Holiday Jewelry Looks Via Nordstorm and Kendra Scott


Hi Guys! As you know the holidays are upon us and while some scramble to find the perfect gift for their loved ones, some try to scramble their brain going through websites, catalogues, and making store trips to find the perfect holiday looks. Many of my non-Christian friends may not know that besides the get-togethers on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, the whole month of December is filled with festive work parties, friend’s holiday parties, and so on. It’s really fun as a Muslim not to only enjoy the shopping sales without any tension of buying gifts, but, also enjoying the festivals and decorations and attending holiday parties where everyone is in a jolly mood.

Today, I decided to help my readers out and focus on jewelry for holidays 2017. I don’t know about you, but, besides doing the holiday sweater once in a while, I like to dress up in monochromatic colors. Don’t get me wrong, monochromes can be as loud as fire engine red, as festive as green, as shimmery as gold and silver metallics, and as muted as black. However, my ideal holiday look is to wear the classic holiday green, red, or black and have the jewelry be shimmery. This year it is all about velvets and organzas, so why not have some pretty trinkets adorning your ears and necks.

These are some examples of holiday jewelry from one of my favorite jewelry brand, Kendra Scott. Kendra is not only a jewelry designer and a business owner, but a philanthropist too. While, she has a couple of storefronts (in the Bay Area, California at least), her pieces are also available at Nordstorm (See Here) and on her website (See Here).

Guys, remember, this is not necessary the time to bring out the chunky necklaces or chandelier earrings (unless they are crystal-encrusted, of course), but a little sparkle hurt no one. So enjoy-Happy Shopping!!!