A Goat (Or Moon) Scavenger Hunt For Chaand Raat


A Cresent Moon In Istanbul

Hello, All About Sana readers. How are you? I hope you all enjoyed your weekend and ready for the summer. I know I am hopping happily in regards to this spring in California. It is truly one of the most beautiful springs I have experienced in my life.

I have had a few queries about how I was proposed by Jack Dorsey. So much time has passed and so much has happened that it was recently that I actually had a chance to look back and reflect on my wedding festivities and of course the proposal. As I mentioned earlier in a post, Jack and I knew each other since “I” was a baby. We shared epic experiences before we even were engaged as adults so it was a no brainer that the proposal itself was lowkey but memorable. Since I moved to the United States we both have worked super hard on well what made the two of us famous rightfully. The friendship part transitioning into the dating part transitioning into the fiance part was quite seamless and perfect for me. We had loads of fun with our friends, family, and of course people.

The Proposal

It was in 2007 that he showed up to my classroom on a Friday afternoon (I started teaching in 2006 so it was literally my 1st year). I had just won a personal battle and taught a great lesson and feeling pretty good. While my students were outside playing with their physical education teacher I had one eye on them & one on the teacher planner book. For one second I laughed to myself and drew a ripe red apple and the next second I heard someone come in and ask, “what are you laughing about?”. I looked up and realized it was Jack and said hi and told him how great my lesson went and how tired “I” was as a new teacher. He looked intensely in my eye & said nothing and I got concerned because I thought something happened at his work. Then I started to feel bad and I asked, “What happened? Did something happen at work?” And his response was to put a burgundy velvet box on my teacher desk.

My abrupt response was “what? You proposed?” and then feeling bad I repeated the same sentences with more gesture. He said, “yes” and I could see he was the happiest I had ever seen. Lol. Just then, literally one my sweetest students fell into the classroom (I don’t think it was planned by Jack. Please) & he growled, “just put the ring on!”. I didn’t even look at the ring and just put the ring on that was in the burgundy box. The fall that belonged to my sweetest student looked bad. I am going to call the student “Desdemona” & she said, “Wait. What just happened?” and I told her what happened. As perfect as that moment was I knew I had to include the students that I taught (and will teach for the next 3 years) at my wedding. And then Jack asked, “Anything else?” And I abruptly said, “These students are the best writers I have read, can you get them music contracts? Yup, & just like that he brought Pharell and other music producers to the school I taught. And these students are famous now (Another brilliant “project” of mine). I heard another class of mine are in Hollywood and God knows what my 3rd year and 4th year students are up to-Winning Nobel Peace Prizes probably.

How We Broke The News To Family

That weekend I was at his place and Jack Dorsey said we should inform our parents we are engaged. He said but let’s book the photographer first since they get booked a year in advance. I said okay and called the photographer Jack Dorsey wanted. The photographer was a real photographer and his dad, John Nash (I had met him many times before) but I didn’t know that at the time. He started asking me questions and I kept answering them until he asked me the name of the groom and I told him and he asked me if this was a joke and who is calling? And I said, “Sana N” & yes, I am engaged to Jack Dorsey, the entrepreneur/software engineer. And then John Nash started yelling happily and I was super embarrassed and Jack took the phone and told me to have breakfast or take a shower or something. Yup, our proposal story is pretty sweet!

What Is Chaand Raat?


Chaand Raat and Eid are literally like Christmas Eve and Christmas. Chaand Raat is the night before Eid when Muslims actually spot the little crescent moon in the sky. Readers remember, Eid-ul-Fitr technically is on the third of the month. And globally Eid-ul-Adha is set according to the Arab law and calendar.

During the whole month of Ramadan Muslims look at the moon to track the lunar calendar without actually having to use a planner. This means that Muslims have an idea when Eid-ul-Fitr will fall that year. In the last days of Ramadan, the moon completely disappears. Then after the night of the Dark Moon and New Moon, a little sliver of the silver moon appears in the evening sky and Muslims know that Eid-ul-Fitr is the following morning. It is really difficult to spot the moon in the United States with all the trees and houses and curved rooftops so here my family and I look at our local Islamic Center for advice. They have a website so we just look up the date of the holiday on there.

Eid-ul-Adha is completely regulated by the Arabs since it falls ten days after the commencement of Hajj, the Muslim annual pilgrimage to Mecca and Medina. The idea is that when Muslims end their Hajj, the rest of the Muslim world celebrates with them. It is a pretty remarkable occasion. Read about my last Eid-ul-Adha in Pakistan (See HERE and HERE).

Goat or Moon (Chaand) Scavenger Hunt 


I love the idea of the Elf Scavenger Hunt (See HERE) as a Christmas tradition so I came up with something similar for Eid. Depending on whether it is Eid-ul-Fitr or Eid-ul-Adha, you can create a family scavenger hunt at your home for Chaand Raat.

For Eid-ul-Fitr you can choose to play this game after you see the silver moon or before it. You can play this game several times in the evenings leading up to Eid-ul-Fitr. You need a crescent moon (which you can make yourself with cardboard, glitter, & glue) and a mom or a nanny to hide it somewhere in or outside the house. Then go crazy by searching for it. The winner can get some of those lovely sweets famous in the Muslim world.

For Eid-ul-Adha instead of a crescent moon, how about making a cardboard goat? Just draw a goat on a cardboard box, cut it out with the help of an older sibling or parents & decorate with stickers & markers. You can make a three dimensional goat as well. Then go crazy! Oh, and make sure you tell your mom or nanny to hide the cardboard goat (not the real one kids, okay? Lol.) for you to search. =))

Also, kids remember you can donate to Soi Dog Foundation (See HERE) & Humane Society International (see HERE) during these two Muslim holidays. These two were founded by me in the 1980s when Pakistan was part of a war. Please support my causes. Thank you!