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*This post was updated on March 24th, 2019. 

Hi Guys! Hope you are having a wonderful day or just planning on having a wonderful day. Today, I wanted to shed light on an obscure early 20th-century art movement revived by Pakistani designer, Seher Tareen of Studio S. Learning more about the art movement (See HERE), I can’t help but feel joy and vibrancy in the colorful expression of the paintings. It is nice to see a designer embracing other inspirations from other than Mughal and Ottoman sources.

I believe The MET Gala 2018 (See HERE) has a lot to do with the recent influx of artistic themes in Pakistani fashion. While Pakistani fashion has been about incorporating Mughal and Ottoman themes like nature, Islamic architecture, incorporating famous art or paying homage to artists who make the famous art, The MET Gala 2018 fashion was all about incorporating one of the most populous religions in the world- Christianity, more specifically, Catholicism. And the glamorous red carpet was a sight to behold on many occasions.

The MET Gala 2018

The MET Gala 2018 with the chosen theme called “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination” was a night full of pomp and glamour. The idea was to stylize Catholic and Christian symbols and silhouettes from religious vestments (See HERE) into modern-day costumes. The genius behind the fashion at this year’s gala was that designers used their own creative allowances regarding the Church. They used religious vestments as inspiration instead of patterns to create mock costumes. Some stars wore literal emblems such as interesting headpieces, jewels; some carried roses, while some put on angel wings; but, many had fun modernizing the Church’s embroidery with current silhouettes. It was probably the first time in history that women wore such ostentatious “religious” work such as ball gowns with the cross emblems or the color red with heavy gold embroidery. A beautiful and fun night that was!

Similarly, Pakistani designers and brands mentioned in the beginning have pioneered symbolic self-expression through themes found metaphorically in art movements. The disfiguration is deliberate as these design and brand houses interpret art through the lens of their own life experiences.

The Fauvist Collection

The latest collection by Studio S. is becoming a favorite of mine. Seher Tareen, an art enthusiast is often found traveling the world looking for artistic inspiration. Her Instagram page (See HERE) is filled with famous art showcased in museums. It is no surprise that after her Spring/Summer 2018 “The Boss Lady” collection (See HERE), she would come out with “The Fauvist” for her Fall/Winter 2018 collection. Based on the Fauvism movement that emphasized strong color and wild brushstrokes over realistic representation, the entire collection (See HERE) dazzles us with use of strong color juxtaposed delicately with intricate guipure lace (See HERE).

Fauvism was all about “wild brushstrokes” and use of “strident colors” with such a high degree of simplification that they can be called abstract (contrasting with Renaissance and Baroque art periods). The same concept can be seen on each couture outfit in the collection. The silhouettes may seem simple, which they are not, but what adds to the entire abstract concept is the surprising use of intricate guipure lace. The guipure lace contains such strong lines that I am sure the natural creative act of a designer is to make the silhouettes more free-flowing or uninhibited. Confusing choice to merge lace with these Fauvist-inspired outfits, but this is Seher’s expressionism movement. Think of the nine couture outfits as paintings of her interpretation of the Fauvism movement.

She picked one of the leading “Fauves”, Kees van Dongen, and choose nine of his paintings to inspire the color scheme of each outfit. This collection is perfect for the December wedding season, whether you are a bride or a guest. And Studio S. made this collection all about romantic women and loving them. The designs are for those few who are powerfully modern, delicately romantic, and timelessly stylish. Seher picked nine women to wear an outfit from the collection and recite their favorite quote on love and yes, the videos are tear-jerkers.

The realistic representation of the concepts above is ONLY apparent by the women who wear these couture outfits.

Gleim Jewelers

Since I think these couture pieces are perfect for any wedding events, I am choosing to incorporate precious metal and gems to accessorize them. And you CAN wear these couture outfits at a wedding regardless if it is a day event or an evening event. You can go with a “heavy jeweled” look or a “statement piece” look.  I chose Gleim Jewelers because they are cruelty-free and certified by the American Gem Society. I have experience shopping with them and impressed by their friendly staff. For those readers who do not live near a store of theirs, can shop for the pieces I include in this post!

1. Confectionary Sari & Sugar Flower Blouse (See HERE)

This lovely peach sari is classic yet utterly contemporary. Made in three different fabrics, with a fall of velvet, charmeuse silk pleats, and a tulle pallu exaggerated by guipure lace borders. The charmeuse silk blouse embellished with asymmetrical guipure lace straps make the blouse cut flattering for any body type. For a fun and whimsical touch, she used deconstructed cold-shoulder/off-shoulder sleeve straps. This sari will look absolutely darling with these green and yellow enamel earrings (See HERE).

2. Meringue Coat & Frosted Pants (See HERE)

This second ultra-modern and ultra-chic is another favorite of mine because of its detailing. The 2-piece outfit features an open front, raw silk coat that is lined intricately with large pearl buttons and loops. The box pleated waist with guipure lace ruffled on the drop shoulder and neckline is perfectly coordinated with cigarette pants with guipure lace. This couture outfit is perfect for a lovely bride who loves romance and literature. The entire outfit will go well with these vintage studs (See HERE).

3. Puff Pastry Jacket & Shredded Pants (See HERE)

I fell in love with this purple-hued couture suit the moment I laid eyes on it. Although a tad modern for me as I am not a fan of body-conscious outfits, the entire couture outfit is for a woman who likes opulence and pageantry. The jacket features tulle ruffles at the collar, cuffs, and a peplum at the waist and exaggerated balloon sleeves on a structured guipure lace base. The flared guipure lace pants have a front-open slit that gives the entire look a playful flair. Plus you can wear really cute shoes with them. Since the outfit is such a romantic statement, I would go small with the accessories, but the green color adds an unexpected twist. These emerald cut emerald earrings featured in white gold (See HERE) go perfectly with the modern-chic outfit.

4. Popsicle Coat & Shredded Culottes (See HERE)

This lovely aqua couture outfit is for the woman still deciding whether to let go of the beloved embroidery tradition in Pakistan’s wedding wear and opt for something modern and frivolous. The ultra-romantic lace decorating the brightly colored raw silk grabs your attention in a second. Thus, it is probably for a shy woman who isn’t used to the glaring attention of the world and wants to demand some without saying anything. The cold shoulder coat with box pleated details at the waist features guipure lace sleeves and borders down the open front. The cropped culottes made of guipure lace feature a wide slit that gives them a shredded effect. This couture outfit will look lovely with these vintage emerald cut Amethyst earrings (See HERE).

5. Sheet Cake Shirt & Dipped Pants (See HERE)

This fun, yet chic outfit is for those girls who like to reminisce about their early days when anything and everything looked good on their bodies even though they still look good. The straight, extra long shirt with guipure lace around the neckline gives a nice off-shoulder bolero effect.  The three-tier look in the front created artfully by guipure lace begs the attention of the onlooker to the bottom half of the dress. The shirt is almost completely sheer yet allows a little skin to be shown. The high-waisted pants with this couture outfit are made of crepe de chine silk pants with charmeuse silk borders. The outfit also comes with a 4 yard plain tulle dupatta. Since this entire couture look is so clean, I thought a couple of modern statement pieces will be appropriate. The clip gold earrings (See HERE) and the wide gold bangle bracelet (See HERE) are perfect to drive your eyes to them without taking the attention away from the details of the couture outfit.

6. The Gelato Jumpsuit (See HERE)

This crepe de chine silk jumpsuit is for that endearing woman confused on how to fit her unique style in the world of Pakistani weddings. The loose fit outfit with a box pleated structure at the waist features pockets, a thick left strap and sheer asymmetric tulle cape on the right shoulder going down to the floor. This quite dramatic flair is finished with an equally dramatic guipure lace border around the bias cut of the cape. The jumpsuit is modern and demure enough to attract the right man or friend in your life. Since the detailing is so fuss-free, I would go with a statement necklace here. Something along the lines of this reversible choker (See HERE) will go perfectly with the minimalist look.

7. Candy Kimono and Icing Pants (See HERE)

Of all the nine couture outfits from the collection, this one is probably the most casual. By my standards, the silhouette is pretty and typically Pakistani. The bright colors juxtaposed with heavy white guipure lace on the shirt and pants make it bridal shower appropriate regardless of whether you are the bride (talking to Pakistani brides here) or a guest. This dress is perfectly suited for a woman who likes to carry her professionalism in other parts of life. Sure, she likes to have fun in her own way, but under that cold and regimented veneer, there is a romantic yearning to come out. For this woman, I would recommend this beautiful vintage watch by Cartier (See HERE) to accessorize the couture outfit.

I have mentioned seven of the nine outfits in the Fauvist collection as Studio S. is releasing the rest in the next few days. The rest can be found when you visit the Studio S. studio in Lahore, Pakistan. Given my experiences, I wouldn’t recommend shopping online for these pieces or contacting Studio S. through social media channels. These online channels for Pakistan are used purely for adding entertainment value and for serving advertising purposes and can lead to fraud or identity fraud*.

*Note: given my affiliations with Pakistan, I am confident of the veracity of these opinions since The Democratic Country Of Pakistan government are aware of the highlighted issues above. Thank you.

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