Designer Focus: Feeha Jamshed


Today, I want to focus on a Pakistani designer that made me fall in love with desi (South Asian) designer-wear all over again. When I was a child I was by no means fashion conscious. My first and only memory of being remotely one was in Islamabad when I saved my pocket money to buy neon yellow Bermuda shorts (Don’t judge me. They were all the rage). They were only Rs. 115 (I think). Then fast forward a decade, I met a “Pakistani Defense Girl” in high school. For those who don’t know Defense is a housing project where all the army, navy, and air force families live. I should also mention it is considered a very posh area in Lahore and Karachi. Anyways, we had a lot in common but we were different as well. We both were head strong and funny. However, she had the blue-blooded upbringing while I had my cheap jokes and sharp wit to cover all my shortcomings. Anyways, it was a match made in heaven.

So, she is the one who told me first about Bunto Kazmi (my loyal readers know how much I love her). Before that the only thing I came close to knowing a designer or brand name was Bonanza on Tariq Road (sorry no diss, I promise). Needless to say, I became obsessed with Bunto Kazmi and we both made a vow we will attend each other’s weddings and our bridal dresses will be by Bunto. A mere few months later, we had a fight and spoke again only years later when I wanted to order a clutch from her business venture (on a side note, it is pretty).

Long story short, Feeha Jamshed came into my life just as Bunto Kazmi did-by accident. My sister showed me pictures of Mahira Khan (a Pakistani actress) donning her outfits and I was like ohh I can get on board on that. I spent countless hours searching her designs on Facebook and finally ordered two saris from her with blouses. The names are hilarious. You know what those saris are called? First one, Elephant Sari with Armor Mesh Blouse (don’t you just want to die?) and the second one Full Stop Sari with Full Stop Blouse (it’s not red, I swear). The ordering process was seamless although there was a lot of back-n-forth about the measurements and payment (You can order through here).
When I got the saris, I was absolutely bowled over. They were gorgeousari! Brightly colored with funky prints (Yes, there are actual elephants on one and no, the other one doesn’t have stop signs, but small roses). The blouses which are probably the least important part were also stunning. I was hooked.

Feeha Jamshed, the daughter of Pakistani fashion giant Tanvir Jamshed, is like a fresh breeze for Pakistani fashion. If you notice her collections, you will observe her eccentric sense of style and very experimental approach to Pakistani fashion.  There are silks digitally printed with giraffes, myriad versions of roses and the ‘FJ’ logo, tie-and-dyed organza wraps, cotton capes, ruffles, collars and beautiful wedding-formals, with extensive hand-embroidered florals, geometric stripes and even a bridal entourage of elephants.

When she started her label in 2010, she won rave reviews for innovative, trendsetting collections. She was one of the first Pakistani designers to incorporate western cuts and silhouettes into eastern wear. Her last collection, the Bob Squad was received well and took us back to the 70’s fashion with bold strokes of color, floral and psychedelic prints modernized for today’s woman.

One of the most unique aspects of her brand is the items’ names. Many of her clothing are cutting-edge with equally cutting-edge and diverse names. Where else have you heard of gharara cargos, janitor jumpsuit, elephant pants, cassette kurta, Anna culottes, and rib-cage crop top? Nowhere, I bet. Having fun names make buying fashion and wearing fashion just as fun.

The prices are relatively affordable. I think the cheapest items are the kurtas which range from $45 and up.

One thing I feel her brand lacks is a store front and an e-commerce website. When I visited Karachi in 2015, she had just opened on E-street, but that location has since been moved. There is no proper online shopping available either. Everything is on Facebook, which doesn’t get updated regularly. The last I checked, Feeha was going through some health issues, so this inconvenience is forgivable, although I hope they learn and evolve soon.

Hope you learned something! Happy Shopping!