Crystals And Beauty Products


I have worked with crystals for a few years now and totally believe in the benefits associated with them. As a crystal enthusiast, I think they are fun also. Working with Krystal, the shop owner of the Los Altos’ iChakras (See HERE), I have a better understanding of how crystals work and how someone can use them to heal themselves or even animals. Some crystals protect, some heal, and some empower adding to the allure of beautiful crystals.

Please note that when purchasing gems or crystals of any kind, make sure to find out where they are from. While the gem industry has come a long way since the 1990’s, there are still some gems and crystals that are not “legal” by any means in the United States and other countries fighting for better working standards of gem industry workers.

I am using crystals and gems interchangeably and there is little difference between the two besides the price points.

The latest trend in the United States is adding crystals as part of your beauty regiment. A novel concept to think that something like a rock can be good for your skin. However, if you think about it, if you can put earthy material like clay, mud, and charcoal on your face, why not crystals. An urban myth before, today it is a is a reality thanks to many forward-thinking beauty entrepreneurs.


I have used products sold by iChakras and swear by their healing power. Not only do you come out smelling absolutely divine after a bath and a shower but, you feel like you are glowing inside out. I would recommend using her handmade Chakra Bombs available in her store and online here. While not meant to be an actual body scrub, the energy scrubs are a great way to have your body extract toxins from your body. While Krystal at iChakras will tell you to use these (expensive) scrubs on chakra points I love soaking in a warm bath with them. You may purchase these energy scrubs online or in her store. iChakras is also known for their organic teas served in Vita Juwel bottles. You can purchase this or this. If you live in the Los Altos (California) area then you will also love her “butterfly tea” said to have benefits for your skin.


I first learned about incorporating crystals in beauty regiments when I saw this on television. I was a bit confused by how Goop’s Rose Quartz Soothing Face-Massage Roller worked, but this was such an innovative idea that I couldn’t have understood its effect if I didn’t experience the benefits of crystals myself. The rolling action is supposed to suppress any excess water and puffiness for medical reasons on your face and decolletage. It also great for under eye circles. The rose quartz on the roller, on the other hand, is great to add that pink color to your skin. After a short massage, you come out glowing and looking youthful, just make sure your skin and the roller is clean so you don’t roll bacteria and dirt all over your face.


The newest beauty products on the market, Miranda Kerr’s Kora Organics (See HERE) are by a former classmate of mine. I remember her explaining the concept of adding crystals to beauty products to me and our friends back in elementary school and we had no idea what she was talking about. I suggested she add some herbs instead because that was part of the Pakistani culture (see my clay/mud/charcoal argument above which I also made to her trying to talk her out of IT) but she wouldn’t have it. And she achieved “my impossible”. I have used Kora products before and learned they work like peels. Given my sensitive skin I would not use her products unless someone at a spa used them on me. The products I am excited to try are the “luminizers”. They come in three colors and they all have crystal powder in them. The first one is the Rose Quartz (See HERE). The rest are the Clear Quartz (See HERE) and Amethyst (See HERE). Serving as tinted moisturizers, these products are great for highlighting certain parts of your face and neck. My recommendation would be to use the luminizers here:

  • Clear quartz – put it where you show age 
  • Rose quartz – put it to accentuate your best features
  • Amethyst quartz luminizer – safe to use all over your skin especially where there are fine lines. Use it over your foundation. 

*The only product I am unsure about labeling cruelty-free is the second product.

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