Evil Eye Accessories with Cut-work Kurtas


Hi Guys! We are almost there! We are almost mid-way between December and to finishing the 2017 year. This year has brought so much blessings, joy, and stress (yikes!) in my life and I plan to do a separate reflective post on the blog regarding it. Today, however, I want to highlight for my Pakistani American, Canadian, and European ladies, a beautiful trend that is taking over Pakistan –  cutwork kurtas.

I began noticing this lovely piece of laser work on kurtas and I thought, “oh, that is so cool! I wonder how they do it?” Then I later found out that they actually use laser to cut shapes into the fabric creating beautiful floral designs. For those of you who are interested in purchasing these kurtas, I highly suggest and recommend designers such as Natasha Kamal (see HERE), Mahwesh Faisal, and Kavalier Laser Cut Innovations (See HERE). I have seen event the established Maheen Taseer (see HERE and HERE) apply the technique on lush velvet fabrics as well. Mesmerizing work!


Now, when you have such beautiful and multi-dimensional artwork on your clothes, it is imperative you do something with your accessories that stand apart and doesn’t overwhelm the “eye”. No statement earrings, necklaces, and bracelets or all of the above necessary. Instead, I am recommending something fun for you guys-evil eye accessories! Now as Muslims, we certainly have heard of the “evil eye” or “nazar”, but I was in awe to learn that many other cultures and religions believe in this superstition (or fact-whatever your belief system) as well. In the Western cultures, a talisman called “the evil eye”, which is quite literally a picture or an engravement in jewelry or home decor (or shoes) is used to ward of any malevolent glare or intentions. I can’t think of no other two accessory designers than Jennifer Miller and this maybe a bit of a stretch because she is not really designing with the “evil eye” symbol but still is close enough, is… Chiara Ferragni.


Some of my favorite necklace designs by Jennifer Miller Jewelry are this Pave Crystal Evil Eye Pendant Necklace (See HERE) and this Hamsa and Evil Eye Necklace (See HERE) or even this Diamond & Turquoise Evil Eye Pendant Chain Necklace (See HERE). In bracelets, I love this Double Evil Eye End Open Bangle Bracelet (See HERE) or this Diamond & Sapphire Evil Eye Chain Bracelet (See HERE). Currently, there are no evil eye earrings on the Jennifer Miller jewelry website, so our search must go on.



I love Chiara Ferragni as a blogger and a fashion designer. I particularly love her “eye” logo, which she stamps on some of her items. Few people know that this logo is actually an artistic impression of her own unique eyes. Cool, huh! her entire line is unique too. I mean how cute are these pointed slippers (see HERE) that come in 7 colors! Some of her other, less glittery designs are available HERE. One of my favorite shoe pieces by her is this coated heel (See HERE). If I wasn’t so tall, I would totally buy these and the cherry-on-the-top is that they come in 4 all-evening-appropriate colors. Some of her other shoes that can be worn during the day are these flats (See HERE), and you may even get away with these shimmer/glittery mules at a party (See HERE).


Well, guys, here is my post for today. I hope you click on these links and purchase something because THAT is ONE of the MANY ways we bloggers/influencer/fashionistas earn our living. So support our hard work! Happy Shopping!