How to Read News Articles: A Well-Rounded Perspective



Hi Guys and a happy Saturday to you! I am so happy today to write this post. Today is All About Sana’s 1st Year Anniversary. Yup, it is one year old. Thanks for being on this journey with me. I hadn’t planned this post initially, but I think this issue needs to be discussed and highlighted in our daily conversations and coffee chats starting today. I have been an avid news watcher since I can remember. There was a when real journalism was about an objective dissection of an issue not a “liberal media” vs. “conservative media” perspective. Respected journalists like Anderson Cooper and Christiane Amanpour would take their viewers to a whole new world and expand our otherwise limited knowledge on world matters such as war, famine, poverty, and other important issues. Nobody really cared about “breaking the news”.

However, the media outlets of today are so lost in having their own unique perspectives of being absolutely right, even the evidence they provide the viewers seem like the absolute truth. I am talking about the television media not the published media, which goes through more of a rigourous process of editing. It seems like journalists go on network shows and get swept away with the glitz and glam of being in front of the camera. Honestly, there is no control what comes out their mouths when there is a show being watched by millions of people. This ego-based-rate-chasing impetus behind “chasing the next big story” or “going where the money is at” has left us with more questions than answers and really, who should we blame for that? The media (regardless Left or Right-wing media) who spreads these conjectures without evidence (sources are not evidence) or the people or the government? Sometimes, I watch the news and message they spread is almost tyrannical than informative-this is a dangerous road to go down to.  I beg the question, is this even real journalism?

So today, I decided to teach my readers how to be a discerning audience and really question the facts that are presented in published media (I am really thinking of giving up television news). I will be using an article from “The Washington Post” to highlight my points. The article can be accessed HERE.

The article starts with “If 2017, with President Trump’s hiring freeze and political machinations, posed difficulties for federal employees, 2018 could be worse”. The start is a conjecture, an opinion, a prediction. It is no way the truth of what is really going on and if the point the journalist makes is true. A reader must treat it as that and expect some evidence later in the article to back up this conjecture.

And Joe-rnalist does present us with plenty of hard facts and evidence. However, here is when a common reader gets confused-the evidence not being well-rounded. He continues, “They (the federal employees) did get a 1.9 percent pay raise this year, but now administration officials are considering a wage freeze and are attacking government data indicating that federal pay lags far behind that of the private sector. Don’t forget White House and congressional Republicans’ proposals to cut retirement and health-care benefits. They weren’t approved last year, but they remain poised for takeoff.” Besides the badly worded syntax in this paragraph that taint the facts, the facts that are provided to support his initial conjecture are very one-sided and highlight A perspective. Do note that the entire article ignores the fact that the Congress just passed a new TAX LAW that cuts taxes and saves money for everyone. The ASSUMPTION IS THAT THE MORE LEFTOVER MONEY YOU HAVE, THE MORE FREEDOM YOU HAVE TO INVEST/SAVE  FOR RETIREMENT/OR DO WHATEVER WITH IT. The people are in control of their money, not the government (hint…hint… with high taxes).


The article continues with statistics, which I hate to point out, seem like are pushing the Democratic/Liberal agenda than the well-being of the entire country. The fact of this matter is that while private sectors may get paid more, they also have less job security and need more training/education to even work there. Government jobs are perfect for those people who are immigrants and/or from a low-income family and want to work in a secure, long-term position.

So although, important names supporting a bill or research backed by non-interest groups may seem well-meaning, it is not the complete picture. Take this quote for example, “Ultimately, we believe in the need for fundamental reforms of the white-collar Federal pay system,” the officials added in a memorandum for the president included in the report. “We believe it is imperative to develop performance-sensitive compensation systems that will contribute to a Government that is more citizen-centered, results-oriented, and market-based.” HOWEVER, do you really understand the repercussions behind this change? That means low-skilled, graduates from low-income families, or anyone who didn’t have a conventional upbringing won’t be able to apply for these “white-collar” jobs.

In conclusion, guys, it may seem like the Democratic Party is the party of the masses and th Republican Party belongs to the rich, this media-imposed boundary is not that rigid or simple. I think both parties do great things and truly, the basis of success of this country should be the cyclical nature of the political system, until we get to that point of total utopia, if we ever get there. Well guys, I hope I have taught you something today. I highly suggest reading the linked article to get a better understanding of what I talk about here. Happy Reading!



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