Entreprenuerial Life: Silk, Lame, Tissue, And Satin



*This post was edited on September 9th, 2019.

Golden Globes 2019 Awards Ceremony

Last night was the Golden Globe Awards 2019 ceremony. In 2018, I was turned off by the all-black “Me Too” fashion that failed to turn itself on its head and become a revolution. Due to similar reactions, I guess, I had someone really sweet, generous, & anonymous (“I swear”) approach me last summer to get my 2 cents for the 2019 event.

I had heard from my contact at Bunto Kazmi, the couture label I co-founded that they were contacted at least 2 years prior to the 2019 Golden Globes event to design a gown for a star. And for those of you who are interested in knowing where & how the Bunto Kazmi brand & I were involved in the Golden Globes Event of 2019, please read on:

The Bunto Kazmi Couture Brand created the crochet for Emily Blunt’s exquisite Alexander McQueen cocktail dress. The Lame fabric & color was exported from Pakistan for Gemma Chan through the Bunto Kazmi Couture Brand. For the finishing “touches” I was approached in person as mentioned before. I explained that I would love to see some “stars” (Lucy Ricardo’s term for female actresses, who were all tired of being called for the males only term “celebrities” ūüėČ ) choose elements of playfulness & mischief that is so reflective of my writing. And it is a HUGE honor for me, as one of the millions of viewers last night, to conclude that although the award ceremony was boring (lol), the fashions this year were understated yet soo fun. And honestly, it was truly the cameramen that were catching the action by the moment. Each element of surprise reminded me of my choreographed writing a lot & for that, I’d like to thank all E! Entertainment cameramen & the stars that experimented with a new style this year.

The neat black bows & tiny jewelry were small surprises that truly added whimsical fun to sometimes overstuffed & more¬†overconstructed modern glamour. Alison Brie’s powder blue Vera Wang had a bejeweled bralette insert, which was such a win with the ethereal tulle gown, but it was that interesting black bow on her left shoulder that popped up on the screen during the interview with the fabulous Ryan Seacrest. Nicole Kidman chose to wear a playful black bow in her chignon bun, which was a tasteful ode to the “Times up” movement from the 2018’s Golden Globes red carpet. I believe she chose to show it only before getting on the red carpet. I loved Jodie Comer’s delicate emerald & diamond earrings, which she coordinated with a black Ralph & Russo tulle gown. And¬†I apologize in advance to the gorgeous female stars whose name I can’t seem to remember because she wore the most beautiful yellow & clear diamonds drop earrings with her dress. While many female stars donned over the top jewelry pieces (See HERE), it was the small & timeless pieces that seem priceless to someone like me.¬†Sandra Oh’s so 40’s head-to-toe glamor juxtaposed with Hollywood’s image of a starlet & reminded me of the beautiful Chinese ladies characterized in The Joy Luck Club. The silhouettes this year were different & weren’t complimenting anything¬†but, the tone of the evening. Gemma Chan’s periwinkle/navy blue front-open gown was a gorgeous color slated to hit the department stores in 2019. So excited to see more on last night’s event coverage.

Weird Stuff To Watch Out For

Odd stuff has been happening around me mostly at Starbucks. I don’t know if any other American has had similar incidences or if it is just me who this is happening to because of who I am. I almost got run over by a Mercedes SUV and nearly died if it hadn’t been equipped with the latest anti-crash technology. I have had people around me make no eye contact and say I/We are FBI and walk away. They are so scary & oh so talented in foreign English accents.

Just this weekend I walked into two different Starbucks where “representatives” from companies like Square and Google were “interviewing”. This is not only inappropriate, but random, and probably illegal. Don’t worry, I reported each oddity to the proper authorities. Words like “Muslims”, “terrorists” and “I have a gun and I can shoot you” got thrown around & in moments like this, we need to take responsibility and really that’s what the police is here for. Yes, still feeling a little “shook”. Other events over the weekend were even weirder. I had close to 50 people at a movie theater ticket counter pretend they were my in-laws. I had a Hindustani woman yell, “I am Asian!” then attempt to run out of the theater. When I got close to my home, a woman who looked exactly like her, but with lighter eyes blocked my way. So my readers, what I am painting is not ordinary or extraordinary. I am wanting to teach to you that what you see on the news can happen to anyone unless you do not avoid signs and contact the police at the appropriate time.

On the Basis of Sex


I saw the movie “On The Basis of Sex” with my aunt, who is visiting from Pakistan. The movie is based on the life of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Not many people know this, but when Ruth Bader Ginsburg would visit us in Pakistan (I think it was 3x before I moved to the States in 1995), she was treated as a celebrity and a starlet by all Pakistani girls. No one cared what she looked like and she taught all of us that education is the single most important “pen” in a woman’s life. Felicity Jones’s performance is impeccable as I couldn’t seem to find a difference between the Ruth Bader Ginsburg I know & the one I saw on-screen. The case that was portrayed on-screen was greatly discussed in my household in the 1980s & Ruth Bader Ginsberg was invited to my house on several occasions to learn from it. Ruth Bader Ginsberg was a great teacher as she reenacted the entire situation to me unbeknownst to me to see how I can use language, wit, text, and intellect to win the case she won ages ago. Similar to Anne Wojcicki, her teaching method is very “bottom-up” (See HERE), but I was amenable with her because she was so maternal to me. Truly an Oscar-worthy movie in my book.

Fabrics With A Sheen

These fabrics have been part of the Indian Sub-Continent since the Mughal times when the Chinese Silk Road was established under their rule. Silks, Satin, Lame, & Tissue are primarily used in Pakistani formal and bridal wear, although I have seen some similar designs used in party wear. Satin & Lame have the most sheen aka smooth and glossy look and feel. Satin is great for party-wear although I am not sure if embroidery can be done on it because it’s a thick weave. Lame, a Bunto Kazmi Bridal Couture’s original concoction, on the other hand, is great because it is light as silk, but retains its gleaming heaviness like satin. Tissue, another fabric originating in the Bunto Kazmi’s design house is tissue. The tissue fabric is very sheer, light &¬† perfect for traditional dupattas because it only allows edgings like kiren (See HERE). Silks are great for Pakistani bridals because almost any form of Pakistani embroidery can be done on them.

Many Pakistani design houses use these four fabrics in their bridal & couture designs because of their glamorous & opulent feel, look, and status. Some design houses like Bunto Kazmi choose to play around with similar family fabrics to give the entire outfit a richer and more layered look.

Personal Anecdotes

Since I will be talking about fabrics this month, I thought I also include some fun personal anecdotes regarding my family, especially my siblings and cousins who I am & was so close to. I really miss all of them so much. In my family, I was the spoilt one for sure, which could mean something really bad to some people, but if you know my family, you will come to find out we were all spoiled in some way. While we spent money on extravagant travel, shoes, fashion, crystals, and books (!), I spent money on others. Yes, I was the popular girl in the school (maybe the entire city. lol) who would spend money on food, and parties, whether it was by inviting friends to dinner or taking them out to one or throwing themed-birthday parties. Momentarily, I remember my 5th birthday sleepover, a 6th birthday high-tea party with Taylor Swift, where my mom forced me to also invite someone I didn’t like, and a 7th party that resembled a bar/club scene from Dubai. I was known as Veruca Salt among my cousins as a joke because of that and I would fight tooth and nails back. ¬†

Seher Bajo (big sister) a cousin (See HERE) loved clothes like they were pieces of arts. She may be the original fashion designer in the world who has managed to carve out a niche combining classic and traditional art with Pakistani fashion. One day after school, before my 7th birthday bar/club-themed birthday party, she came to pick me up to take me out for a birthday lunch. She had the most gorgeous Versace dress on & I think I was “livid” happy to see when I accidentally (total accident, Seher Baji) that the Versace dress looked like truck art (See HERE). Mind you, technically the truck art phenomenon started in 3rd grade when I was probably 8 or 9. She didn’t care who or what truck art was & started crying her Alice in the Wonderland eyes out (trauma much). Anna Wintour who was with her to go on that lunch date and tried to get her under control, but they literally left with Seher Baji crying & I with my mouth open going “Where is my birthday lunch?” The next day Seher Bajo¬†(big sister) came to school with Donatello Versace & told her what I said & that truck art is such a cheap concept and how I could possibly combine truck art with the Versace name. And then The Day After My Birthday Lunch Was Supposed To Happen, “I” started crying. Just then George Clooney walked in promising to put on a play if I pay him attention & then he did a quick skit, which I thought was an ad or a commercial and kept on crying. He walked away. Yeah. I was a bit of a Veruca Salt. True story.¬†

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