Designer Focus: Honey Waqar


I know some Lahori designers and their respective creative sensibilities. However, I didn’t know about Honey Waqar until earlier this year after the ultra-opulent wedding of the makeup extraordinaire, Mrs. Zarpash Mustapha. After the make-up artist from Sobia’s donned her creations on her mehndi (pre-wedding party) and Valima (reception), Waqar burst onto the scene with all the social bloggers posting her designs on their blogs. She recently showcased her lawn line, which was shot on the beautiful island of Santorini and was received well at the launch party. Given how well she is doing now with all the fashionistas and socialites wanting to wear her bridal designs on their special days, I decided to write a post on them to inspire those who may not know about this powerhouse. So here goes:

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Honey Waqar was founded by Hina Waqaruddin over 30 years ago and has become one of the most established and prestigious fashion brands in Lahore. Known for mostly her bridal and formal wear, the design philosophy of Honey Waqar explores the craftsmanship of traditional handwork created with delicate precision, whilst maintaining a modern twist to its timeless collections. According to her, couture is a fairytale creation and her intricate details and strong sense of beauty can make any bride feel stunning and special. Like any designer, she has her own avenues to get inspired, be it the culture she was born in, her travels, or her experiences- all have shaped her well-touted design philosophy. However, the inherent changing nature of the fashion industry has impacted her style as well making her creations more relevant to the modern bride, yet remaining classic. She is big on lenghas, so if you want that traditional look composited with some modern cholis and long shirts and dupattas, then do pay Honey Waqar a visit.

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Looking through pictures of her work, including the Zarpash wedding, I have gathered some notes on her style. So who should consider Honey Waqar? If you like Maria B.’s color palettes, or get inspired by the luxurious work of Tena Durrani or the feminine Tabussum Mughal’s designs, then definitely consider her for your big day. Like Maria B. she certainly plays around with traditional embroidery with a modern twist, however, her designs highlight a woman’s silhouette in soft and vivid colors and patterns, which is so the Karachi style. One of the first things I noticed about her is her unique floral patterns. She is big on incorporating flowers-both 3D and embroidered. So if you are having a spring wedding or an outdoor valima, do pick a pastel color scheme and her flower embroidery.

Given how beautiful her brides look on their wedding days, I wouldn’t hesitate recommending her for your affair. Happy Shopping!