4 Vintage Makeup (Cruelty Free) Looks For The Holidays



Hi Guys and a happy Saturday to you! I have been spending time outdoors this past couple of months and it has been great soaking up the sun whilst enjoying seasonal activities such as viewing fall colors in Park City, Utah (See HERE), picking up my very first pumpkin from a pumpkin patch, and walking through a cornfield. For more ideas on what to do this season, check out my blog posts HERE and HERE.

Today, I thought I’d teach you something that is experimental and experiential. I know you appreciate my blog posts and my wit most of the time so why not help you more this holiday season? Why you may ask? I am so glad you asked me this question. Given the festive nature of the season, this is a wonderful time to reflect on how to make a change in yourself or in the world. I have a great story that will help explain why reflection is so important in everyone’s lives.

Recent Anecdote

I had a great and most awesome pleasure to meet and say hi to Valentino Garavani in an Italian cafe yesterday. Yes, it is pretty typical to meet important people in MY daily life, but it is equally important for ME to remember not to disrupt anyone’s day plans for numerous reasons such as respecting everyone’s time and being mindful of where I am. I would have loved to invite him to sit with me for lunch, but I knew it wouldn’t be right so I waved, said hello, and excitedly pointed at my Valentino ballet flats, which I happened to be wearing at the time. All jokes aside, I could only peel myself away from his attention by remembering the wise saying, “Good things come to those who wait”.

Personal Anecdote

I swear, later on, as a reward from God for my patience, I remembered a sweet and very important conversation I had with an equally important fashion designer, Gianni Versace when I lived in Pakistan. It was a very cold and oddly foggy morning in Islamabad. I didn’t know who Versace was (as he was not “famous” yet), but he was standing with two other women I didn’t recognize, and Anna Wintour, who I met before at Evan Spiegel’s house (See HERE). He looked very agitated when I walked up to them with a big smile, but not ignorant of the tension between everyone. I started the conversation by speaking about Edgar Allan Poe and how the morning reminds me of his writing – cold and gloomy. His expression changed in an instant and when he smiled I knew he was open to talking to me.

Once I “understood” who he and the two women by his side were (Tory Burch and Donatella Versace btw; the most “Italian” looking women I met at the time. lol), he explained to me his dream to open a fashion design label. The chicest thing he wanted to do with fashion was to “market” it. No one had heard of this word before and I am so glad he met me because I encouraged him to do this and because he passed away in the late 1990’s.

His dream was to create a luxury fashion label and “market” it without telling why he really started it & what the fashion label was about (I told him that is exactly what “market” ing is). He didn’t care the masses may not want his clothes. He only cared that people knew that they were his. Imagine this, he created luxury so unattainable that not many people could afford it only because he didn’t want to be bothered by the idea of selling it to everyone. I knew ALL he needed was space and encouragement and that was my ONLY input in the matter. I remember Anna Wintour advising him that people will think he is crazy because the idea of “marketing” was so wild. He passionately replied that this “idea”, or “business model” as I called it, is very necessary because any type of prosperity brings in abuse of power and laws of a government and he wanted to do something great to help the system. I dare you to figure this one out ;). I did end the conversation by asking him why clothes and he just laughed. Tory Burch and Donatella Versace both said because he loved clothes and Anna added they were his love affair. 

I do wonder sometimes today what anecdotes in my life inspired me and my friends to start important projects such as “social media” and “Google” and jumpstart the digital age. Then I think of the anecdote above and millions of other anecdotes among us that serve as explanations.

So back to the blog post:

Vintage Makeup Looks

Since the holiday season is upon us, I thought I should write down a helpful guide on doing “vintage” (See HERE) this season. There are so many things that go on during this time – Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving (See HERE), holiday parties (yes, there is an “s” here), and of course religious holidays such as Hanukkah and Christmas with New Years capping off the year. It is a fun idea to spice up those parties with some vintage flair.

The Audrey Hepburn “Professional” Look


The “Audrey Hepburn” look is perfect for work soirees. The sleek ponytail with a side part (with or without bangs) gives the entire face a clean & professional look. The black cat-eye was essentially started by the star AND it is perfectly appropriate to wear cat-eye makeup for a work party during the holidays. Start your makeup by putting on sunscreen, a primer, and layering on your favorite foundation. Fill in your eyebrows with a brow pencil (See HERE) and giving them a heavy look. Heavily-filled brows will frame the eye makeup, which needs to be simple. For a perfect cat-eye, I love this liner (See HERE), but omit the fake eyelashes by opting for a dramatic mascara (See HERE) instead. For an extra defined look, check out this kit (See HERE). With your lips, use any color from melon reds (See HERE) to pinks in nude tones, like the “Blossom” lip crayon HERE.

The Whitney Houston “Party Girl” Look


For those girls who feel comfortable pulling off dark makeup without making it look like it’s Halloween, can go for the “Whitney Houston” look. Start with sunscreen, a primer, and foundation. The smoky eye is so the way to go for a grand New Year’s bash (See HERE, HERE, and HERE). If you are wearing clothes in electric colors aka jewel tones, wear something equally dramatic when it comes to your lips (See HERE, HERE, and HERE). Although this was not really part of Whitney Houston’s personal style, a nice contour kit (See HERE) will give you a sudden modern flair. With hair, go easy & stick with a blow-dry.

The Grace Kelly “Graceful” Look


For girls with light features, the “Grace Kelly” look is to kill for. If you have light hair, eyes, or skin color, think about wearing white this season. To make the color more interesting, include different types of texture or weave. Comb your hair backward and secure it in place by spraying it with hairspray (See HERE and HERE). The makeup should start with sunscreen, a primer, and a foundation of your choice. For eyes, use grey (See HERE), brown (See HERE), or purple (See HERE) toned eyeliners.  A browbone highlighter (See HERE) and a brow pencil (See HERE) gives your eye area a nice symmetrical look. Finish the look off with a glossy coral-pink lip gloss (See HERE).

The Nicole Kidman “Sexy” Look


The care-free look is perfect for those women who want a fuss-free look. A nice and easy updo like a French Twist with loose tendrils framing your face is all you need to do with hair. Make sure you use hairspray (See HERE and HERE). For makeup, start the look with a sheer coverage foundation underneath your favorite sunscreen and primer of course. A lightly penciled brow (See HERE) and a dusted eyeshadow with a highlighter (See HERE) look effortless with nude lips (See HERE and HERE).

Okay, guys, I’d like to make an announcement that the frequency I will be posting on the blog during the holidays will go down as I plan on taking large breaks to avoid burn-out. Till next time!

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