Coats to Wear with Latest Pakistani Trends

asos-2Btrench-2Bcoat-2BcollageHi Guys! Winter is coming and it can get pretty cold even in Pakistan, especially Lahore and Islamabad, and in the United States. As you know I am all about morphing western trends into something classically-modern with accessories and sometimes even merging them with eastern aesthetics. I have collaborated with many brands and designers to marry my personal style with their designing ethos. So I decided to continue this radicalization of modern fashion and encourage my beautiful Pakistani and Pakistani-American ladies to wear winter coats with their eastern-wear. So here goes:

Tulip Pants:

Tulip pants have been the rage for some time now and much to the dismay of some, hold strong clout in pages of trend alerting magazines and blogs. So how about a fun twist by pairing this beautiful coat and tulip pants? This Herringbone Bow-Neck Jacket (See HERE) can be paired with some embellished tulip pants and dressed up with some closed-toe shoes that will make this look very high fashion. I would go with some velvets and my latest craze-tissue fabric for the tulip pants as a contrast to this casual coat.


Ghararas are everywhere these days! So why not continue the trend during winters? Generation Pakistan has some beautiful and colorful cotton ghararas that would look beautiful with this coat Military Jacket (See HERE). Don’t wear a dupatta but instead, a colorful beret and an equally colorful Hermes Birkin bag and you are good to go.

Kameez and Churidaar or Pants:

Kameez and shalwars have gone through many evolutions. From tradional shalwars to pants to now culottes, boot-cut pants, and even the catchy gharara pants. No matter how long your kameezs are (knee-length would be perfect), wear this Italian Melton Wool-Blend Cape (See HERE) and some churidaars or pants or even tights. They will look so cute. How about wearing some leather gloves with it and close-toe shoes? All eyes will be on you.


I have always loved Sharmila Tagore and was so impressed with her styling in the 1960s themed blockbuster, “An Evening in Paris”. There was this particular song where she wore a long coat with her saree and looked like a goddess. Saree and the modern saree pants are all the rage in eastern-wear these days. So how about wearing plain silk or satin saree (where there is no work on the pallu) with this Jacquard Statement Coat (See HERE)? Maybe go wild with the pants and have similar color (as the coat) embellishments or lace or tie-ups.

I hope I have given you guys some creative inspiration to merge coats with the latest Pakistani-wear. Who is stopping at the suggestions above? What about some coats with lenghas? Won’t that look just awesome?! Happy Shopping!!

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