High Rated Metaphysical Stores in the Bay Area


Religion has always been the basis of my ethos in life. I may not be praying five times a day or fasting during the month of Ramadan, but I always remember what has been inculcated in me about the teachings of Islam. The result is that I am a wisely giving, kind, reflective and humanely sensitive person of God. I would say for me, the last ten years have been kind of self-searching years unlike any time before. Not only I have delved in the world of Islam, but also spirituality like Sufism as well. During a particularly difficult time, when the worldly noise was making it difficult to listen to my intuition, I saw some psychics and mediums to help me sort through problems. The end result of the experience is that I have become more knowledgeable of different worlds on many levels.

So I decided in order to find my purpose and move on with my life in a healthy manner, I need a healthy dose of spirituality in conjunction with religion. That is who I am. Some people find spirituality in religion; I find it in nature, literature, and movies. Anything that brings you closer to God is religion to me.

So today, I want to talk about some high-rated metaphysical stores in the Bay Area-some I have visited, others I have not, but are highly rated on Yelp! I feel metaphysical stores are springing up all over the country because this form of worship is being widely recognized and accepted. Even if you are not particular religious, one can find solace in meditation, crystals, or incense. Even Science now backs the medical benefits of having spirituality in one’s life. Though these places are common, I feel Bay Area is the birthplace of this movement in the US. Bay Area, especially Silicon Valley is all about alternative medicine and trying cutting edge technology for health nuts. So it is no surprise that holistic and natural lifestyle started here much before it was a fad from Los Angeles. It makes me proud of where I live. With being in so close proximity to this movement, it is no wonder this area is filled with an array of metaphysical stores offering best solutions to your life problems. I have selected some based on geography and reviews. So here goes:

San Francisco

1. Crystal Way

I learned about this place through a friend. Personally I haven’t been here because there are so many great stores near where I live so it never occurred to me to drive 40 minutes north and visit. However, I have read through their website numerous times. They have great reviews on Yelp! And have a wide selection of services, classes, and products. No store is complete without crystals and you can find aplenty here. If you follow their Facebook page, they highlight benefits of each kind of crystal they have in store. In addition, they have world-class and certified healers, astrologers, and psychics that can guide you through any challenge you may be experiencing-physical or emotional. Overall, a nice place to spend a Sunday in if you live in the city.

2. The Scarlet Sage Herb Co.

This place is all about products for your skin, body, and soul. Essential oils, bath salts, organic teas, books, calendars, décor, you name it, this store has it. They have a great website through which you can purchase these products as well. The premise and purpose of the store is healing the body through inside out with natural herbs and remedies, hence the name. Cute little place I don’t mind visiting.

3. Sword & Rose

This metaphysical store in the heart of San Francisco is nestled in the back of a beautiful courtyard and very serene. It is place for those who need help in their many different walks and path of life and their spirituality. Started by a couple in 1985, it has become a hangout spot for the community who want a place to help, pray and simply look at uplifting products. The unique draw of the store is the incenses and oils that are crafted ritually in the shop. The workers choose the best astrological aspects, ingredients, and ceremony for each purpose, and/or walk of spirituality or life when mixing the products. Another draw is the Tarot readings, which are done through both appointments and walk-ins. The shop also houses high quality jewelry, books, resins, stones/crystals, and swords (???). A must on my list to visit since I am looking for myrrh and frankincense resins.

South Bay

1. The Universal Connection Store

This store is all about crystals. There are services like Numerology, Reiki, animal communication, card and energy reading and even aura readings. In addition to the awesome services they have, they have crystals, votive, incense, essential oils, and everything under the sun that has something to spirituality and healing.

2. Enchantations

This store is in Campbell, a bit of a drive for me in my opinion, but nonetheless with great reviews. It may seem too gimmicky with intense incense burning in the store and smalls selection of classes and products, but the reviews are great because of their customer service. People working here are very knowledgeable and like to teach their clients all about their products and services. So if you are a newbie, then do consider coming to this store.


1. iCharkas Zen Center

I actually worked in this store so I know how great it is. Krystal, the owner and healer is a very talented intuitive. In addition to chakra healing with crystals, Vogel Light, tuning forks and singing bowls, all while you lie on a bed of crystals, she offers intuitive readings as well. This year they started offering chakra massage where they use their healing touch and essential oils to dissolve your stress away. It’s also a great place to purchase crystals and healing tools such as bath bombs with crystals inside them, or Dead Sea salt scrubs, and her mix of essential oils. They offer free meditation classes every first Friday of the month also. Very cute place in Downtown Los Altos indeed.

2. East West Bookstore

This place is in Downtown Mountain View so I have visited it quite a numerous of times. A mere ten minute ride away from where I live and easily accessible by public transportation (Caltrain and Light Rail) it is a quiet place to find solace in one’s life. When you walk in, you see a large library of holistic and metaphysical books for sale. There are books from natural diet, to religion, from healing to psychic development- a great selection indeed. There is even a small reading area with an indoor fountain where you can take your coffee (or natural tea) and sit with a book. In addition to books, they sell incense, candles, sage, hippie type clothes and spiritual décor for your home. It’s not just a store- they offer classes on spirituality as well.  Just look through their website and see the classes they offer for free or for a small fee. In addition to all these services, they have talented in-house psychics and mediums who read for their clients. Overall, a nice place to relax and learn in.

Happy Travels!

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