Anderson Cooper-Dispatches from the Edge



After my two super long posts, I decided to give y’all a break and write a short, sweet one in hopes one day you fill pick this book up and read it cover to cover (you can thank me later).

This book is one of the most poignantly and emotional (for me) books I have read. It is by a journalist we all know and love, Anderson Cooper. True to his character (and job), he analyzes the two most important things that have impacted him-his past and current job. He puts his Yale degree to work and writes beautifully as he delves into painful memories and intertwines his personal stories with the pain and unfairness in the stories he covers for CNN.

Being born into wealth and a prominent family (the Vanderbilts), Anderson and his brother had everything one could ask for. However, the premature and tragic deaths of his brother and father led his life into a tailspin and the only way he could ground himself was through finding answers to his questions in the chaos and and tragedy in the world. “As a reporter, the frenetic pace of filing dispatches from war-torn countries, and the danger that came with it, helped him avoid having to look too closely at the pain and loss that was right in front of him” (Amazon review).

In this candid, can’t-put-it-down, and remarkably powerful (yet unsentimental) memoir, he offers a scathing, up-close view of the most harrowing crises of our time, and the profound impact they have had on his adult life. “From the tsunami in Sri Lanka to the war in Iraq to the starvation in Niger and ultimately to Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans and Mississippi, Cooper gives us a firsthand glimpse of the devastation that takes place, both physically and emotionally, when the normal order of things is violently ruptured on such a massive scale”. Anderson reveals for the first time how deeply affected he has been by the wars, disasters, and tragedies he has witnessed, and why he continues to be drawn to some of the most perilous places on earth.

I always admired him as a child when I saw him on television covering hard-hitting topics, but this book takes you on a different level-a personal level. Behind the larger-than-life celebrity lies a strong, hurt man who refuses to give up on life despite challenges and works on improving lives of others the only way he knows how-using words, spoken and written. Due to circumstances he is left asking questions no one can answer but God, so he seeks them in the world’s most volatile stories and places.  His writing is beautiful!

Poignantly intertwining his personal and public life, he takes the reader into places few have been or ever want to go. Beautifully written-a must read. Happy Reading!