Hacks To Address Your Spooky Health Scares



Hi Guys! Happy Friday to you. I realize I am a little behind on posting some spooky Halloween material so I will kick off my Halloween posts for October 2018 by handing out helpful tips (instead of candies) to my readers. As I grew older, I consequently began watching my health. I realized that the levels of stress and work I could take on as a child and a young adult were unacceptable to my body and mind in my 30’s. It’s natural as we grow in life to opt for comfort over stress because our priorities shift. I am so proud of Selena Gomez for addressing her health concerns publicly and privately. It is these tough moments of self-care that teach us how strong we are inside no matter what our definition of mental illness is. I had to decide whether to continue my stressful lifestyle or to slow down. And I chose the latter. During the process, I learned so much about my body, my mind, and how to take care of it holistically and medically. So I would like to teach my readers a few tips I have learned along the way.

Annual Checkups


I want to say that getting annual checkups no matter how healthy I am feeling is the most important thing I do when it comes to my health. I usually note down updates, concerns I still have and where I would like to go whether it concerns women’s health or mental health. I am not suggesting anyone do this, but I also research symptoms beforehand so I have questions to ask my doctors. Annual checkups are great preventative care covered by your insurance. Trust me, your insurance carrier (and doctor) prefer you coming in for these checkups annually instead of you suffering something major (and expensive!) years or even decades down the line.

Halal Meats

I decided to eat halal meat only in 2016. Even though it was a choice, an aspect I love about certified halal meats is its high standards of cleanliness. On the news, I hear to this day disease outbreaks caused by bad meat. Mad cow diseases, salmonella, etc. are all dangerous viruses that can lead to death. However, with halal meat, the restrictions of maintaining the animal and slaughtering it are so strict that there is no chance of any disease spreading. Your memory can attest to my confidence. In Muslim countries, you hear water being an issue, but there has never been an issue with meat-bourne diseases. Interesting, huh?

A Dairy-Free Life

Dairy Free Adventures

As difficult it is for a Muslim to go completely dairy-free with all our desserts, I thought to start by skipping cow milk in 2017. I used to drink organic cow milk and decided that opting for almond milk would be easier on my digestion and a great way to lose weight. It was the first step to a more holistic lifestyle. Almost immediately after switching I felt lighter and happier. It’s been two years since I have been drinking almond milk and I won’t go back. And yes, I still have cow milk when eating Pakistani desserts like kheer (See HERE) and sawaiyaan, which is vermicelli boiled in condensed milk and sugar, but my teas at home are always made with almond milk.



I took up meditation in 2015 and it has changed my life. I also like to meditate with crystals and essential oils because I feel they enhance my at-home meditation experience. I have purchased giant crystals that I use as decor for my room, but they have health benefits as well. Just make sure you clean them to remove any toxins they have absorbed from you. The best way to clean and energize a crystal is to put it under sage smoke or let it rest in sea salt and then place it under a little sunlight to charge it. I buy my crystals from iChakras and sometimes meditate there as well.

I also made up this tip and shared it with clients when I worked at iChakras (See HERE) that apparently Miranda Kerr is making a lot of money from (See HERE). Now, I am going to share it with you. You take any light-colored crystal, a light-hued amethyst, a quartz, or a rose quartz and run it across your face. Remember to keep this crystal clean and go in an upward motion like that Goop Face Massage Roller (See HERE). Now, as helpful as these crystals appear to be when “sculpting” or “massaging” your face, they have extreme health benefits as well. If you rub the crystal upwards with a light pressure, you can see the toxins lying underneath your skin. I have seen colors from green to purple demonstrating that your diet and lifestyle is not healthy. So use these crystals to gauge your health status and make diet changes immediately! 

Cruelty-Free or Vegan Makeup

A great way to support the meditation I do is to limit the stressors in my life. And believe it or not, cruelty of any form to any creature is a stressor for me. This may sound gimmicky, but switching to a vegan diet or using cruelty-free or vegan makeup can destress you and make you happy just like any medication you think can. Switching out my makeup has been beneficial for hair and skin and it makes me feel so good when I put on makeup knowing no harm was done in making it. I couldn’t recommend this little hack enough.

You can expand on it by using organic home cleaning products or eating organic as well. It will make you feel good inside out.



I started incorporating superfoods in my diet in 2018. My friend, Leanne recommended “Nutrition for Intuition” by Doreen Virtue (See HERE) and I gained so much knowledge as it covers everything from organic teas for drinking to superfoods found around the world that can be bought online in capsule form or powder form. I started with organic Aloe Vera (See HERE), which I have daily with juice (you can put it in a smoothie). This has really helped me with my acid reflux and a side effect is my skin looks like it did when I was a teenager! Another superfood I recommend are organic Chia Seeds (See HERE), which are great for losing weight, your mood, and they taste yummy. Other superfoods I recommend for women are organic Maca Powder (See HERE), which is great for women’s reproductive health and organic Gogi Berry Powder (See HERE), which is great for your immune system, sugar levels, and liver and eye health.

A sugar alternative I use, which is a lot less “processed” than its white sugar and brown sugar counterparts is organic honey. Whenever I am having tea, I use a bit of honey to sweeten the almond milk. If you would like to avoid any sweetener, opt for vanilla almond milk, which tastes sweet naturally.


I found this great video by a blogger that covers her favorite healthy snacks (See HERE).

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