Bridal Showers With Help From Farah Talib Aziz and Saks 5th Avenue

ea75d7914c5be972e0324464bf56345b--brunch-and-bubbly-bridal-shower-decorations-bridal-shower-desserts-tableHi ladies and a wonderful November morning to you. December is approaching and that also means a plethora of “Winter Wonderland” weddings. Many brides are probably prepping for their weddings mA in the fall and bridal showers are an inevitable part of the festivities. For those of you who don’t know the tradition, think of it as a party for the bride-to-be where you “shower” her with gifts and give her advice to achieve wedded bliss. Anyways, for sometime I have been eyeing Farah Taliz Aziz’s Luxury Pret collections and think they are a perfect wardrobe piece to accessories for a feminine, not necessarily a bridal look. In addition, I thought it would be fun to have bridal showers outside (hey, a Californian here) with some heaters running and enjoy what the bounties nature has to offer through the lenses of some designer sunglasses from Saks 5th Avenue.

Fall-Themed Bridal Shower

If your bridal shower is in the fall and/or you love the season, you can play with shades of red, yellow, and oranges in the decor and dinnerware. Why stop there? Have some pumpkin spice candles lit or graceful pumpkin and pine corn decor with soft lighting. For a Fall bridal shower, how about this lovely Mustard Dream wrap top  (See HERE) from Farah Talib Aziz? You can pair it with a midi or maxi skirt, pants, or boot-cut kurta pants like shown. Lastly, you can accessorize this wrap top with Chloe sunglasses from Saks 5th Avenue (See HERE).

An Evening in Paris Bridal Shower

If you are a classy lady or love Paris or just love red, then how about this ultra luxurious and trendy Ruby Roo wrap (See HERE)? You can pair these with some black pants and accessorize it with some Gucci cat eye sunglasses (See HERE).

This theme is very girly and classic as you can play with reds, pinks, black, and whites in decor. You can have a Paris-themed cake (think Eiffel Tower) and even some bright Moulin Rouge decor.

Garden-Themed Bridal Shower

I know this may be tough in Fall and Winter time, but a garden-themed bridal shower is very traditional and classic at the same time. When you are having a bridal shower outside in the garden and have seasonal florals around, it is essential you are not blending in with the decor. Otherwise, you won’t stand out and as a going-to-be-bride, that  cannot happen. The Farah Talib Aziz Mint Melody top can be found on her website (See HERE). And can be accessorized with these Gentle Monster sunglasses (See HERE).

Traditional Bridal Shower

This is for the bride who is straightforward and pragmatic. This bride wants to wear a versatile outfit that is comfortable to wear and will last her for years to come. The no- frill or fussy bride can get her simple white outfit like this. This Farah Talib Aziz White Perfect Canary top (See HERE) has perfect mustard and or yellow accents that can be accentuated with some yellow citrine and gold. You can take a modern approach and accessorize the top with these Smoke X Mirrors sunglasses (See HERE).

Breakfast at Tiffany’s-Themed Bridal Shower

This theme is perfect for a girl who loves this movie and especially Audrey Hepburn. To get this Rococco top, search on Farah Talib’s website (See HERE) and accessorize it with these Tom Ford sunnies (see HERE). With this theme you can go Tiffany blue-crazy, from different sized Tiffany boxes to silver-wear to pearls and chandeliers. The sky is the limit with this opulent theme.

Tea Party-Themed Bridal Shower

I think you can do something really unexpected with this classic theme. While most ladies will opt for florals and long, flowy silhouettes, you can play a little risk and go for this short top. It is floral and pink so it won’t be entirely inappropriate like wearing a t-shirt to your shower (oh the horror!). This Lilac Lily top can be purchased online (See HERE). You can accessories this top with these Roberto Cavalli sunglasses (See HERE).

Travel-Themed Bridal Shower

For the bride who loves to travel or for those rare couple showers where both bride and groom are travel buffs, this chic top can remind the guests of sunsets in the Mediterranean and short and dramatic Russian summers. This Florence satin top (See HERE) can be paired with tights or pants for a more glamorous look. You can accessories the look with Balmain’s sunnies (See HERE).

In terms of decor, think stamps, old suitcases, passport themed dinner menus; the sky miles you have are the limit.

Mystery-Themed Bridal Shower

This look is wonderful for a quirky bridal shower on Halloween. I have heard of Halloween or Day of the Dead themed weddings so why not take a less crazy approach and have a themed bridal shower.You can do a mystery hunt as the entertainment where people can come in costumes (hey, its Halloween) and the bride can come in with this luxurious satin and velvet number (See HERE) with pearls and these Saint Laurent sunnies (See HERE) if it is during daytime.

Well, I hope I have given you guys some ideas to go shopping for your bridal showers. Remember this is also an important occasion so go big with your look or go home. Just kidding. Happy Shopping!

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