Diary Of My Seattle, Washington Trip 2018


Hi Guys! So glad to be blogging again. The last few weeks were very busy for me with projects (hence the break from working on the blog) so it is so gratifying to actually come back to doing something I love. For those of you who don’t know, I just returned from a whirlwind trip to Seattle with my sister. It was a sister-themed trip that took years to crystallize because of either work or family commitments. So it was great to finally do something with my sister and have quality time with her.

We flew to Seattle late in the morning and I have to say the flight there was one of the most beautiful and scenic ones I have ever experienced. I sat near the window and the highlights included beautiful lakes, forests, but what definitely took the frosted cake was the snow-covered peak of Mount Shasta (See HERE). I was in awe of its sheer grandeur. The first thing we did when we landed at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (See HERE) was grab a Uber to The Westin Hotel on 5th Avenue in Downtown (See HERE). The hotel is central to everything and we had quite a delightful stay. After we checked in and rested a little bit, we walked to Pike Place Market (See HERE) and stood in line at the first Starbucks (See HERE). The line was long enough to be out of the door, but when we went inside, the original Starbucks was this charming, compact space with warm-hued hardwood floors and those famous menu blackboards posted behind the registers. The lighting was nice too. You definitely get a sense of its originality and the stark difference from other, more modern Starbucks we have in the country. Apart from the look of the heritage store, the drinks are the same. One word of advice for those chocolate lovers or those who don’t want any caffeine, when ordering a blended Starbucks Frappuccino with chocolate chip, make sure you request one scoop of chocolate chips instead of two scoops. The drink is just delicious and you don’t have those annoying chips getting stuck in your straw.


After our stint at the original Starbucks, we walked around the Pike Place Market. If you can get past the fishy smell, you will enjoy walking in the crowd and being distracted by the lovely artwork, interesting food items, and the most beautiful flowers (do check out the tulips!). I missed the famous gum wall and apparently, it is a big deal for locals and tourists alike. We ended the day with dinner at a Nepali restaurant (See HERE). The food was a bit spicy and the place itself is not attractive, but the menu is quite authentic. We ordered the halal (as we were told by the waitress) Ginger Chicken to share and then I ordered the Vegetarian Momo for myself. Both were quite delicious.

The second day, we walked to 3rd Avenue to Sweet Iron (See HERE) for their famous Belgium waffles. Sweet Iron makes artisan waffles topped with some interesting food items including basil and brie. The first time I was there, I wasn’t sure what to make of the “savory” waffle items so I ordered myself the Bruleed Bananas with salted caramel & whipped cream. The second time I went there, I ordered the Brie & Basil waffle and decided that savory is definitely the way to go here. Both days I ordered the sweet mocha. Everything was quite delicious!


After our breakfast, I returned to the hotel, while my sister went to work. I had the Seattle Duck Tour (See HERE) in the afternoon so I wanted to chill out a bit. Our tour guide and driver were awesome! The whole trip was packed with information, history, and famous sights to make you and your camera happy. I just sat down in the front of the duck bus/boat and soaked in the beautiful sunshine. Of the entire route, I enjoyed the Fremont area the most because it reminded me a lot of Silicon Valley in California. The area is quite posh and there are lovely restaurants you can dine in (See HERE). In Seattle, apart from the delicious cuisine and beautiful sights, you will find yourself among companies like Google and Facebook. I found other companies like Amazon (and Adobe is here too!) as well. The duck tour was a little less than 90 minutes long, but it was too long for me (haha!). Personally, I think an hour should suffice to absorb that much information. But, if you are in Seattle or any city that offers Duck Tours, I highly recommend them. The drivers and the tour guides are educated in the local culture and history and are very friendly.


For dinner that day, I decided to stay in the hotel and try their in-house restaurant, Relish (See HERE). The fish burger I tried here was delicious. Seattle is known for its fish so I had to try the fish burger (which can be served as a lunch and dinner meal) at Relish. The sweet potato fries were wonderful too.

The last day I was in Seattle, I decided to check out the Chihuly Garden and Glass (See HERE). This place is interesting but definitely not suitable for the kids. The inside of the museum offers beautiful blown glass installations made by Chihuly’s team of fifteen staff members. The place also offers lovely gardens with glass fixtures, which are very picturesque. The good things about this area is that the Space Needle (See HERE) is literally a few steps away. Unfortunately, half of the Space Needle was under construction when I visited it, but it offers wonderful views of Seattle below.  I didn’t stay that long here because of poor air circulation and the intoxicating fumes for me were too intense so I spent about 20 minutes there when I decided to return to the ground. The Chihuly Gardens and Cafe (See HERE) is a wonderful place to have a brunch. I ordered a Chopped Salad, which was delicious and so fresh! According to the waitress, the ingredients used in the salad (and all the menu items at the cafe) are locally grown and I could tell from the taste and look of the salad leaves (and onions!) how true that was.

Of course, no trip to Seattle is complete without coffee. There were plenty of trips to various Starbucks scattered around the city. But Seattle is also known for their local coffee shops (See HERE). Make sure you try coffee here!

Well, guys here is a roundup of my Seattle trip. I hope you enjoyed reading my post and gained some tips from it. For more ideas on what to do in Seattle, see HERE. Happy Travelling!


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    Yes! H thanks for mentioning it. They have really strong espresso 🙂

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    you missed mentioning about Storyville

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