Bringing Back Tee Shirts


I have been obsessed with tee shirts ever since I saw Taylor Swift sporting one with “This is my fight song” lyrics back in 2015. I have never been inclined to wear them before (maybe in high school I did because they were so easy to sport). To me, they weren’t feminine enough. I thought tee shirts were a go-to “guy’s” wardrobe choice, but now I have begun to see that this simple fashion-wear is more than something you put on to go on a grocery store spree or to fix your car (hey, that can get greasy). Now called simply tees, they are coming back with a huge bang with flourishes such as silk, pearls, logos and lace making them fashion and statement pieces. So I thought I would highlight some designer tee shirts that girls of all ages and all shapes and sizes could wear even on a shopping day or brunch at a country club.

1. Statement Tees

Tee shirts that say lyrics of your favorite song or famous quotes or just witty words scream personality. I can tell a lot about someone by what there clothes literally say. Personally, I don’t like the “Hot Mama” or “Sweet Cheeks” plastered around my butt OR chest for that matter. But, this above Kate Spade’s tee is sweet and sour at the same time. The fact that the words are glittery makes it more fun too!


2. Embellished Tees

I love this Burberry tee because not only does is have patches of Burberry’s classic plaid print, but the zipper makes it more hip and stylish than the simple white Tee shirt concept. Being a woman, fashion is all about having fun. Applying patches of contrasting cloth patterns, pearls or sequins work, or even experimenting with ruffles and chiffon overlays can be a dressier option to those who love fashion, but not the cotton look of a tee shirt.

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3. Graphic Tees

Another option to statement tees are graphic tees. This ultra cute tee from Kate Spade is fun, feminine, and comfortable. I particularly like Kate Spade when it comes to graphic tees because their graphics are so colorful and fun. My Insta- followers may remember me sporting a camel tee, which I got many compliments on. I accessorized it with a necklace, tweed clutch, and a cardigan. YOU can make a tee (designer or non-designer) more formal by accessorizing it with pearls or statement earrings. Skinny jeans and designer heels are also another creative way to up the oomph factor.

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4. Logo Tees

Sometimes when you put down $400+ on a tee, you want it to say just that. The best way to accomplish this goal is to purchase logo tees. Look for tees other than the 90’s Tommy Hilfiger font. Although classic, it is a little too simple and unisex for my taste. I personally like logos in fun fonts. The tees pictured above are just some examples of designer logo tees available online. They include both fun fonts and logos. I have seen fashionistas sport them with dark denim, and even pleated floral and metallic skirts. To finish the look, you can don a designer heel (or any stylish heel of your choice). My personal favorite are the Valentino’s caged ballet flats.

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Hope I have given you guys some ideas and enough inspiration to go online or to the nearest department store and purchase one. Happy Shopping!!

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