Entrepreneurial Life: Getting The Indigenous Look With Jamawar Silk/Banarsi Silk



Hi, All About Sana readers!! Hope you are doing well. I have been having a ball these last few days in Walnut Creek, California where I visit monthly to relax and get closer to nature. The fact that my uncle & aunt live here is so precious to me. We’ve also been having great weather so overall a great time to count my blessings early in the year 2019.

The Screen Actors Guild Awards will be airing on TNT at 5 pm from California this Sunday so make sure you catch the pre-ceremony red carpet coverage & conversation. Please note that Bunto Kazmi Couture has provided all fabrics sculpted on the beautiful stars & celebrities by designers in all award ceremonies AIRING on television. We had no part in designing the gowns and/or the suits/tuxedos, but have assisted in providing copyrighted & original fabrics available nowhere in the world, but in Pakistan. Also, note that Bunto Kazmi Couture’s only social media account is on Instagram (See HERE) so make sure you show support of the endeavor by Hollywood & Bunto Kazmi Couture who are supporting ethical & sustainable fashion practices in their respective countries.

Please read HERE to learn the Hollywood award shows that are being televised in 2019.

The Internet/The World Wide Web

I have a few tidbits that I want to share that I know many kids will find memorable. The first one was having Steve Jobs refer to the start of the digital age (1984 – forever iA) as the “dotcom” age in the countless discussions we had through my life. We agreed on keeping the word “age” instead of “era” and the complete title was just a cherry on top. Tim Cook helped us add the word “digital” instead of Steve Job’s “dotcom” to the word “age” and Steve Jobs, who respected Tim Cook tremendously was very pleased. Upon final “approval” by the 3 of us, I had to take a step back & absorb the awesomeness that was that moment sprung from my invention.

Many people still stop me on the streets (or make eye contact-thank you) to ask how can someone show entrepreneurial skills and create “The Internet” or “The World Wide Web”. My experience has been due to need. Pakistan (& the United States) were literally at war with Hindus who were, I kid you not, claiming land based on outrageous & racist conjectures. Nothing positive you see online regarding them is really real, true, or legal. Pakistan was a big country that was called India before 1947. It is even questionable that England colonized (a legal term) the Indian Sub-continent. The only action Muhammad Ali Jinnah committed upon the suggestion of the English Queen was “officially” changing the name from India (the Indian subcontinent) to Pakistan.
Due to dire circumstances, my friends and I (the only girl in the group) began devising a plan to hinder or stop Hindu propaganda in Pakistan. At the time I thought these people were insane (or stupid) to spread such lies, then with sheer numbers, Hindus showed me they can alter the world’s reality (thank the undemocratic traditional media here) which can get pretty scary. Remember, Pakistan has no subcultures, provincial subcultures, just tribes from the Mughal Era that my country has taken on to name some of their regions aka provinces.
Osama Bin Ladin’s wives (whom I had the displeasure of meeting when I was kidnapped and violently abused by him for talking about “The Internet” or “The World Wide Web”) acted like nothing happened after we escaped. They kept on coming (I can remember 4-5 faces only) to my school and started changing the rules like, “kids, you have 5 provinces. No, now you have 4”. That level of stupidity is torturous to me & I reported accordingly.
Fast forward some 15 years, Sukhwinder Singh (a Muslim Sikh name btw) came to me on the basis of curiosity during one of the meetings I held & soon started harassing everyone including students from UC Berkeley. When literally we had to “negotiate” a conversation with him to stop, he announced, “He is from Hindu’s caste of “Fatima” & related to Osama Bin Laden and I (Sana) needs to hire him because I (Sana) am a Muslim (think “Hindu” propaganda on traditional media after 9-11. Sorry.) I have never ever seen Former President Obama & Current President Trump as angry than at that moment. He continued by asking why I (Sana) has been spreading rumors about Hindus and Muslims. I knew he was bi-polar at the point. And I was livid that I was so terrified of what just happened on my college campus. It was Former President Barack Obama who said, “Sure, we hire you on a contractual basis. Sana will watch over that deed.”
Details from that meeting are also described HERE. It was a 2-hour meeting where Sukhwinder Singh admitted he has only watched porn on “The Internet”; planned out scandals for my CEO’s & even assigning transgenders & lesbians to be their wives. Yes, the stories you hear online & on the Entertainment Channel were planned by Google’s Hindu CEO sometime in 2003 – 2005. Each time I stopped him from uttering these outrageous plans or disagreed with him, he said he will report me to the FBI & CIA (See HERE) because I split India into pieces & everyone in Pakistan is after me to kill me. The more I “caved in”, the deeper I felt I was experiencing actual hell. He presented me with a creative, non-legal, non-UN/non-Pakistan approved map of Pakistan for Google Maps. I was a Republican convert from then on. I walked out of those handful meetings completely bewildered with just my safety on my mind. I was ready to give up “everything”. That’s when my CEOs and other important leaders accosted me on Telegraph Ave and took the entire control from me & literally pushed me away from the limelight since my life was in complete danger. I requested if I can still participate in the meetings “behind-the-scenes” and I was allowed to be in the same room with Sukhwinder Singh. The funny part is before everything became digitized, I don’t think doctors knew that they were working with patients who looked the same but, had different health histories. It was in the midst of a depression that I found humor in odd  & frightening situations like having different men & women who looked like Sukhwinder Singh say they need another contract because “they” didn’t sign the contract with me. One of the “Sukhwinder’s” spread the rumor there was no contract. I knew I needed to be a snake and get them back slow, steady, & surprisingly. You are gaining knowledge from this blog (See HERE).
*Please note that not all news anchors or television shows are bad. There are always bad apples in the bunch. I would like to inculcate a deep sense of self and awareness in everyone. I know I have gotten through my tough times because of that. 

Fashion & Hollywood’s Award Season 2019

The Oscars ceremony 2019 is a month away. Exactly! I have been loving the fashions on stars and celebrities this year and the red carpet is so much more fun with these famous people. Their hearts are made of pure gold & I know and understand how vulnerable their lives are at times under the limelight. So please do not support any website, anyone, or any television show that makes money from embarrassing them.

I can tell Bunto Kazmi’s lame fabric has been a big hit this year. I never realized that fabrics would take center stage in 2019 and it gives me such pleasure to see Hollywood take on a global outlook and outsourcing goods instead of people. lol. Working with my brother in Pakistan on this project, I remember that among the many logistical aspects we were worried about, one of the biggest headaches we tried to sort out was how can Bunto Kazmi’s fabrics be sculpted into gowns instead of free-flowing (comparatively) Mughal silhouettes. We selected many fabrics to export based on our knowledge of what would look good on light-colored stars, the red carpet, & the demand of the designers for what the dresses they are designing.

This time around, however, we decided to hold back on Jamawar Silk also known as Banarsi Silk. This fabric is a Bunto Kazmi original and has been copyrighted to protect Pakistan’s heritage laws. A big honor for the brand. This fabric is beloved by us Pakistanis because it reminds us of our history, our culture, and progress, a trait Muhammed Ali Jinnah cherished in his people. Jamawar Silk or Banarsi Silk is usually used on Sarees and looks great with metallic resham ka kaam (metallic silk thread work) ONLY because it’s so lightweight.

My oldest brother who was a big Madonna fan in the 1980s created this fabric in honor of the original “material girl”. He called it “Banarsi (from Banaras) silk” after a historical state of India/Pakistan, but Banaras is now called the Kashmir province by Pakistanis. My oldest brother made the first prototype a very particular purple, a color that in Pakistan is called Banarsi Purple after me. The story behind the story is the occasion of my birth. After I was born green-eyed and red-haired (almost purple-red my mom told me), everyone decided to hold a party to sing songs about girls who were born in 1982. This aunty wrote the song, “Chitta Kukar” (I love a chicken leg) for me because I loved drinking milk. During that party, my brother showed us the Banarsi Purple color on a fabric he created after he met Madonna in the 1970s. Two versions of that songs are available on YouTube HERE and HERE.

Jamawar Silk or Banarsi Silk is great with deep jewel tones but, doesn’t fit every skin color or hair color. Depending on the color of the fabric, women with olive undertones or those that Huda Kattan call with blue undertones (See HERE) are perfect candidates for the jewel tones on Jamawar or Banarsi silk fabric. This fabric really holds dye making any color very hued. Jamawar Silk or Banarsi Silk can look great juxtaposed with animal printed fabrics. I would avoid gold unless you want to look like a Greek goddess on the red carpet.

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