A History Lesson Through Embroidered Brocade Textile



Hi Guys & a happy Monday to All About Sana readers! Last evening was 2019’s Screen Guild Awards Ceremony or SAG Awards Ceremony & I am still excited about the fashion I observed on this year’s grey carpet. I was involved in the talks for this particular ceremony since June of last year. Since there is a big negotiation going on with television & film networks, I, being who I am, wanted to lend a hand & “co-direct” the pre-awards traditions of the SAG Awards 2019.

Most people don’t realize that each award ceremony has a distinct history & purpose. While the Golden Globes Award Ceremony is essentially to recognize the works of the Hollywood industry from past to present as a global power, The Critics Choice Awards Ceremony is to thank the critics who support the industry by watching Hollywood movies & critiquing on them. The SAG Award Ceremony is to thank & rejoice in the Hollywood industry still being unionized & for me, work-employer rights are very important to build a strong economy & a sustainable lifestyle. The Academy Awards are probably the most formal ceremonies of the award season where the Hollywood industry recognizes the most important & powerful people sustaining it, meaning “the academy”.

I want to personally thank Emily Blunt, Sandra Oh & my dear friend (I only have two from my schooling days) JoniRose, who approached me & my brother (in Pakistan) to be involved in Hollywood industry’s award season 2019.


Screen Guild Awards 2019

I hope the online viewers were able to stream the live coverage of the carpet & noticed the little nuances that are so defining of the beginnings of the “Digital Age”. The grey decor was a color chosen by me & Bunto Kazmi provided all the fabrics & furnishings to reduce nostalgia in that one color. I wanted the stars, celebrities, & their attire to do the talking & proverbially “paint the town red”. I requested a few professional friends of mine to host the carpet & get to know the actors & actresses through personable questions. Stars & celebrities were directed to walk the grey carpet in themes. The most obvious moment had to be when young stars dressed in ball gowns walked on the carpet together. It really gave the grey carpet a debutant ball feel. If you think this sounds too 1950s, then I commend the fashion design houses & jewelry houses who came together for each star to create a modern-look based upon each wearer’s vision.

I hope to comment on the fashions of the evening on the following post; so look out for that.



Brocade has been an elusive textile to my family who is so interested in heritage arts of each civilization. I think the reason for this exclusivity is the countless wars that have been fought in the last 400 – 500 years. I have seen Brocade in person & it is truly a mystery, not only because of the way it looks or feels but, because of its history. I believe that cotton is the oldest fabric invented by Egyptians & made expensive by the Chinese since they wove worm threads in a similar technique & called it, well, cotton. Go figure. I don’t think silk is that old.

Then Brocade made an appearance in France & England at the same time & both rulers wanted to claim Brocade as their own. The truth is that Brocade probably was invented in China & through the China Silk Road came to Europe. As well-placed the intentions of these French & English rulers may have been, claiming something beloved as one’s own can prove risky since history gets lost. That’s why one must take their time to get to know something and formally request & acquire it.

Since that “bloody” fight between the English King & the French King, empires such the Japanese empire, Chinese empire, the English empire, the French empire, & the Mughal Royalty concocted their own blends of fabrics protected under the boundaries of their empires. Brocade became a disheveled “fabric” found everywhere, a legal travesty given what Brocade textile really is. But, read on.

The Brocade textile may have saved the lives of thousands of people & soldiers. In Asian empires, Brocade was used as a textile (an art form) used to communicate practical information in secrecy like maps or trade routes. While in the western empires, Brocade had to be used to trade; consequently forming culture & unifying Christianity. In the hot & humid Indian sub-continent, Brocade was literally used to be included in the Mughal art such as paintings & pottery & served no practical purpose other than filling Mughal storage rooms. While the western empires were preoccupied with spreading religion, the Mughals & the Asian empires were busy with formulating distinctive cultures, hence today, these regions have the most peculiar, festive, & rich cultural history in the modern world. Go figure that out.


Bunto Kazmi has found many inspirations from this textile. We have derived motifs and Bunto Kazmi fabrics inspired from Brocade textile, so please protect its heritage.

*To see more Brocade textile on Google images, click HERE. ** Also, check out this really cool Lollywood video song & let me know what you think: Subnam Majeed “Anarkali” (See HERE). Thanks.

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