Immigration Today: A Pakistani-American Individual’s POV


Hi Guys! I hope you are doing well and enjoying the best the fall has to offer. In a couple of weeks, we will be starting the holiday festivities with Thanksgiving, Friends-giving, Christmas parties, and then finally New Years Eve get-togethers.  Today, I wanted to talk about a serious subject that has been plaguing my mind ever since it became controversial during what we know as “Trump Era”. Currently, there are a lot of words being thrown around on social media, news, and newspapers like the “Muslim Ban” and the “Dreamers” which has me all twisted inside. Hence, I thought I’d come out of this tunnel maze in my mind by writing a piece expressing my individualistic views based on my level of expertise and experience. I am an immigrant myself-a proud one who loves her adopted country and her birth country, so I know my opinion holds some weight.

Honestly speaking, we as citizens of the United States don’t know much about immigration laws. I mean before this conversation started, did we know about the “Dreamers Program” or the visa program that allowed Sayfullo Saipov into the country? I know speaking for myself, I am shocked to learn no. And the sad reality is that the proverbial “bad apple”-the terrorist, the criminal, the drug lord, the gang member-ruins opportunities for the rest of the “good apples” who truly want to come here in peace and make a life for themselves. Then come the dividing conversations from tired law enforcement agencies in one end to bipartisan politicians on the other end; from self-entitled immigrants on the left to demanding citizens on the right- all opinions get thrown in the mix and it is difficult to come up with a solution that can make everyone happy and you know what they say about attempting that.


I think that instead of banning a group or picking a group over the other based on facts drawn from overview research is wrong and downright racist. I think we need to look at this immigration “problem” with economics in mind. Trust me, it will be a lot less controversial and illegal. I propose that we look at the industry needs- current and future. What are the economists saying about clean air engineers, teachers, tech engineers, researchers, college professors are there roles in the job market that we can’t seem to fill? How about sending ambassadors to learn about and pick from the “cream of the crop” college graduates or opening merit-based scholarships to allow students to study here? I know my family and I came here because of this mentality and we have contributed much to the betterment of the community and became successful in the process. So where does the confusion began in all this? Doesn’t it seem totally fair? It is time the media, who we love to hate, try to sensationalize opinions held by a handful of people.

 Honestly, this is our right as a country to pick immigrants that can be beneficial for the common good of the country. This applies to refugees as well. Do we need to invite hoards of them and “risk” (according to some media channels) inviting troubled souls coming in as well? Bluntly put, no. Do we need to build a giant wall that can be seen from the NASA Space station? Bluntly speaking (and smiling), no.

The immigrants that are here illegally, coax them out, look at what they have done while living here. Are they working? Are they going to schools? Are they paying for health insurance and taxes? Then they stay here. They are an integral part of our society. We cannot just throw them out unless they are “real” criminals. We can control, however, who comes in from now on. I say have health test for these families and individuals coming in to get jobs-that includes psychiatric exams. But what about merit-based students who get accepted to study here? We should welcome them with open arms. I have met some of these people when visiting Pakistan and they are truly dreamers.

Trust me this can happen only when we change or attitude and approach to the problem. How should we fund these programs? It should be a combination of individual contribution, government credits, and private contributions. This can be truly done. Why do I think so? Just because I believe in the good of most people that share the vision of a common good.

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