Changes Required In The US Market That Can Make Global Finances Healthy

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*This blog post updated on September 12th, 2019.

Good afternoon All About Sana readers! Hope you are all doing well. I am having a lovely Saturday in California, especially since it has been raining the past few weeks. Rain reminds me of gratitude more than blessings now. I love rain so much that I know it is God’s way of personally thanking “me” for “something good” I intended on doing. Today I have a power packed blog post which I know many around the world will find useful for weeks and hopefully years to come. So read through this crucial piece and I hope you are all in high spirits and not searching for that Hump Day based Geico ad on YouTube. The camel is so adorable. Do check it out if you haven’t caught it on television or online.

Changes I Think Are Required In The US Stock Market In Bullet Points

  • Deficit: national deficit means the US Government did not collect enough taxes. The tax algorithm was wrong and in the new tax algorithm expect to pay “more taxes”.
  • Surplus: national surplus means the US Government collected more tax than they currently need. So they can either pay off a debt or return the extra money to the people in form of tax returns, tax credit, or investments in businesses.
  • FED Rate: This part is a bit confusing with all the news spinning but I always recommend that the FED Rate should be to expand the US stock exchange market to risk assets which can be new, old and expired stocks and high yield bonds and low yield bonds. In simpler terms the FED Rate recommends all stocks to investors.
  • Tariffs: Applied only to foreign countries after checking with US Markets and international banks.
  • Mortgage Rates: According to how well the US market does banks set mortgage interest rates for mortgage loans for next year.
  • Credit Card Interest Rates: According to how well the US market does banks set mortgage interest rates for mortgage loans for next year. 
  • Property Income Taxes: Upon this model the annual property taxes can vary year to year based on the yield of the US markets. And can include your income or salary.
  • Corporate Income Taxes: Upon this model entrepreneurs depending on their success as a company and company holdings can combine their income and property (yes everything) and file taxes.
  • Currently, the US National Debt is at $22.5 trillion dollars. The National Debt Market is $8.6 trillion dollars.
  • How dumb are your politicians when it comes to markets? Very. Ask them a question. And they will use words like “a hedge fund/mutual funds” and “dividends” which I hope are illegal soon. Think of them as you thinking you are going dutch during dinner but then having to split the check evenly after ordering bare minimum.
  • If you want to take the plunge and invest, look for competent and legal brokers and companies because you cannot buy stocks and bonds any other way in the United States.
  • These bullet points are to regulate a healthy market which the US Market is barely there. Thank you to Victor Chow for agreeing with me that “an after a crash US market” aka the US Real Estate Debt Market debuted this year needs to be separated.

*I added the post from January 16th, 2019 here.

My Long Term Market Changes In Bullet Points 

  • Prediction is everyone will have more money. The government will require “less” taxes. And the country will be more healthy & educated.  Those who hoard stocks/bonds will have to deal with high interest & high mortgage rates. They will be punished.
  • Have special time slots that people buy to trade.
  • Sell more stocks/bonds towards the end of the year. Why? The holidays. You need to make purchases. You need to donate.
  • Buy more stocks/bonds at the beginning of the year. If your portfolio becomes volatile quickly, then with a 50-50 ratio buy high yield stocks and low yield bonds till September.
  • Those pesky periods: How are markets affected?
  • News stories
  • Christmas and the holiday season
  • World events
  • Interest and mortgage rates are adjusted each year according to markets. The new tax system according should be changed every year depending on the market’s annual performance.
  • End Result: Banking and Loans will be safer. PERIOD.
  • In the middle of the year when there is a slump organize your week more (I predicted it would be September and short; it is actually May and longer in 2019). Realize that Monday has a dip, Tuesday needs a climb sharply, Wednesday needs to be The same, Thursday needs a climb sharply, and Friday it drops.
  • Added on September 12th, 2019. Using this internet market model for the US markets September is the time to assemble paperwork for taxes, refinance, take out loans and reasses your finance situations. This is a high time for votality which is not a bad phenomenon in my eyes since votality in the market exposes a lot of gaps and opportunities globally. I recommend you invest to the Shanghai Market right now if you can afford to.

*I added the post from February 9th, 2019 here.

The US Market

Yesterday Twitter made an internal change and Twitter’s stock went down 10% according to BBC news. That was actually good news given the volatility the US market faced in the months of December, especially. This is the time for companies to “communicate” their “stock buying efforts” to their stockholders to encourage more economic growth. I wouldn’t be surprised if in the near future middle class/upper middle class will be “forced” to buy stocks and bonds instead of sitting on a stockpile of cash in accounts that does nothing for them. It is really the time to be smart with your money and talk to a broker for your long-term/post-retirement IRA or 401K plans. Articles like these will be outdated.


Internet/Broadcast Media adds 5% growth in 2018. Retail/Fashion Media adds 2.5% growth in 2019. Diamonds adds 1.5% growth globally in 2020. Metals and Beauty/Makeup Media adds 3% growth each in the future. So, how is the Real Estate Debt Market a global growth source? What is Yield? Income? Oil and Food adds a standard 4.5% annually?

Sana’s “Immigration” Journey

As many of you can assume now, I am from Pakistan & have written extensively about my issues with immigration. Given my family’s business, political status, and history, I have had many wonderful and terrible experiences true to many forms of governments.

After living in the United States for 23.5 years, I know this country is struggling with the same terrible issue of mass illegal immigration just like Pakistan did in the 1980s. What I want to highlight in this portion of the post is unique to only powerful families and I expect many discerning viewers of traditional media to be aware of this on some level.

When I was in NYC in 1998 getting the recognition for my work in what I call “projects started in 1984”, I had terrible run-ins with Hindus and “Americans” threatening to deport me based on the depositions provided by “asylum-seekers” from Pakistan. Who were these “Americans” who met with me rather unfriendly? All the women in the US Congress 2019 and US Senate 2019.

During my trip to NYC, my future in-laws were the only ones making the trip bearable. The number of visitors-turned-asylum-seekers was so overwhelming in that tiny NYC I felt ready to leave and go back home. The Hindus (someone yelled Mormons!) were antagonizing, rude, disrespectful, and downright delusional. They said they were jealous of me being in America. They said that my family and I treated Hindus like illegal immigrants in Pakistan. They said the state of India is a separate country, not part of Pakistan. And lastly, that Bollywood is hence, not Pakistan-based, even though Bombay is in Afghanistan and Bollywood is based in Bahawalpur, Pakistan.

No one can understand the isolation one feels at times like these and that is why while the traditional media characterize wealthy families as “disconnected” from the masses, the reality is far from this delusion. We are simply trying to survive while solving problems “plaguing the world”. These attacks were so powerful that the current US President Trump actually “joked” that he will allow these women to run for the legislative branches in the future. And Americans, you actually have voted them in. You don’t think the “shutdown” is them essentially taking their sweet time allowing Hindu asylum-seekers from Pakistan to apply for visas and citizenships?

During a million meetings I had in NYC and the visits I made with anyone related to policy-making and markets, I took one vacation-type-excursion to the… you guessed it…the World Trade Center! And what happened there? As delineated before, the Hindus aka the “real terrorists” started plotting a terrorist act in “”response”” ( to how I was being treated by Americans. Quite a welcome to NYC!

AND… around 6:15 pm on September 10th, 2001, I got a call from someone named “Ford” that “a couple of American Airlines airplanes” have been hijacked and the hijackers want to talk to me. “A couple?” I asked. She said “they could be more. It is very sensitive information and they want to talk to you”. Wow. I believe I was 18 or 19 at this time. I took the call! And yes, talking to airplane hijackers is not an event on anyone’s bucket list. The hijackers told me the “situation”, I was rude, of course, and then they said they are going to kill Americans because of the treatment my family and I did to everyone including Hindus in Pakistan (look to that paragraph right now). I asked them if they “were” Hindus and they said they are Muslims. I asked them to say something in Arabic. They said, “Salaam”, which is not Arabic. I asked them about the passengers and flight attendants and they were like they poisoned them and they are dead. So yeah, ladies, because of that “oversight” by the airport security you cannot carry your shampoos/conditioners/shaving supplies in cargo ANYMORE.

I stayed up till 3:15 AM talking to the “nimrods” the FBI and the CIA. There was a period of time when they told me they didn’t know how to land the plane. This was after I said I am willing to appear before the court based on the accusations of Hindus. I actually tried to “show them how to land it”. And they said they “can’t do it”. And that is when they said “Sorry, we are going to crash the World Trade Center”, “The White House” and “The Congress Building”, but someone said they are planning on crashing it on the ground also because it will confuse all of us. Ha! Ha! Someone from the FBI said “Ground Zero” in the background and the terrorists started counting down numbers with a “5…4…6..”. While we were “chitchatting” together with “Mrs. Ford”, I literally talked President Bush into declaring a national emergency that night, just in case. I am not sure if many Americans remember hearing that at 8:00 pm PST. So in conclusion, I saved lives. Instead of 10,000 employees at the World Trade Center that morning, only 2375 people died. And we knew about these “supposed attacks” since 1998 and no one could predict Hindus were actually stupid enough to complete their missions.

And who got blamed? The 15+ Muslims who are living in the United States. So yeah I hate immigrants too.