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Hi all you beautiful people! Hope your autumn days are autumn-y, and your passion fruit teas are hot and sweet. Today, I am really excited. Today (or tonight Pakistan time) the Elan Silk collection will be live so you can get your hands on these coveted pieces and stitch them to your liking. A popular Pakistan vlogger/blogger Siddy and her crew posted a video on four of the seven pieces that will be available for the masses and how to stitch and style them. You can view that video HERE and view the entire collection on Elan’s Facebook page (See HERE).

After viewing the pieces on social media, my mouth is literally on the floor with drool coming out of it. They are exquisite and so versatile. According to Khadija Shah (See HERE), these pieces are so detailed and intricate, they can be worn at weddings, dholkis, or any pre-wedding festivities. And this time, ta…da.. the silk dupattas are heavy enough not to keep sliding of your slender shoulders.

What I particularly liked about all of the pieces is that while they have the much-beloved floral impacts on the dupattas and shirts, the way these motifs are stylized are very western and Mughalia- which is so Elan. And the suggested styling and stitching of all the pieces are very Afghani-think pleats and long flowing peshwas-like kameezes. I truly don’t know which one is my favorite.

One interesting fact I learned about Khadija’s connaissances commerciales is that while she utilizes her creative genius in making each of the seven pieces distinct from the last, this deliberate act also encourages customers to buy more of her pieces in Elan Silk 2017. This is a great business plan for the designer and not so great for the millions of customers who are vying to get their hand on ONE of her pieces (aka me).

So today, I decided to write a quick and very much unplanned post (that’s how excited I am) on how you can style and utilize Elan Silk 2017 collection in practical yet fashionable ways.

I am personally tired of the neckline embroidery trend. It is so common now that it is boring and as a self-proclaimed fashionista, that’s a no-no in my fashion book. So what do you do with Elan Silk or any other unstitched three-piece or two-piece jora in a bag with embroidered pieces? Well, you do unexpected things. You can take the embroidered neckline and make an embroidered koti out of it with the help of some extra fabric. As Siddysays (pun intended), you can throw those embroidered sleeve pieces on bubble pants or cigarette pants. Just avoid the 1990’s-2000’s embroidered neckline, sleeves, and daman phase.

Another way you can utilize Elan Silk’s beautiful and unique dupattas (you may need 2-3 for this one) is to stitched them together in a silk saree. How? Well leave it up to the darzi to figure it out. The 2-3 dupattas will be in different colors and will give a very luxurious and vibrant look for any wedding party. A plain metallic blouse is all you would need.

Lastly, velvet in strategic places is so trendy now. Look at Farah Talib Aziz’s Winter collection and Kate Spade’s newest dress collection and you will see models sporting velvet merged with fabrics such as chiffon and satin. So it got me to think, why not incorporate velvet with Elan Silk this Winter season? Maybe do a dupatta patti or a neckline patti, etc. This velvet trend can make these already ornate joras more toned-down and trendy. And it is a nice departure from the tassels and/or any bell and whistles.

I did notice Elan using very pathani ornaments on these silk joras that looked absolutely stunning. You can totally stitch these plentiful silk fabrics in a bag in a pathani style. You will look so cute. And guys, do consider accessorizing these colorful silk joras with Sabyasachi/Loubautin heels. They will look so classy yet traditional.

Happy Shopping!!!

Check out the collection soon on Elan’s official website: https://elan.pk/


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    Thanks Anila! That’s what I try to do on the blog. Thanks for being a fan.