An Afternoon in San Francisco


My cousin is visiting so there is a lot of sightseeing going on in the family this week. Today’s post is another travel post and I want to talk about places in SF that tourists may overlook, but are beloved by locals.

Yesterday, it was a particularly gorgeous day with the sun out after a week of rain. My sister said lets go to San Francisco! And the lazy person in me obliged. I suggested we visit some places that my cousin hadn’t seen so we decided on Twin Peaks and Baker’s Beach. Both places are accessible by car, but try to go on a weekday since parking is very limited on the weekends.

We all got in my sister’s Prius and like true Californians made our way late in the morning to SF for some sightseeing. As we made our way to the top of Twin Peaks, we noticed how green the hills look. San Francisco is generally cooler in the summer, but it’s quite pretty to see the hills all lush green after the rains. The Twin Peaks are two prominent hills with an elevation of about 925 feet located in the center of San Francisco. They offer beautiful 180-degree vistas of San Francisco and the East Bay. Not only can you see Downtown SF in front, but the beautiful Golden Gate Bridge is prominent on your left hand side. It gets particularly windy here so dress warm. Also I would suggest picking a clear day to visit so you can see as south as Santa Clara from here. We took a whole lot of pictures because this place is the only place in San Francisco with such views.

Then we all packed back in the Prius and made our way down the hill to Baker’s Beach. The drive to Baker’s Beach was quite lovely as we saw tall trees and cute SF homes. Baker’s Beach is a popular SF beach in the Richmond area of San Francisco. You will discover that many local couples come here to get their engagement pictures taken because not only of the beach vibe but also because the beautiful Golden Gate Bridge towers in the distance. Since we went in February it was pretty much empty with only a few people walking around with their cute dogs (so SF!). We lucked out on the weather so we captured some beautiful moments on our iPhone.

After our sightseeing component was done, my sister took us to a favorite café of hers in the city- Tartine Bakery. Nestled in a neighborhood it is close to Dolores Park and walking distance to Bi-rite ice cream-another local favorite. Parking is an ordeal here and we had to circle the neighborhood twice before a sweet man helped us to a spot. Once we found parking, we relaxed and made our way to the café. It was crowded and full of bustle and hustle! I ordered a chocolate cake and coffee, my sister got a croissant and my cousin got some type of sandwich. Everything was delicious and staff was friendly. There was nothing unique or typically SF about it, so it is hard to pinpoint why it’s famous, but apparently locals love it (Maybe the location?)!

After our late lunch at Tartine’s, we walked to Bi-rite ice cream parlor. Ice cream is handmade here and comes with many unique flavors such as honey lavender and roasted banana. It gets pretty crowded, but there are nice benches outside where you can enjoy your ice cream. The ice cream was light and fluffy like gelato and didn’t make us feel heavy. It was flavorful too!

So this was our afternoon getaway on a random weekday. It is nice living in a beautiful area such as the Bay Area. Happy Travels!

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