Corporate Taxes And My Trickle Down Ideas


Hi Guys and a happy “Hump” day aka Wednesday to you. Today, after my mid-morning nap (lol), a great idea was given to me in form of a question-so corporations got tax cuts, what should they do with the money they are saving?

I got into thinking. Being a CEO of a corporation is no easy task-there are the daily ebbs and flows in the office and on top of meeting daily goals and deadlines, CEO’s decide how to manage multi-million/multi-billion dollar value of the corporations and pay their employers salaries and benefits, investment in growth opportunities, and product research and growth. To be honest CEO’s themselves, contrary to popular belief are not literally earning billions of dollars, but are WORTH billions of dollars because of their company stakes or shares. This should help get a wider scope in our perspective as to why every single CEO or corporation is jumping on the chance to “give back”.

During my research, I couldn’t think of a better entrepreneur/CEO (although a former one) than Bill Gates. After his partial retirement from being the CEO of Microsoft, his wife and he have dedicated their lives, resources, and time to improve the global health epidemic through their Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. I visited his website to learn more on how he uses strategies he gained in the private sector to help the public sector. During my research, I came across a great article he posted earlier this week. You can read this article HERE.

My new focus is on human rights and how the government and private sector can join hands and benefit from improving the lives of the public sector, while benefitting, well, the public.  Some of the big questions I asked myself:

  1. Bill Gates uses his own personal wealth to push change. Should other entrepreneurs be expected to do the same?
  2. Corporate Tax 2017- corporations are saving costs with these tax cuts, should the government have any say on what to do with that money?
  3. After corporate taxes, should CORPORATIONS show responsibility by getting involved in the public sector or should INDIVIDUALS ON THE “TOP” be expected to get involved personally with public issues? 
Then I thought, in order to answer these questions, we need to look at the possibilities in ways the private sector COULD help the public sector.
Some of the pressing current public issues:
1. Terrorism/safety investments in training employees to look for suspicious behavior online and in their company offices. Create an infrastructure where employees can document and report these behaviors without repercussions.
2. Health- global health and domestic health needs new ways to administer “smart” medicine and also reach remote places so everyone has access to good healthcare; corporations can further expand their portfolio by funding research in biotech companies and/or DNA or Stem Cells research which is soo based in technology.
3. Education- giving school and college-aged youth additional training so they can gain life skills, and professional skills appropriate in office and corporate settings. Giving grants to high-achieving kids and college kids for developments in technology, health, environment on their own while they are in school.
4. Environment- investing in some government backed programs.
Guys, I know this is a jumping-off point and by no means comprehensive research on what the needs of this country or the world are, but I do feel that the current government, who has a great relationship with the private sector, can work together and truly work on the “trickle-down” effect. I think it would be wise to allow the government to expect some sort of payback in terms of the common good. I can think of only TWO private foundations (that shows what a huge opportunity this is for corporations) is the OBAMA FOUNDATION and the BILL AND MELINDA GATES FOUNDATION. Check out their websites and learn about their work. Also check out this website, which is a forum for Public-Private collaborations. Happy Reading!

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