An Alternate View on Global Warming- A Rebuttal to Al Gore


Hi Guys! How are you? You probably notice that I post in the middle of the night. Well, now don’t try to get funny with me and say that I am trying to drive traffic to my website. Honestly speaking, I wake up in the wee hours of the morning and work at this time. It is quiet, still and the only conversations I have are with my cats and God. So it is a little time in the day I leave for just myself.

Today, I thought I continue my break from the “Style” section and do another post for my “Just Because” section. This time I am writing about global warming, its causes, and what we can do to lessen the effects of this natural occurrence. There are many views on this topic and I discussed some of them in my book review HERE

Now, you may think what I am about to say is totally made-up, but I have observed this over a period of months (if not years) and I need some calculated scientific observations to back up my conjectures. I mean, before 2000, was there such thing as global warming? I don’t think so. And now it is on the tip of everyone’s tongue like that Y2K subject nearly two decades ago. So here it is guys…. I believe global warming is a completely natural aka “non-man-made” occurrence just like the Ice Age, the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs and evolution. I am not saying it is not happening-the Earth is definitely going through changes, the scientists are right about that, but where I differ in opinion is the cause of global warming.

What is causing global warming?

Bluntly put, I think the main cause of global warming is the tectonic activity underneath our beautiful planet. The heat coming from below the ocean bed is the cause of the oceans heating up. The increase in greenhouse gases trapped under the ozone layer are mainly from heavier gases such as CO2 from volcanic activity, etc (I am not an expert here), not car fumes.

Honestly speaking, it is also not the pollution causing the earth to get warmer, it is just making humans and animals sick. To me, and I must confess I am a progressive conservative, the idea of man-caused global warming is absurd and a liberal agenda for the industrial industry to spend more money on things that don’t matter. If they want the industry to “clean up” their act (okay, Erin Brockovich aka Al Gore), then they need to give these folks some incentives to invest in more expensive, reliable, and cleaner energy and technology.

But, can man exacerbate the situation? We sure are. Mainly deforestation ruins the natural ebb and flow of the earth balance. You can see that in animals getting extinct, which is horrific to the nth degree in my book. However, global warming as a whole concept cannot be blamed on human action. Think of Al Gore… sorry the Earth as a filled pot on the stove. There is heat coming from the bottom, there is condensation, evaporation and bunch of stuff going on that can blow off the lid. But the main cause of the changes occurring is the heat from the bottom not what is happening inside the pot.

How do I know this?

I live in Silicon Valley with the Santa Cruz mountain range bordering the Pacific Ocean in the West and the Fremont hills on the East. Due to this and my keen observant nature, I have been eyeing the changes in these mountain ranges. In a matter of days, I see seismic (no pun intended) shifts in how they look, especially in the Fremont hills.

How can we “lessen” the effects of this natural occurrence?

Well, for one the smart choices we can make every day can ease the effect of the pollution we have created on this planet. Not using plastic bags, recycling, driving energy efficient cars (they keep getting better as the years go) and etc. In cities like San Francisco, plastic bags and bottles are banned. However, the government can invest and give incentives to people about making smart-energy choices when it comes to their homes and cars. In terms of cars, I have been eyeing Tesla (See HERE) for a while now. One of their offices (plants?) is en route to my work and I always think, while driving past it,  that the vision of this company is genius. These are smart cars, guys, and show a glimpse of what future automation will look like.

If anyone from Tesla is reading, I have some ideas I want to test out. The rest of you, carry on. The design of Tesla cars (I am not sure about the engine yet) is wonderful, but can be further developed. Currently, they are built lower to the ground for maximum fuel efficiency. Continue that design with making the bottoms heavy and the tops lighter to make the cars safer (when it flips) and less air resistant.

How about adding more sensors monitoring your driving behavior to ensure the maximum results from the the fuel you put in your car? I know my sisters’ Prius shows the ratio of fuel/electricity being used on the road and on the freeway so she can adjust her behavior accordingly. How about putting in sensors on the steering wheel? This way, they can detect any wide movement of the wheel/car, which can lessen fuel efficiency.

If you have opinions of your own and live in the Bay Area, California, please attend Al Gore’s event (See HERE). Even though it is sold out, you can post questions and comments in the discussion section.

Well, that’s it guys! Why am I teaching my readers and followers this? Just because, I am tired of this debate. Now let’s put in the money where it is needed.

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