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Hello all you beautiful people! Hope you are doing well. Today, I am very excited about writing this post-part because the topic is so lovely and part because I had planned to write it ages ago. But, thank God, I waited till today, because the research and reflection will iA make it an informative piece for you.

After the psychedelic interplay and display of lawn season in Pakistan and at Eid parties in the States, it is nice to turn things around and go for more muted textiles (don’t fret, I am not talking colors here). During winters, brands love to focus on fabrics such as velvets, khaddars, organza, tissue, and brocade for festive occasions. I thought how about winter-izing your luxury-pret outfits (or stitched outfits) further, by choosing monochrome colors (not necessarily neutrals) and accessorizing them with colorful scarves and jewelry. Trust me it is a nice, fresh breath of air to see something simple and beautiful at a party. And you will feel much more excited to change back to the colorful and vibrant textiles once winter is over. Now, you may question my aesthetics and say, “well, will this be age-appropriate for me?” or “Isn’t this like a men’s wear?” and I say, “yes!” and “no”. Women from all ages can select fabrics and colors that suit their stage in life and accessorize them the way I am advising, which is feminine and chic.

So what are my suggestions; read on:


I always hunt through social pages of magazines and blogs to spot an undiscovered idea I would love my followers to make a trend. I notice certain women in certain circles doing this and I fell in love. One idea with monochrome fabric is to drape a beautiful (and expensive!) Hermes scarf over it (See HERE). To avoid looking like a flight attendant, I would opt for larger silk and cashmere scarves and stoles. Some of the creative ways you can tie them are on Hermes iPhone app and on Google. I have posted some additional ways, you can style your monochrome outfit.

After you drape it in one of the methods you desire, then go for some impeccable makeup, dangling earrings, a designer handbag, and heels. But, remember, the focus should be the scarves.

**Do note that Hermes silk scarves will slide off like a Sana Safinaz silk dupatta, so either pin it or contrast the fabric with velvet to create friction.


The second way to accessorizing monochrome outfits is through statement jewelry. And I can think of no better designer brand than Nest Jewelry available at Anthropologie (see HERE), Neiman Marcus (See HERE), Saks (See HERE) or their official website (See HERE).

NEST Jewelry is a luxury jewelry line with an organic feel. They use only natural stones and elements to create hand-crafted pieces. I love crystals and stones, especially in my line of work, so it was “natural” I gravitate towards this brand. If you invest in these colorful pieces, they will not only last a lifetime, make a statement, and liven up your monochrome outfit, but they will also make you on the cutting edge of fashion; because these people are very exclusive in selling their handmade items sparingly.


Well, folks, I hope I have given you some ideas for this year’s milads and pre-wedding parties. Happy Shopping!!!


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