Celebrating Your Child’s Easter Birthday With Sugarfina


Hello Guys and a happy Thursday to you! Just as predicted it rained yesterday, which was so beautiful. Rain is one of my favorite things about winter/spring in California. You know, besides not having to shovel snow from my car and driveway daily. The sounds of raindrops falling gently on the concrete and that earthy smell in the air tell me that renewal is in the air, spiritually, energetically, and visually. It is a beautiful feeling.

Rain is a symbol of spring. It is one of many blessings we humans have been ordained to be thankful for. I know I make it a point to thank God every time it rains. Another aspect of spring is the Easter holiday, which Christians celebrate. Today, I will focus my blog’s topic towards it.

Now, I am particularly proud of this post because it is highly creative and deeply personal. Having a holiday season birthday myself, I know how hard it is for young kids to have that special feeling when they share their birthday with a holiday. So I thought to “compromise” and combine the best of everything. How? Why not combine the Easter holiday with their birthday as a theme this year? It will give them a chance to feel special in a different way. I know when I see Christmas trees around, the holiday lights lit up, and Starbucks serving peppermint coffee, my birthday is just around the corner and I celebrate it–big time! So why not spread that mentality with the other holiday babies out there? Okay, so let’s go:


About Sugarfina

Founded by Rosie O’Neill and Josh Resnick, Sugarfina’s mission is to create the ultimate candy for grown-ups, but that doesn’t mean kids can’t enjoy some of their non-alcoholic products too. Specializing in decadent confections like champagne-infused gummy bears and chocolate-covered almonds in the shape of martini olives (yes, for adults only), Sugarfina creates candies that are as striking visually as they are delicious. To ensure unparalleled quality, all Sugarfina candy is created using the finest ingredients, sourced directly from artisanal suppliers around the world.

Having Your Child’s Easter Birthday With Sugarfina


Having a Easter-themed birthday party this year? How about passing out invites (See HERE) with “Don’t Worry Be Hoppy” Fluffy Bunnies cube (See HERE) as a sign of something to look forward to? Similarly, the “Chick Magnet” Milk Chocolate Marshmallow Eggs cube (See HERE) is a wonderful and colorful invite or party favor idea.


For decor options, you can have edibles as part of your Easter-themed birthday party. Order a couple of nests from Micheals (See HERE) and place Golden Truffle Eggs (See HERE) imported from Italy or the Robin’s Egg Caramels (see HERE)? You can even mix and match the mentioned eggs with similar options like the Marzipan Eggs (See HERE), the Dark Chocolate Marshmallow Eggs (See HERE *May Contain Gelatin), and Milk Chocolate Marshmallow Eggs (See HERE *May Contain Gelatin). Want to throw your guests in for a loop? How about serving Sugarfina’s Fruity Loops (See HERE) in some straw baskets (See HERE) from Michaels? Want a floral aspect to your Easter garden party? Plant these imported Candy Flowers-White Daisy (See HERE) or the Candy Flowers-Lavender Butterfly (See HERE) in a vase or even in a patch in your garden. There are other flower options too (See HERE), just make sure the ones you pick are non-alcoholic.


For the following activities, I highly recommend enlisting the help of family or parents of the kids.  I am no cook, but I found some no-bake chocolate recipes online. The Pink or Blue “Bunny Bark” Chocolate Bar (See HERE and HERE) can be incorporated with any of the recipes HERE. Want an Easter hunt as an activity for the birthday party? How about picking the “Design Your Own 2-Piece bunny Basket (see HERE) in lieu of party favors? The use is two-fold. The baskets can be used during the egg hunt and serve as party favors. If you are having a garden party, the kids would love to get their hands on the Carrot Surprise Cone (See HERE) with treats and prizes hidden inside. Just plant them around the garden to hunt when they are “hunting” for Easter Eggs.

Well guys, I hope I have given you some ideas for your child/children’s party this Easter. I am sure with the help of specialty sweets from  Sugarfina, the party will be the one people will remember for a millennium. Happy Shopping!



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