Dressing the Bridal Party in Ritu Kumar Lenghas and Baublebar Statement Earrings


Hi Guys, and Jummah Mubarak to you and your loved ones! I was so excited yesterday because it actually rained. My prayers and wishes came true! I even donated (like I usually do) because I was so happy with the rain pour. We so desperately need it here in California and it transformed my hometown and its neighboring towns into a romantic, fresh, and somewhat gloomy (which I like sometimes) setting. I hope the rainy season continues for a longer time.

Today, I wanted to do a fun and fresh post. Fun because it is about fashion and fresh because it’s been a while since I covered fashion on the blog. I know this year many engaged couples are getting married. Yes, planning a wedding is a lot of work and it is easy to lose sight of how important the day really is. That’s when the little things count.  I recently learned how special the year your wedding date really is because you are sharing an anniversary with hundreds and thousands of other couples getting married that year around the world. It’s like a special club of sorts. I learned this small, but important concept on a blog and thought it makes the prospect of getting married that more romantic, charming, and fun. So think about that special, invisible bond with the other couples when you are going nuts over your wedding details.

A huge part of planning for a wedding  (yes, there are many) is selecting what your bridal party is going to wear. While traditionally there is no such concept in a Pakistani wedding, a lot of modern brides and grooms like to incorporate bridal parties and groomsmen in their weddings. The bride’s family and the groom’s family even have coordinated dress themes so a guest can spot the “bride’s side of the family” and the “groom’s side of the family” at the wedding. It is so fun and the pictures come out awesome! Giving you brides fresh ideas on what to pick for your bridal party is what this post is all about!

There is a fun story attached to today’s post. I actually love the idea of having your bridal party wear sarees at your wedding. My sister-in-law actually did that on her fabulous wedding. The sarees can all be the same color or have the same embroidery/print/look with different colors or be identical. The latest trend is to have each bridesmaid’s personal touch to their wedding day look-whether it is hair, the color or style of the dress or whatever. Thus the original impetus behind the post was showing Elan’s new “Firenze” as a possibility for your bridal party. I imagined each bridesmaid wearing one of the lovely silk saree designs and how absolutely stunning they would look. However, as it turns out, Elan didn’t need me to sell their sarees. They sold out like hot cakes within 24 hours! Yes, part of me was boggled, part of me was disappointed, but a huge part of me was super excited to see Elan do so well with their first saree endeavor.

Consequently, I had to change the post to something new and decided to settle on Ritu Kumar “Miss India Collection”. I have been a fan of Ritu Kumar’s work since the Aishwarya Rai days. And while her couture line is ever so popular with the socialites and celebrities of India, Pakistan, and the Middle East, she has come up with “Ri-Ritu Kumar” line, which caters to those clients yearning for some affordable designs by her. While still expensive for some bridesmaids’ budgets, the lenghas from the collection are beautiful and versatile enough for bridesmaids to wear again and again. The bride can tell them to see the purchase as an investment. And honestly, I have never felt pressured when being a bridesmaid because it was such an honor and fun and special experience despite having to buy dresses that I never wore again. These lenghas can be worn again. So here goes…

White Bridals

Most South Asian brides wear whites, reds, and pinks on their wedding day. To learn more about a fun, Punjabi, Pakistani wedding, check out this blog HERE. If you choose to wear white, it is a nice contrast to have your bridesmaids wear this pretty Pastel Pink Embroidered Lenghas Set (See HERE). Although sold out in “small”, this digitally printed lengha would add just a perfect touch of whimsy. If pink is really not your color, then opt for this Mint & Off White Floral Embroidered Lengha Set (See HERE). For those medium and large-sized bridesmaids, the white mixed with mint will off-set your white bridal dress and will look so fresh next to those deep-colored outfits your South Asian guests will wear. These two outfits will be perfect for an outdoor day wedding. Now, I know my Muslim followers are going to get worried because the cholis (the blouses) are so revealing. But, in my experience with Pakistani designers at least, you can always customize the choli to a length you are comfortable with. I would just contact Ritu Kumar (See HERE) and request to see if this is possible. Moving on.


Red Bridals

For those brides who are wearing shades of reds on their wedding day, there are plenty of options for your bridesmaids to coordinate with your wedding attire. Yellows look lovely next to a deep red bridal and are not loud as shades of orange. This Yellow Floral Print Embroidered Lengha Set (See HERE) or the Yellow & Orange Floral Print Embroidered Lengha Set (See HERE) would look so effervescent and playful next to your deep red hues. My personal favorites are the Mustard & Rust Floral Print Embroidered Lengha Set (See HERE) and the Rust Floral Print Embroidered Lengha Set (See HERE). I would go easy with their jewelry and accessories with these last two lenghas and I would definitely incorporate rust and other shades of ranges in my bridal dress.


Pink Bridals

For those pretty brides who want to wear pink and peaches on their wedding days, have your bridesmaid dresses be beautiful contrasts to your bridalwear. This lovely Grey Floral Print Embroidered Lengha Set (See HERE) is a great subdued contrast to pink. OR you can go for the surprise factor and have your pictures be a feast for the eyes with a sharp contrasting Aqua Floral Print Embroidered Lengha Set (See HERE). The blues and greys will look breathtaking at another outdoor or day wedding, which is when some brides choose to wear pinks anyway.


Baublebar Accessories

Since your bridesmaids are going to be shelling out some pretty penny for these Ritu Kumar lenghas, how about gifting them fun Baublebar statement earrings to wear on your wedding day? I fell in love with the Baublebar brand when I saw my lovely sister-in-law (See HERE) wear their Criselda Ball Drop Earrings statement earrings (See HERE) during Thanksgiving last year. I love Baublebar statement earrings in particular. Some of the pieces I like and that go with the lenghas I have listed are the Tristana Hoop Resin Earrings (See HERE), the Mottled Feather Earrings (See HERE), the Amariella Flower Resin Stud Earrings (See HERE), the India Drop Earrings (See HERE), the Blossom Drop Earrings (See HERE), and the Gabriella Stud Fringe Drops (See HERE). They will look so pretty as standalone accessories with these Ritu Kumar lenghas.

Well, going-to-be brides, I hope I have given you some fresh ideas about what your bridal party could wear during your wedding. It is important to have their input, but remember at the end of the day this is an important day for you. If you are afraid of picking fussy bridesmaids, remember you have every right to pick those who will offer a good support system on the wedding day and the days and months leading up to it.  Happy Shopping!!




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