Four Cruelty-Free Foundation Brands Perfect For Asian Skins



Hello and a happy Thursday to you! I planned on taking a break from blogging today, but then I told myself to quit being lazy and just do it! So here I am typing away. Many of you know that Taylor Swift’s “Reputation” concert is coming to the Bay Area in May. While, I loved her songs, this year I have opted not to go because the tickets are a tad bit expensive and because I want to save for trips this year. If you are going or on the verge of buying the “expensive” tickets, let me encourage you to just press the “buy” button because the girl knows how to put on a show. I went to her “1989” concert in 2015 and loved her songs and her endearing personality. Word of advice: Please do NOT have little girls (even though as young moms you are so tempted to have them see Miss Taylor Swift) go to the concert because the music is LOUD and they will spend the entire concert complaining and being afraid of the pain in their ears.

However, if as a husband/boyfriend you decide to nix the date night this Valentine’s Day and instead gift the love of your life Taylor Swift tickets (yes, they are “expensive”), I totally endorse the idea. You can even tell them I gave you the idea in case they complain, even though I am not sure why they would. Hello!

Anyways, keeping with the Valentine’s Day theme, I know women want to look and feel their very best whether it is date night on Valentine’s Day or a date night at a Taylor Swift’s concert. As a start one must have the perfect foundation. And it really takes trial and error to accomplish the task. And all ladies, especially Asian ladies know how hard that search used to be. Many young women or those women new to United States don’t know how difficult it was until recently to find a perfect foundation for your skin color and skin type. I know WE spent a good amount of time having our faces be in a different color than our necks. And as sweet as those makeup salesgirls were about teaching us techniques, no foundation or the technique gave that flawless finish as foundations in the current market do.

Today, I wanted to cover four cruelty-free foundation brands that give the perfect coverage to Asian skin tones, as varied as they are. I have tried 3 of them personally and can vouch for them. So here goes:

Kat Von D. Lock-It Tattoo Foundation

When I did decide to go cruelty-free with my makeup, I turned to Sephora for guidance. There were two things I was looking for in my foundation, flawless coverage and cruelty-free. The makeup artist suggested Kat Von D. Lock-it Tattoo Foundation (See HERE) off the bat. She said it is heavy enough to cover a tattoo! I was like let’s go for it! I used one bottle and liked some aspects of it. I liked how it covered all my skin flaws. The end result was always a dewy complexion, which was definitely a perk for my combination skin. However, one mistake I made was to apply it with my finger rather than a wet sponge or a foundation brush. Thus, I used too much product and as thick as the formula was already, it gave my whole face a very one-dimensional look, which I enhanced with eye-liners, lip glosses, mascara, and even an eyebrow mascara.

Suggestion: I would totally advise the Kat Von D. Lock-it Tattoo Foundation for ladies who want a burlesque or a heavy coverage look. That means I would not recommend it for daily use unless your skin is heavily scarred. Once you do buy it, apply it with a foundation brush or wet sponge to give it an airbrushed quality.

61dEzSKcU4L._SY550_Bare Minerals Barepro Performance Wear Liquid Foundation

I tried this foundation when it was newly introduced in Sephora last year (See HERE) and online (See HERE) and liked that it had SPF 20 and that it is made of natural minerals good for my skin. I only tried it once so I don’t have first-hand experience how it performs day-to-day. But, the coverage is phenomenal and the fact that it is cruelty-free is a HUGE plus for me.


Fenty Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation

I tried this foundation the first time at Sephora and bought it immediately. Honestly, I have no regrets because this is the best foundation I have ever worn! It is available at Sephora (HERE). It provides just the right amount of hydration, coverage, and the pigment color is just perfect for my South Asian skin tone.


Kylie Cosmetics Skin Concealer

I haven’t used this product (See HERE) because this is more of a lightweight formula that provides medium, buildable coverage instead of a heavier formula which my skin needs. I love Kylie as a TV personality and her products are cruelty-free so I am definitely going to recommend you try her concealer/foundation. Ladies who don’t like heavy coverage and don’t like the “heavy” feeling of some heavier formulas can definitely look into this concealer/foundation.


With all these foundations, I recommend getting a primer and a foundation brush for a flawless finish and less breakouts post-wear. The primer that I have used and recommend is the Urban Decay Optical Illusion Complexion Primer (See HERE) and the foundation brush I swear by is the PRO Large Domed Stippling Brush #41 from the Sephora Collection (See HERE). Although I am not sure if the brush is cruelty-free, the rest of the products mentioned are.

If you are a young Asian girl (or an Asian adult) suffering from skin issues or care about animal issues, then please check these foundations out. I know it can be overwhelming to go to Sephora and ask for a cruelty-free foundation with so many options available. The above four are only SOME of the plethora available for consumers. I would suggest doing research by reading reviews of products on Sephora’s website and then booking a custom makeover (See HERE) to actually try the products you are interested in. That’s the way I did it. Happy Shopping!


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