Diverse Traditional Rice Dishes I Remember Eating As A Child


* This blog post was edited on May 11th, 2019.

Good morning All About Sana readers! How are you all? I am feeling alright except there are a few flu-like symptoms I am experiencing that have tired me a bit. Hopefully, in a few days, I should feel like my old self. 

The order of the day is to inform you about some more side projects from 2018 and then teach you a new topic.

Literary Devices Making Reading & Writing More Devious   

Many students outside of elementary schools do not learn or study literary devices, which I think is a dishonor to literature. Literary devices like “onomatopoeia”“metaphor”, “irony”, and “allegory” were prevalent during my childhood. One morning I joined my favorite elementary school teacher and the future current Pope on their morning walk. I think it may have been a Wednesday. The conversation turned into a discussion about literary devices and my teacher told him she has thought up “simile”, “hyperbole”, and the other teachers have come up with “alliteration” and “assonance” as literary devices. I asked my teacher if I can come up with some literary devices. The future current Pope said, “I don’t think so” and I got scared and asked if I can come up with 3-4 literary devices instead. They both agreed I can since I am the brightest and the most popular student in school and I left them to their own devices. 

During my life from childhood to my college years, I came up with 6 literary devices puns, symbolism (which is close to a metaphor), personification (which is close to a metaphor), character development, foreshadowing, and the stream of consciousness. Young readers, remember it takes a lot of convincing to get literary devices “approved” and accepted by the masses and pop culture. I remember sitting with my teachers and professors with papers and text examples and going through how each of the literary devices I devised is a valid literary device. Needless to say many will tell you creatively about literary devices which aren’t really literary devices. 

*Also, kids, remember, some argue that ghost stories and mystery stories are literary devices. The only difference I can come up between the two “genres” is that ghost stories have to have ghosts in them. And mystery stories don’t.  

Sana’s Friends & Family

As I am probably famous for this now, most of my school friends have been American & boys. It wasn’t really until college that I really began adopting the same-sex friendship rule. Being good friends with only boys was a personal preference of mine and had nothing to do with girls or personalities or anything about girls really. However, my sisters (I think they are eight of them) had girlfriends they brought home that I would have a great time with. It was on a rare occasion that they would visit and I had my homework completed so each time that rare occasion arose I took full advantage of. “Some” of the “well-known” friends my older sisters had are Priyanka Chopra, Queen of Jordan Rania, Princess of Saudi Arabia Ameera Al-Taweel, Sonam Kapoor and maybe a princess from the far east). By the way, I was friends with all the Vanderbilt boys, who I hope marry some of my sisters some day. 

Anyways, besides eating my oldest sister’s cooking, bi-polar dramas with my maternal grandmother, telling jokes my sober mom didn’t understand, and teasing me till I was frightful, they would watch television like Sesame Street with me and share “some” gossip about their high school life. One memory I have is when one of them started talking about contacts and the rest of them started naming people. I knew what contacts were but, the rest didn’t. There were a few seconds when all of them were silent, confused and then I had to explain to them that contacts are not names in their telephone books, but contacts they can wear in their eyeballs if they have eyeglasses. They collectively let out a scream, told me to leave, laughed and repeated the joke to my worried mother. I thought they were the most ridiculous girls I had ever met and I told this story to my favorite teacher. She may have included them in her books or a lesson plan.

By the way, the Vanderbilt’s and “the Americans” made my childhood really fun. Watch this ridiculously cute video composed by Elon Musk (see HERE).

Traditional Rice Dishes

*Please Google (see HERE) the recipes or find them on YouTube (see HERE).

  • Afghan Rice/Kabuli Pulao
  • Wild Rice/Canadian Rice
  • Caribbean Rice/Costa Rican Rice
  • Chinese Fried Rice
  • Jollof Rice From Ghana
  • The Indian subcontinent’s Biryani
  • Shahi Pulao
  • Iran’s Tahdig
  • Japan’s Susi Rice (in California Roll)
  • Mansaf From Jordan *Cooked for my family (not me) by the future current Queen of Jordan Rania
  • Nasi Goreng From Malaysia *Cooked by a friend of my oldest sister. I am sorry, I don’t remember the name.
  • Spanish Rice/Arroz Rojo From Mexico *Cooked by “another” nanny of ours, Ava.
  • Jambalaya From New Orleans *Cooked for us by Michelle Obama
  • Egyptian Rice dishes like Mediterranean Stuffed Zucchini & Mediterranean Stuffed bell peppers *Cooked by my sister’s mother-in-law
  • Rice Pudding