Changes In Markets That Could Help the US Restructure Their Finances



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I saw Aquaman yesterday & even though the movie was a tad bit long for my taste, I highly recommend it for its computer graphics & storytelling through camera-work. Very technical, but you come out of the theater looking really smart.

Long Term Market Changes In Bullet Points 

  • Prediction is everyone will have more money. The government will require “less” taxes. And the country will be more healthy & educated.  Those who hoard stocks/bonds will have to deal with high interest & high mortgage rates. They will be punished. 
  • Have special time slots that people buy to trade.   
  • Sell more stocks/bonds towards the end of the year. Why? The holidays. You need to make purchases. You need to donate.
  • Buy more stocks/bonds at the beginning of the year. If your portfolio becomes volatile quickly, then with a 50-50 ratio buy high yield stocks & low yield bonds till September.
  • Those pesky periods: How are markets affected?
  • -News stories
  • -Christmas/holiday season
  • -World events
  • Interest & mortgage rates are adjusted each year according to markets. The new tax system according should be changed every year depending on the market’s annual performance.
  • End Result: Banking & Loans will be safer. PERIOD.

My 2009 Wedding Procession 

Many people don’t know, but I actually missed out on the whole wedding planning process. It was my nuclear family & my “nuclear” inlaws that arranged the entire wedding events procession. I just remember finding no time in between teaching my 4th graders, growing my entrepreneurial social media endeavors, and having no time to plan my wedding. I was so upset by this realization that I shared with my fiance that we need to have another big Pakistani wedding to make up for this beautiful & very quick Italian wedding our families planned. My inlaws even planned our registry.

*This part was updated on February 28th, 2019. 

My favorite aspects of my bridal looks as a whole were the colors. I was looking for a very particular white color for my three white dresses. The color needed to be the end scene from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty where Beauty comes down the grand staircase with Prince Philip. The blue symbolized the blue dress Alice wore in my favorite Disney movie Alice In the Wonderland and the pink was my fiance’s favorite color since like forever. In that scene the three fairies had their epic fight of colors on the dress. And the storybook ends with the colors of the gown changing forever. So I needed a white gown that had pink, blue, & splashes of lavender. That didn’t happen but my fiance managed to invent and copyright the pearl white color instead which is pretty great.

Colors for my Pakistani bridal dresses were picked by me & my family through declarations that turned into serious discussions during my school years. My sisters and grandmother were kind enough to remember these declarations and discussions of mine and designed Bunto Kazmi dresses of my dreams.

I remember my wedding started with a bridal shower in our San Francisco home. It was a very quiet affair and I wore a blue and pink Valentino dress. The Parisian tea party decor was pink and white and hosted by my lovely sister-in-law and mother-in-law. Afterwards we held our Christian ceremony. I wore a pearl white Valentino dress. My fiance picked the pearl white color because any pure white connotates purity in brides. Aww.

The Pakistani part of the wedding weekend started with a small Mayoun & a Nikkah ceremony. For the mayoun, I omitted the traditional Pakistani traditions or tehvar & we danced & sang songs. I got made-up by my cousin and wore a peach pink Bunto Kazmi shalwar kameez dress that my maternal grandmother gifted me before she passed away. The fabric was jersey & on the hems of the dupatta and neckline, and sleeves were gold & silver gota applique handwork. My grandmother thought it will remind me of everything I have forgotten. I do remember getting my mehndi done by an old friend from Pakistan. We had such a good time, we didn’t know if we were laughing or crying.

For my Mehndi, I wore a yellow, pink, green & blue Bunto Kazmi gharara put together by my sisters whom I will be forever grateful to God for. It had plenty of chattapatti work (see HERE) & a lot of gota detailings (see HERE). The theme was very truck art with plenty of Bollywood & qawaali music. My brother and male cousins arranged the details of the mehndi event.

For the Italian Reception, I wore three dresses. The first one was by Oscar de La Renta, which I wore for dinner & other related Italian traditions. It was pearl white & very figure-hugging, but very demure. The second one was an engine red, electric blue, & vibrant green Bunto Kazmi farshi gharara, which I wore during the dance part of the reception. The third dress was a pearl white Valentino for cake-cutting & our exit.

For the Valima, I wore a royal blue Sabyasachi lengha with a very revealing choli. It had silver embroidery on it. I wore a diamond necklace with it.

I remember that when I was wedding dress shopping in San Francisco with my fiance, the only things important to me were that “my dress” would be white, have lace, and “accentuate my flat stomach” because hey, I wasn’t going to be young forever. The “wedding dress” shopping was a really fun, fun experience and my only advice to future wives is to really think about your wedding dress before you even make the appointment with the dressmaker. It really saves time and makes the appointment more enjoyable when the bride can describe her dream wedding dress to her boutique saleswomen/designers or dressmakers.

I wore heirloom jewelry pieces in all events & jewelry gifts from my fiance’s family & my family. I remember all my family members and friends, including those from Pakistan being there. True story. I was in my 20’s & I received a lot of help from family.

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