Immigration Reform Post Trump’s First State of the Union Speech


Hello and happy day to you! Today I wanted to do a third post on something that is really important to me and is the source of frustration of all Americans. As an immigrant-turned-citizen, I can understand the plight of immigrants in the United States. For those who don’t know, it is an arduous and long process that havoc your peace of mind and finances. For those folks that want to learn more about the United State’s current immigration policy, see my previous post HERE. I wrote another piece recently where I tackle the DACA bill aka known as The Dream Act (See HERE).

A couple of days ago, President Trump addressed the nation in his first State of the Union speech. I loved his speech. It was structured, well-thought out, and educated all Americans what the State has accomplished and what the issues in hand are. The first third of the speech covered how the economy and job market have done under his presidency. He also mentions the health reform, a topic I wrote about HERE. The rest was on the issues that we need to tackle like crime, drug abuse, illegal immigration, building a wall, and international trade projects.

You know since the media started covering this illegal immigration issue, I have been following it and reflected a lot on how I, as a proud immigrant myself, feel about what is going on. Just like hundreds of “legal” immigrants that have been coming here, I have done everything in the formula to achieve success. I came here, went to school, studied hard, worked and built my idea of an American Dream. So how do I feel about this issue when others commit crime and try to get away with it?

In a nutshell, I think media is missing the point. I know, like the rest of the world, even though it’s not a “pretty” concept that when illegal immigrants come here by crossing the border illegally or over-staying their visitor or work visa, they have no legal status. So of course they turn to illegal means to earn cash, be it gang-related activities, drugs, and even sex-trade. But is it really the system that failed them? A plain and simple “no” in my opinion. How can the same system make some immigrants, like me successful and others criminal? Odd, huh? Something’s gotta give. It all boils down to how immigrants come here. Illegal immigrants break the law the moment they come here or stay here illegally. Do I feel comfortable giving these immigrants a legal status? Absolutely not!

These people come to the United States with low education, poor training, and a criminal intent (whatever that may be) and I, for one do not want them staying here. Sure, they can call me names and make me feel bad. They love doing that, but I need to think about my family, my children and all children living here who are exposed to violence in the hands of illegal immigrants daily. Yes, there are crimes being reported everywhere-petty theft, “blue-collar crimes” like stealing, AND “white-collar crimes” where they can actually create a market/industry (and legal companies) and “beat the system”, while making millions of dollars. Yes, I want to hear about these crimes as a citizen of United States. Why should we be afraid of name calling and shaming when we are victims of something that is more insidious and vicious?

This issue has been around since I have come here in the 1990’s (it probably existed even before). I remember there were students in my school who learned I was an immigrant student and tried to get me in trouble by encouraging me to join a gang or commit a crime. Can your child fall victim to this? Sure! It continued throughout my work career as well and even today each and everyone of us fall prey to criminal intent. I am sick of this. What we need is to have a law that recognizes and punishes illegal immigration because those of us who have lived here since birth and those of us who come here legally are just fed up with the conversations and the importance given to a topic that is an open-and-shut case.

In conclusion, please do not endure this sort of abuse from anyone. Whites, Hispanics, Asians, Middle Eastern or anyone. There are many ways you can protect yourself from fraud and crime. Build a credit history first of all, file taxes annually, do not do cash transactions unless it is a place you recognize like Safeway, do not hire a nanny or a cleaning lady unless they have some sort of identification or come from a reputable company (and do not pay them cash!). If you notice anything suspicious, report it immediately! To learn more about “suspicious behavior” see HERE.

In conclusion, please do not punish the federal employees and people who depend on government services with government shutdown. We need to move on from this. Please pass a solution asap. To read more about my perspective, see HERE, and HERE.  Happy Reading!

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