Guide to Buying Designer and It’s Care


*This post was edited in August 16th, 2019.

Guys and a happy Tuesday to you all! This week I am taking it slow due to the Thanksgiving holiday coming up, so while some of you are anticipating a post every day, well, just know I need to relax people ( 🙂 ). Today, I decided to write an informal guide for buying designer brands and their care. So here goes:

I believe it was in a Louis Vuitton store either in Shinjuku or Ginza shopping districts (sorry, this was over 13 years ago). It was a beautiful monogrammed Papillion and I was in love with it. It wasn’t until I came back to the United States that I realized I paid more because of all the credit card fees and the dollar to yen conversion rates that day. It was a blow since I was still in college, but my supercalifragilisticexpialidocious sister allowed me to pay her back in monthly payments.

Then a few years later, I made another mistake. I bought a pair of beautiful silver Sedaraby D’orsay Silver Formal Shoes by Manolo Blahnik & didn’t take good care of it. The purchase was in the United States so the price was more reasonable to me, however, I didn’t realize how fragile these shoes really were. While with the durable Louis Vuitton handbag it was easy, every time I would wear these pretty high heels, I would notice a scuff mark or a stain. And guys it hurt like a breakup.

Now over a decade later, as a follower of many fashion & lifestyle blogs & through experience, I get tips & tricks about where to buy designer brands & how to take care of them. So today, I thought I’d merge the two topics together in one post & help my readers in case they are interested.


To purchase designer brands on their travels is everybody’s dream. Who wouldn’t want to buy a Burberry Scarf in London or Dior (an English designer btw) Slingbacks in Paris? I know I would love to do that. However, do know to pay for that dream, you have to budget in extra fees that you don’t pay at home. In the United States, there are department stores and websites like Nordstrom (see HERE), Barneys (see HERE), Saks 5th Ave (See HERE), & Neiman Marcus (see HERE), where you can shop for designer brands. However, there are great international sites, where you can purchase pre-loved or on- sale items. My personal favorites are Vestiaire collective (see HERE) & My Theresa (See HERE). I have bought from both these online portals & not only are the prices endorphin-inducing, but you are assured these are 100% authentic items. I endorse both these websites.

*Note: Do know your European size (usually smaller than the US sizes) before you purchase shoes & clothing. It will save you the inconvenience of returns. Go to a department store & try on different European designer shoes, & you will know what I am talking about. I always order a size up.


Designer pieces, although made of luxurious fabrics and embellishments, are fragile. I have had numerous Tena Durrani digitally printed silk pants rip at the seam because I gained some weight. The shoe horrors I have already mentioned above. So what should you do?

  1. For clutches and jewelry, always keep them away from food and keep them in the dust bag. This prevents from any stains to develop through moisture & prolongs the life and look of the clutch.
  2. For shoes, please walk like a lady (or just be careful. lol) when walking to an event or for you New Yorkers, on the street. The scuff marks appear out of nowhere, sometimes even the moment you look away :). To protect the soles, I cover my designer shoes with sole guards (see HERE). I have heard of people keeping them in dust bags & shoe boxes, but I like to see the colorful pieces I own, so I keep them on the floor of my closet. And I have seen no damage.
  3. For clothes, I recommend also be careful if your heart rips like a Tena Durrani digitally printed silk pants ;). Order a size up, if you feel your weight fluctuates, & always, always dry clean. I have worn designer Pret collections to work & even though I dry clean them, I don’t feel I need to hang them in a cloth garment bag. However, with formals (or bridals), I would recommend keeping them in a garment box or cloth garment bag.
  4. Lastly, this is a family trick, every 6 months air out your garment bags & the clothes you hang in them. Outfits with expensive fabric and/or embroidery look & smell fresher & the probability the clothes last longer is higher.

* Do try to have an organized closet with each section allotted. This will prevent any stain transfer, lost items, and it just looks neater.

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