The Cultural Importance of A Darzi (Tailor) Movement: Shower Events In Pakistan


Introduction And 23 & ME

Hi Guys and a happy Wednesday to you. I am still recuperating from my flu and currently feeling somewhere between well-rested and tired. I am so excited to tell you that I ordered my 23 & Me kit via Amazon (See HERE) and ready to send in my saliva sample as soon as I start feeling better. I did a lot of research before settling on 23 & Me over Ancestry DNA (See HERE). Although the latter is cheaper, it covers research pertaining to your ancestor connections & migrations only. 23 & Me, on the other hand, identifies your genetic makeup & gives interesting genetic tidbits hidden in your DNA. The DNA sequence determines your hair color, eye color, even your facial features, so to me 23 & Me offered services far more pertinent to my personal interests.

Organifi Pure

Another bit information I would like to tell you is that one of my high school peers started Organifi Pure, which promises non-GMO, organic, & vegan superfood supplements. He started this business back in high school & I can’t believe that I found it on Amazon recently. Organifi Pure products that seem the most interesting to me & which I plan on starting soon are the superfood supplement powders. This year is all about beauty inside-out for me so Organifi Pure’s Red Juice (See HERE) is perfect as it improves metabolism & is anti-aging. It is packed with antioxidants such as blueberries & cranberries. For those who have different goals & needs can decide on Organifi Pure’s Green Juice (See HERE) or Organifi Pure’s Gold Juice (See HERE). I suggest you take one supplement powder at a time because it cost less long-term, & you will actually observe health changes each supplement powder brings forth.


Sana’s Darzi Movement

Last year, I called for the end of “fast fashion” in Pakistan through a “Pakistan’s Darzi (Tailor) Movement” (See HERE). I know it is not everybody’s cup of chai, but I miss going out to bazaars & markets in Karachi to shop for fabrics & then take it to my darzi to get it stitched in a certain way. Darzi’s in Pakistan ask every detail about the dress you want to get stitched down to the hem size of the shalwar pants or the type of neckline you want. A Pakistani suit stitched by a darzi doesn’t carry a couture gown price tag, but you sure get a feeling of owning something that is made-just-for-you. Recently I have been purchasing lawn fabric (See HERE, HERE, & HERE) & getting them stitched by the designer’s darzi or my own darzi. If you have a small affair in the winter/spring months, check out Sana Safinaz’s unstitched Luxury Collection (See HERE) & their unstitched Silk Collection (See HERE).

Wearing Them At Showers

The US is big on having celebrations all year round as well. Pakistanis love to have pre-wedding & post-wedding parties as part of their grand weddings (See HERE), Eid parties, birthday parties, & even something called “Kitty” parties, while Americans love to have July 4th Barbeques, Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas or holiday dinners, Easter parties, single-day weddings, & birthday parties. I think we all celebrate New Year’s with a bang!! Showers have become big in the last couple of decades in the United States. I first heard about them when my aunt was pregnant with her 1st born over 25 years ago! The concept of showers has expanded to celebrate the arrival of anything brand new. So today, I thought to inculcate my Pakistani fans about the three different shower celebrations they can adopt to their own designated festivities listed above.

Baby Showers: This is a wonderful time for parents-to-be as they prepare for their bundle or bundles of joy. In between preparing the nursery, feverishly reading everything baby-related online, & going to doctors’ appointments, it is nice to have loved ones organize a beautiful baby shower honoring & celebrating new roles as parents. For baby showers, I suggest staying away from blue, pink, and even white! If you love Zara Shahjahan,  Farnaz (See HERE) is gender neutral and festive; Ruksar (See HERE) is auspicious-hued, & serene-hued Zamurd (See HERE) looks like it will keep you warm.


Gender Reveal Shower or Party: This is a new twist to the traditional baby shower. Those parents who decide to share with their family & a small group of friends the sex of their baby can request a “gender reveal shower or party”. A fun way to celebrate is to have guests guess the gender by wearing traditional gender colors to the shower or party. If you want to wear blue, Zara Shahjahan’s Nazneen (See HERE), Neelum (See HERE), or D7-B (See HERE) are fun & festive. For guests rooting the baby to be a girl can wear Zara Shahjahan’s Shahnum (See HERE), D3-B (See HERE), or Zarpash (See HERE) as pretty options.



Bridal Showers: Bridal showers are fun whether you are close to the bride or just a co-worker. It is an essential event celebrated a couple of months before the wedding where the bride is showered with well wishes, personal gifts, & a lifetime of memories during get-to-know-the-bride games. Since bridal showers are mostly celebrated somewhere outside, it is nice to wear something you can be comfortable in no matter what the weather is like. Zara Shahjahan’s Arsh (See HERE), Chasham (See HERE), or Marjan (See HERE) are wonderful options for Pakistani women.


Every unstitched suit I suggested in this post is under $110. You can get the suit fabrics, wear them to your friend’s or family members’ showers, and then wear them to work, an outing, or even at home. The suits are versatile and expensive enough to stitch and wear on several occasions, and cheap enough not to feel bad if you need to donate it to someone.

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