4 Ways to Give An Outfit CPR with Socks/Tights


Hi Guys! Things have been so hectic lately that I’ve had no time to relax. I think I am going to spend the next week sleeping rather than sightseeing in Missouri and Ontario. Just kidding. The travel bug has bit me big time and this Californian is dying to see the fall foliage of the East. For those of you who don’t know, California has two seasons, Hot and sorta cold. Nothing in-between. The only way you can tell the seasons are changing are from the seasonal drinks at Starbucks. Lol. Anyways, since most of the Northern Hemisphere is feeling the chills right now, I thought I’d shed my insights on how to resuscitate (what’s with doctor references Sana? Uh, I don’t know) old outfits or those cool summer clothes into transitional pieces for the fall. So here goes:

1. Socks with boots:

This is kinda a no-brainer. You need socks for boots-from thigh-high to ankle booties- so why wear boring ol’ wool socks in monochromatic colors? Go to any department store or online and opt for printed or textured tights/socks instead. I encourage my followers to experiment with fishnets, florals, or even those cute bow-ed out and kitty-ed out tights from Kate Spade. Trust me, they will be the most interesting part of your outfit. Show-off these socks rather than hide them inside your boots. How? Knee-high boots? Buy over-the-knee length socks. Ankle booties? How about a little peek with calf-length socks. Be creative with how you want to display your socksies.

2. Socks with pumps:

Ok, this is kinda 90’s so instead of the classic pantyhose and pumps look, go crazy with patterns when you pair tights/socks with pumps. I would wear muted pumps here and instead focus on the what’s under them. Designers like Gucci are not afraid to be loud with patterns. So wear any loud printed dress and semi-cover it with a monochromatic coat-very New York Fashion week, I assure you.

3. Socks with Sandal Heels:

I spent most of my teens and young adulthood thinking one shouldn’t wear socks and tights with open-toe shoes (Remember the advice of the wonderful Oprah who suggested we cut the feet of our pantyhose and wear strappy heels. Or how about the media going crazy over Martha Stewart wearing open-toe shoes with tights. The gall.) Yes, I have dated myself with all the references from the 90’s entertainment cultures references, but this fact was true- up until recently socks/tights with strappies was a big no! Thanks to big designers like Gucci and Miu Miu that mentality is changing. Gucci has some gorgeous calf length socks that you can wear with heels. If you like art or any type of funky prints (or to save your wallet) then opt for Art Sox or a similar brand.

4. Socks with Flats

Men have worked in socks and shoes all their lives. I think those days when women wore those little footsies with ballet flats are gone. Now, fashionistas are not afraid to hide their socks. I say to my followers/readers, you too, go for it! Be it loafers, ballet flats, or I don’t know, mules (?), pair them with musical notes, famous art work, or even characters from Star Wars (not kidding here Star Wars fans!). They will show your quirky personality and your sense of humor. I am not sure about slides though. That may be a tad bit crazy for me.

These days trends are coming and going faster than the publications of The Wall Street Journal. So the only way to stay abreast is to show your individuality because that never goes out of style. Happy Shopping!

* Guys, I will be travelling next week so no blog posts scheduled. However, I will be available on Instagram and Facebook, so check me out there. Sorry for the delay, but I will reward you with many traveling tips and suggestions.