Fashion Predictions 2018


Hi guys and a happy new year to you all! I had a wonderful New Years Eve. After spending most of my twenties braving the crowds in Bart trains to and from San Francisco and seeing the fireworks, I have decided to have quiet evenings at home instead. I had a wonderful dinner at home and went to bed early before the supposed disastrous performance by Mariah Carey (love her!).

Today, I wanted to divert my attention from all the political literature I have been analyzing and predict fashion trends that I hope are popular this year. So here we go:


Based on the plethora of wedding fashion this season, this trend was for everyone. Gone are the days of pom-pom and tassels, ladies, it is all about fringes on shirt hems and sleeves. While you can opt for threaded fringes for your lawns and silks, it is quite lovely to see fringes with beads and crystals. It gives the shirt a beautiful illusion of a waterfall and delicacy. This year it will be all about the roaring 1920’s glamour at weddings and parties iA.


Tropical Prints with Sequins

You can read about my fashion predictions for last year (See HERE). Here I wanted sequins to come back so badly and not just in a large spray, but with patterns. I saw this trend all over the Spring/Summer Resort 2018 collections and bridal wear. I love sequins, which may appear as outdated, but if used with a  creative and fresh take, can bring back memories of the yester-years and modern edge of the current times.

Re-inventing the Power Suit

This season was all about the power suits. I would love to translate this trend on our cultural dresses. Read about my take on androgynous fashion HERE. It would be so contemporary to see a soft fabric jacket on a lengha or a mid-length coat with trousers. You can dress up the lapels and structured silhouettes (through the help of shoulder pads) with some fringes and sequins (hint, hint see above) It could be a nice follow-up to my favorite suggestion of pairing actual coats with eastern-bottoms (See HERE).


Southwest Jewelry

Living in the great state of California for so long, I have seen my share of Southwest jewelry and ladies, I would love, love you to mix a Native American spin on Eastern Wear. As you know, this type of jewelry is all about stones, feathers, and silver. Can you imagine it looking so lovely with the latest lawn prints or cotton kurtas? I would suggest to move past the turquoise/silver combination and move to some tribal embossed and/or colorful stones.


Well, ladies, here are my latest predictions I hope to see on socialites in the United States and Pakistan. Please leave some feedback and suggestions. Happy Shopping!!


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