Designer Focus: Studio S.


Today, I want to focus on style. Last week was all about travelling since my cousin was visiting, so I thought a change in pace was in order. I want my readers to focus on a fairly new-comer, Seher Tareen and her studio label, Studio S. Not only do I adore this fashion label because it has my initial on it, but because of its stunning, avant-garde designs. Before I get into that, let’s talk about the designer first.

Seher Tareen is the CEO and the creative head of the label. She received her Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Toronto with a major in political science. In 2012, she received her Master’s Degree from Central Saint Martins in London. With a thesis focusing on art curation, it is no surprise that she decided to merge her passion for art in fashion, her favorite form of creative expression. Although, not formally trained in designing clothes, she climbed the uphill battle of establishing a label and designing through sheer practice. Thus, in 2013, Studio S was established as a high fashion label that reinvented art as high fashion or wearable art.

Through viewing the designs, I can see that the ethos of this fashion label is paying homage to the arts. Whether it is a painting, an artist, or an art movement, each collection draws inspiration from a chosen art form.

Her first collection, The Klimt collection pays homage to the Austrian Symbolist painter Gustav Klimt. If you look through the collection, you can see a pop of color especially in the use of yellow and of course the iconic painting by Klimt, The Kiss. Her next collection, The Emperor’s Assassin, brought in a lot of Japanese paintings motifs into Pakistani fashion. Using fine silks, light embroidery and Japanese motifs, it was quite an amalgamation of sorts. In 2015, she showcased her Shakespeare Collection. Probably inspired by The Midsummer’s Night, the collection features a lot of floral designs and long flowing silhouettes. The same year she designed The Wedding Procession, which payed homage to the Mughal Dynasty. My favorite of all was the Ballet Collection. Inspired by Degas’s paintings and the Russian Ballet, her designs featured a lot of ballerinas, satin ribbons, and lace up sleeves and pants. My favorite piece from that collection was the Degas Sari. It is not embellished at all but the digital printing of Degas’s masterpiece, plus the satin lace-up pants are killer.  Her most recent collection, The Amrita Gill collection was widely praised as well.

Studio S. holds the distinction of creative and evolutionary silhouettes as well. For example, their famous sari pants. While the rest of the designer crowd is sticking to their traditional guns when it comes to saris, Studio S. brought the fashion industry the sari pants. A sari draped over pants and a blouse with flair is all you need to rock a wedding or a formal party.

Studio S. has a website, which can be accessed here. It seems that the website is not informative about all her pieces and news. If you follow the studio’s Facebook page, you can learn all about the new collections and place orders through messaging. Their response rate is quite high.

Well, I hope you learned something about this fairly new, but innovative design label. I hope you visit them in Lahore or online, and if you do, mention us! Happy shopping!!