Hand Embroidery Found In Pakistan


For those interested in learning more, check out the names of Pakistani embroideries and techniques listed HERE:

  1. Aabla- Mirror work
  2. Aari/Marori/Khatla/Murri/Phanda- Satin stitch knots or French Knots done on a cot.
  3. Badla- Flat metallic wire, silver or gilt wire embroidery.
  4. Butas/Butis/Botis- Closely stitched motifs composed of floral & paisley forms fitted into shapes derived from the Mughal era.
  5. Lari- Fine quality gold thread embroidery.
  6. Gota Patti/Phool Patti- Metallic ribbon sewed on fabric in floral and leaf motifs.
  7. Ralli/Rilli Similar to Gota Patti or Phool Patti, Ralli/Rilli consists of sewing plain ribbons of fabric onto a different colored fabric. Hand-embroidered ralli/rilli can be hand-stitched or machine-stitched onto thicker fabrics.
  8. Chikan/Chikankari- Threadwork on muslin fabric only for a textural effect.
  9. Khatwa- inverted satin stitch on muslin only.
  10. Jaali/English Lace/English Crochet- Netting.
  11. Zardosi/Zari/Fareesha/Dabka- Leaf-scroll work (it looks like spring work to me) mixed with threadwork. Synonyms and referential to any gold or metallic embroidery.
  12. Nakshi- Nakshi is a shiny, faceted type of stitch.
  13. Mokaish/Mukaish/Kamdani- Metallic silver patti sewn in fabric in circle and triangle shapes. The design house Bunto Kazmi is a pioneer in creating circular and triangle kamdani work in the 1980s.
  14. Kashmiri Embroidery Traditionally used only for shawls. But, now found on stoles and outfits.
  15. Kantha or Taipchi Work- Originally from Bangladesh, it resembles the running stitch.
  16. Crewel embroidery Stitch used on Kashmiri shawls.
  17. Phulkari- Flower motifs, geometric patterns, surface satin stitching using silk threads.
  18. Ek Taar- Single thread embroidery used in tandem with crystals.
  19. Resham (silk)- Fine silk thread-work. Resham work is traditional thread (not metallic) embroidery. Things like satin stitches, french knots, chain stitches (see Kora), lazy daisy, ribbon work, etc are resham embroidery. The design house Bunto Kazmi is a pioneer in creating Pakistan’s famous resham rosettes.
  20. Bead & Crystal Work- Resham work is teamed with beads, baggets, diamantes, rhinestones, and Swarovski crystal.
  21. Salma Sitara- Sequins are embroidered into the fabric.
  22. Nalki Thin long tubular beads.
  23. Tilla a technique where wires are stitched into the fabric and then beaten flat.
  24. Kashida- Technique mixing of textile embroidery and printing.
  25. Kora- Kora is a fine flat golden chain stitch usually used to outline other embroideries.


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