How to Find your Dress Style this Holiday Season with Kate Spade

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Few people know (thanks to my super-secretive-aka-quiet-mother) that I was a tomboy as a child. I insisted on having my hair cut short and wear shorts, jeans, and t-shirts. It wasn’t until I watched former Miss World, Aishwarya Rai in a Bollywood movie that I grew into my “x” gene. I think that was high school time. It began with colorful shalwar kameez and then grew with flowing ghararas and peshwas. Subsequently, I earned my first full-time job after college and began investing in some branded clothes that set me apart from my college days. I went from wearing androgynous clothes to buying dresses from Ann Taylor and Banana Republic (and even sporting heels!) for work. And now in 2017, I have a completely different dressing style as I look more for comfort than style. And, you know what? That is totally fine ladies. It takes years if not decades to develop a personal style. So go with the flow!

Today, I decided to do something really creative. Many young women have a difficult time or are down-right lost when it comes to investing in dress pieces that reflect their quirky personalities and are comfortable at the same time. So I decided to teach my readers via Kate Spade (my favorite American designer) how to find your personal dress style this holiday season. I love Kate Spade designs and they are affordable and very comfortable for American women. So here goes:

1. Classic and Vintage:

If you like a bit of flare this holiday season, then opt for some options below. This season Kate Spade played with velvet and other fabrics. Instead of going with an all velvet or lace dress this year (there is nothing wrong with that), how about dresses that have chiffon, silk, lace interplaying with velvet trimmings? That’s a nice twist departing from the classic holiday fabrics that can get boring and too similar. You can find classic and vintage styles HERE and HERE.

2. Bohemian:

For those brave and risk-taking girls, how about going bohemian this holiday season? If you live on an island or are taking a vacation during the season, instead of the dressy-dressy dresses, opt for more airy and flowy silhouettes and fabrics. The dress shown offers some holiday fun as it is red, but is totally appropriate for a less formal occasion. There is a bit of embroidery and even pom-poms to make any occasion festive. You can find styles HERE and HERE.

3. Rock-n-Roll:

There are some Aerosmith-loving girls in 2017 making me think that rock-n-roll is not really dead. Rock-n-roll is all about being larger-than-life. If you are super confident and want to look holiday-appropriate, then check this dress out. With a lot of shimmery detail and a midnight blue color, you can stand out among the sea of blacks and reds. Maybe accessorize it with some bracelets or a fancy watch and you cannot go wrong with this choice. You can find looks HERE and HERE.

4. Feminine-Chic:

Feminine chic is slightly different from vintage. Think classic-chic for the 21st century and say that to yourself 3x and you will gravitate towards options that are just that. This style is for more formal events and for those brilliant women who are strong and are not afraid to wear a bright red lipstick. The silhouettes can be A-line or the traditional fit-n-flare. Pick this style and you will be a sweetheart at the party. For the looks, click HERE and HERE.

So guys this is the end and we must part. Next week I will do a post on holiday jewelry so do look out for that. Keep abreast with all the posts by subscribing to the RSS feed. Happy Shopping!!!

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