A Scary Reality: Global Meat Farms


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Hi Guys and a happy Monday! I kick started my day with a shower and a trip to the local Books, Inc (See HERE). It is so nice to spend time in a bookstore in the age of Amazon, where I have been a customer since 2004. However, Books, Inc is a cozy bookseller in Northern California that hosts various events and book clubs to keep reading fun, interactive, and pertinent for the digital age. For those of you who are curious, I purchased “The Chilbury Ladies’ Choir” (See HERE), “The Moment Of Everything” (See HERE), and “Lillian Boxfish Takes A Walk” (See HERE) after the recommendation of an employee. Curious choices for me, I know, since I read to seek information instead of finding pleasure, but, I recently went to a tarot card reader who told me that the reason I am not enjoying reading (or altogether can’t sometimes) is because I am still processing the prodigious amount of books I can’t seem to track with memory from my past. Ever get the feeling that you know everything? Well, I do when I open a book now. The last time I completed a book was in 2017 – that was 10 months ago! These fictional books are by female authors and “fun reads” according to her, which is just what my tired, but thirsty mind requires.

Global Markets Background

I want to shed light on a serious matter that needs everyone’s attention. I think as global citizens we have come to accept shootings in schools or grocery stores, and suicide bombs and attacks in public areas as something evil that is hiding a bigger evil. However, the cause is more obvious than we think. My opinion has been that cults such as ISIS and others, who remain unnamed, use these attacks to stir up controversy in traditional media and social media. The intention has always been to hit financial markets and make money through loopholes. Remember how much the market fluctuated before and after September 11, 2001 attacks with news media churning out stories about “tech bubbles” and “Y2K scares”? The result was the economic meltdown comparable to “The Great Depression”, but this time, on a global level. And to me, that is a much more insidious attack than what is shown on any news source.

The industries and markets under the biggest threats are and were the gemstones/precious metal industry, the oil markets, the tech industry, and the fashion/beauty industry. Working in these non-relational industries or reading up on them have revealed an evil that even can lead to wars if proper legal precautions are not placed. Relational industries to keep an eye on are wedding and travel; or food and real estate. While huge global strides have taken place to eliminate corruption in the gemstone/precious metal industry as it is pretty difficult to buy an uncertified diamond outside a small black market these days, the rest are met with challenges each day.

A Market Focus: Fashion/Beauty

The fashion/beauty industry is still one of the messiest industries I have experienced. I am so pleased that there is such an awareness and demand for vegan and organic/cruelty-free beauty products because of political values. It is one thing to imagine cut-up body parties, but a whole different picture when you see animals going insane because they were either writhing in pain or locked up.

Another development I am loving is the acceptance by high-fashion designers that faux-fur and patent leather is just as chic and preferable to discerning consumers.

High-fashion designers like Michael Kors, Vivienne Westwood, Tom Ford, Stella McCartney, Gucci, and Burberry have made the business leap (See HERE) to go cruelty-free or sustainable in some cases.

Meat Farms And How To Make Sure Animals Don’t End Up There

Majority of you won’t believe me when I say that dealing with meat farms were talked about in Pakistan in the 1980’s as unrelated they may seem to gems or precious metals. (Mentally ill) immigrants used to joke the situation by calling these “mostly” dog farms that sometimes included donkeys, horses, and other animals as a “business”. My dad and I would be horrified and would tell my grandfather (General Zia) about the situation who would report back that they insulted him by saying that this way Pakistan is dealing with its stray animal problem. The insanity was at its peak when news was spread that these people also see animals with any black fur as undesirable.

Meat farms have been ever-so prevalent, but have finally made it to the public’s attention thanks to social media. I will not go in detail about the conditions of the meat farms, but I will tell you that these dogs end up here due to neglect only. These animals, most of them surprisingly healthy purebreds, are smuggled to sell for animal testing or used for body parts mostly in third – world countries, although there can be exceptions. The strays are also kidnapped for some reason, which is unclear to me. Here are a few things you can do:

  1. Educate yourself further on the conditions of meat farms. These animals are locked in filthy conditions, and exposed to loud noise, bright lights, and forced to face abuse without having a say. These vile people are vomit bags or poo the animals are forced to eat after starvation.  
  2. Vote for candidates who make it tougher legally for animals to be moved across countries without proper paperwork. This paperwork should include the pet’s medical status, owner’s information, and any previous residences this pet has lived in. Each state (country if read in Europe) can decide whether having the pet chipped (which links to a digital database) is necessary. 
  3. Donate to charities like Humane Society International (See HERE), which rescues dogs from these meat farms and find them new owners once seen medically fit. 
  4. Follow this charity on social media as you gain first-hand knowledge on the conditions of meat farms.  

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