Chit Chat: Planning a Honeymoon to Bali, Indonesia


Hi Guys. I know some of us in the Northern Hemisphere are enjoying the chill winter days and freezing cold winter nights. However, while some of us may enjoy the winter season (present company included), majority among us can do without it (yes, those disciplined people who don’t mind slathering on that SPF 80 sunscreen all the time, I am talking to you). Well, guys, it is no surprise that during the holiday season in December, many families, couples, and individuals decide to travel to warmer places for a nice change of scenery and also to strip down those pesky winter layers (and wear sunscreen 😉 ).

Today, I am doing a post on planning a honeymoon in what is now considered as one of the hottest destinations in the world-Bali, Indonesia. I first learned about Bali when I read the book “Eat, Pray, Love” by Elizabeth Gilbert. While she went to Bali on a spiritual journey and fell in love, Bali is still a perfect destination for young honeymooners in love or those folks who are on a budget. It offers the same kind of views, luxury, weather, culture, and amenities that places like Hawaii and Tahiti offers, but at a fraction of the price. While a beachfront stay with an infiniti pool is a must for honeymooners, those couples that like a bit of history and culture can also book a tour to the famous tiered rice fields in Ubud, eat exotic fruits, and even hang out with exotic animals such as monkeys, elephants, and even a Komodo Dragon!

I interviewed a real life couple (I have hidden their identity) to inquire about their first-hand experience and get their advice on planning a trip (honeymoon or otherwise) to Bali, Indonesia. So here goes:

1. When did you get married? When did you go on your honeymoon?

We got married in August 2016, but didn’t go on our honeymoon till January 2017. I, (the bride) had the MBA fall session to finish and he (the groom) had his rotations so our only option was to wait and enjoy our honeymoon a few months later; which was fine by us since we felt relaxed when we DID go.


2. Where did you go on your honeymoon? Why did you select this destination?

Before we got married, we traveled together with friends to Europe so we wanted to do something different. Thus, we decided to spend our honeymoon in Bali, Indonesia.  I (the bride) had visited the Far East Asia after college and fell in love so it was quite natural and sweet that he (the groom) picked another beautiful South East Asian country for our honeymoon destination. On a less personal note, we selected this location because it had the perfect balance of romance, cultural immersion, adventure, and relaxation.

3. What was your thought process when picking hotels, airlines, and places to visit? What tools (books or online) did you use to plan your trip?

We wanted to allow ourselves to experience the ultimate luxury without really having to pay as much attention on the cost of the trip. We used Trip Advisor (See HERE) and Lonely Planet (See HERE) to look information up, along with travel blogs on Pinterest which were really helpful. We booked flights through Sky Scanner (See HERE) because its great for international travel.


4. How did you set the budget for the honeymoon? Was that a factor for you two as a young couple in their 20’s?

We actually set aside an amount from the money we received from our wedding for our honeymoon expenses. Since I was in school part-time and working full-time and he (the groom) was working as well, money was not a huge factor and we really wanted to have a special time. The best part about Bali was that it was super affordable – and we stayed there like kings and queens.

5. What did you love about Bali? What you thought you could live without? If you could go back again, what would you do differently?

We loved the place – it is so beautiful. There are beaches on one end, and jungles on the other. The people were also incredible. So kind and willing to do things for you, for nothing in return.

If we went back I wouldn’t do anything differently. It was perfect!


6. Did you make decisions as a couple when planning or did one individual took the reins? Why?

We divided this up because his (the groom’s) work schedule was a bit more tough than mine at the time of planning. For big decisions, we thought it would be most important that we were both on board since it was a lot of money, and it also was an important trip for our relationship. We made big decisions together (dates, flights, hotels). Then, I (the bride) planned the more intricate details and ran it past him (the groom).

7. If you could offer one piece of advice to engaged couples about planning and going on their honeymoon, what would it be?

Go to Bali! It’s the perfect place from a romance, adventure and cost perspective.

So guys, here it is! Consider, plan, book, and pack your sarongs, dresses, bathing suits, and shorts (Bermuda shorts, that is!) to this beautiful island country. It is affordable, safe (check warnings for natural diasters beforehand) and accessible to all sort of tourism. Whether you are planning a luxurious and romantic getaway, an adventurous and action packed vacation, or want to immerse yourself in culture; Bali, Indonesia is a place to experience. Happy Traveling!!

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