Being Animal Cruelty-Free at Sephora


Hi guys! I wrote this post way back in March and thought to rehash it with some new tips and evaluations of cruelty-free products I bought at Sephora in spring 2017. I have been using these products since then and can safely say won’t be returning to other brands, especially those that test products on animals.

I have loyally used Kat Von D. products, Urban Decay products, Huda Beauty and Tarte/Tartiest products and can say with confidence that they feel, look and are no different then other types of makeup. My Kat Von D. foundation gives full coverage over my stuborn-est acne, and although their lip glosses don’t last that long (on the lips), the colors are some of the best I have seen. Tarte/Tartiest and Huda Beauty lip glosses are more up my alley since they last longer through my coffee and lunch breaks. In terms of eye makeup, Kat Von D.’s liquid liner is superb quality and easily applicable. Urban Decay’s glitter liners are to die for and Tarte’s mascara gives my otherwise invisible lashes length and volume.

Lastly, if you want to preserve the freshness of your makeup just spray some setting spray by Kat Von D. and go about your day. If you have an event in the evening and don’t have time to reapply, then just spray the mist over your makeup again and your skin will look fresh and dewy. Total transformation.

The only difference I sort of notice is the products are drier than the products I used to wear. So if you have dry skin, wear a moisturizer with an SPF or if you have oily skin, then wear sunblock first so the application is smooth.

Those who know me know I adore my cats like they are my babies. Animals and I have always had a deep relationship no single word can describe. I often joke that my Facebook feed includes more stories about animals (cats, especially) than the ramblings of my friends (who needs them anyways?). Ethical fashion (or in this case beauty) was always an important topic for me. My loyal fans remember my high school story where I first became aware of such movement (you can read the post here) and decided to change the way I dress. So this came as a surprise to few when I decided to slowly opt for vegan and cruelty-free beauty products. A Facebook video where they showed fishermen cruelly dumping live sharks without fins and tails back in the ocean did it for me (I was like I cannot support these products that condone this heinous human act). And let me tell you I have no regrets. The look and feel of these products is the same and your heart grows bigger each time you wear them.

So you may be wondering the difference between vegan and animal cruelty free products. According to PETA, cruelty free means that the product was developed without any animal tests, while vegan means that in addition to never being tested on animals, the product does not contain animal products (helpful, huh?). So where can you get these products? Two places-online (search for credible websites) and Sephora.

Consequently, I want to focus on one of the places I shop for vegan and cruelty-free makeup products- Sephora. Stores like Sephora are one of the main places where consumers purchase cosmetics, skin care, and hair care products. Being aware of the cruelty-free brands at Sephora can be a challenge. Sephora carries so many brands and it can be a little overwhelming to figure out which are cruelty-free and which are not. Thankfully, they keep a list of such brands at their counter for your reference. You may also ask for assistance and they will guide you to the right products.  It is bittersweet to see brands be more conscious and aware, but see the limited options available. I was kind of surprised to learn how difficult it is to find a truly vegan make-up product. While researching Sephora’s website, I found that the brands that were 100% vegan sold products such as sponges and hair care products only, while makeup brands advertised themselves as mostly animal cruelty-free. I was a bit disappointed and hope this changes soon.

All of the brands listed here are cruelty-free and are sold at Sephora (some are vegan brands). They are free of any animal testing and all of them have vegan options. In alphabetical order:

I must mention that my personal favorite lip-gloss so far has been by Kat Von D.. The color pigment is gorgeous and applies smooth. I have such a nice pout once I put it on that I go on a kissing frenzy (my cats are the sole victims!). The only complaint is that it is not that long lasting which I hear can be resolved with a primer, lip liner or a spray/mist (also available by the brand). You will be happy to learn that I have made a make-over appointment at Sephora for next week (free with a $50 purchase) and will try their various vegan and animal cruelty-free products (just for you guys!). Follow me on Facebook to see the photos. If I have convinced you to buy these cruelty-free products, then I know my conscience will get reciprocated. Happy Shopping!