/friend and our friend (and her going-to-be sister-in-law) took a bachelorette trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (See HERE). And it was quite fun, but challenging and you learn about new friends, relationships, and how to navigate different interests and preferences.


Honeymoon: This is kind of a no-brainer, but each couple needs to go on a honeymoon after they get married. A wedding or the commencement of a marriage is definitely a milestone. Now, I am not recommending that you should feel pressured to go to Paris, France or a fancy resort in Tahiti to commemorate your new nuptials, but any place that is romantic (or special!) to you where you can spend time with your loving partner and really get comfortable with the idea of marriage. I think a honeymoon is THAT critical to start a marriage. Those couples that opt to “go back to their regular life” after a wedding may miss opportunities to experience a smooth and comfortable transition. I don’t know why, but even couples who have lived together or taken trips together while dating should have a trip that is special and memorable to cherish after their wedding.


Babymoon: This is kind-of a new fad (9-10 years old) and I had to add this on my list. After you conceive a baby and have done everything possible to prepare for the new arrival, you should mark the momentous milestone of having your first child with a trip. You realize your life will be changed forever after this bundle of joy comes so taking a trip together with just the two of you is something special you can do. And to celebrate the new blessing is obviously a factor to consider. Please check with your doctor before you travel and consider your pregnancy conditions when choosing a locale.


Well guys, here my planned milestone trips. Yes, they are very basic, but do consider your budget, your life and career goals, and the fact that your partner may have some of his/her own milestone trips that need to be merged with your list. And guys when you reach those milestones and book that trip, remember to have FUN. Happy Traveling!!

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