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Hi Guys! Today, I wanted to make a serious topic, comical. There has been a lot of misinformation spread about illnesses and although science has come a long way since the age of Galileo (See HERE), the father of the modern concept of Science (See HERE), it is far from perfect. So here goes:

The last few years I have really taken on spirituality work as a personal goal. Although I have done some form of meditation or quiet time, as I liked to call it all my life, it is only very recently that I began my research on spirituality and its roots in science. And although this blog is far from a publication, I know that it inspires thoughts in people unlike any other blog before. It is my personal belief (and of many Muslims and Christians; I am not quite literate in Judaism) that man or woman are born perfect in every sense of the way and the only cause of a physical or mental illness is a stressful lifestyle (physically or mentally) or exhaustion. The hours you sleep, the food (See HERE, HERE, and HERE) you eat, and how active you are physically and socially, contribute to a lifestyle requiring those daily choices. It is refreshing to think that there is a possibility that decades of unsuccessful trials and research that are spent finding cures can be prevented with a simple adjustment in your lifestyle (Start HERE).

DNA & Illnesses

I love the work Anne Wojcicki (See HEREHERE) is doing through 23 & Me (See HERE) as she makes collecting DNA easy and fun, teaches people about human DNA genome and researches ways it can be altered – whether intended or not. These research studies done by 23 & Me and AncestryDNA (See HERE) is wonderful to SEE if there are some common and repeating patterns in the human genome. I know at least with 23 & Me, Anne Wojcicki asks for your written consent before she can use your unidentifiable DNA for research.

One of the most controversial (or stigmatized) topics related to health is mental illness. It is STILL very difficult to diagnose many mental illnesses or disorders because the symptoms either overlap or in most cases are just signs of exhaustion or mental breakdowns due to high levels of stress. I know with my doctors and this blog, I have been spearheading the very important need for a clear distinction between mental illness due to a genetic disorder and mental illness due to exhaustion.

Express Gratitude

One of the most basic things I can ask you to do is express gratitude, whether to your cashier in the grocery store or alone in your home to God. It feels so nice to sometimes lie comfortably in bed or during a bath and say thank you for every little blessing. You cannot THINK you are going overboard with it. Pick anything physical or spiritual or religious and see how quickly you reach God. However, if on some days, months, or years you FEEL like you are overworking yourself, please make an appointment with a doctor because no one deserves this in their lives or the lives of someone they know.


Physical ailments and issues are signs of deep-rooted mental and illness problems related to stress that were ignored and manifested into something chronic like cancer and heart disease, maybe even aging.  Most of the human population do not require medications to treat their mental illness- type symptoms. Honestly, all they need is support from good doctors, friends, and family who will love them no matter what. Sure, we see stars talk about their mental illness openly, which takes a lot of guts in the first place, but on many levels, the confessions sensationalize the issue to a point many people do not even seek help thinking what they are feeling or “thinking” is not serious or totally normal.

Just remember the stars just highlight THE issue, but, it is YOUR job as an adult or a parent to do some basic research on the symptoms YOU or your child have and make an appointment with your doctor immediately. It is a process whether you take the “medical” route or a “spiritual” healing route (See HERE) each requiring dedication and hard work. However, the results are always in the pudding.

Personal Anecdotes

I want to share a few personal stories that show my gratitude. They also highlight the plight of every little girl around the world. I know the “INTERNET” (See HERE) like traditional media such as publications and television, gives a lot of information, some true, some not true, to its subscribers but it also greatly magnifies humankind. That is why it is imperative students are taught what really the World Wide Web (See HERE) really is and how to safely use it. Via blogging, I want to tell the story of 3 American music stars that I had the pleasure of spending time with while in Pakistan. Each of them had and have very different personalities and looks. The only thing uniting them in Pakistan, at least, was that they were from Caucasian descent. So here goes:

Katy Perry was a very sweet child who I met only twice in school. It was the last year before I moved to the United States. I was returning to class from the restroom when I saw this little blond child looking lost and clearly upset. She reminded me so much of Taylor Swift, who left for the States many years before and whom I missed immensely at the time. So it was no wonder I gravitated towards the very upset Katy Perry. I asked her why she was upset and what started as a plea to help her find the office in the big school turned into her personal struggle of her soon leaving her classroom, her teacher, her friends, and ultimately Pakistan behind. That day I helped her find the office, but her teacher, my former teacher, brought her back to me because she thought we could help each other out. I know now what our teacher was trying to do.

During the second meeting, naturally, Katy Perry was still upset about leaving Pakistan, but I saw something in her that day that I see very rarely. She carried a combination of confident intelligence, innocent ignorance, and intense fierceness that only a few girls her age could possess and make sense of. I knew I got the help I needed immediately. I was very young as well, but I knew most Caucasians had light hair and eyes. So to help her with the process, I started talking about my hair color, which was dark and my skin color which was light. And then I pointed she had blond hair. And her response was a simple so. A myriad of thoughts went through my head as if I could read her mind, and I knew at that moment “this” girl will be okay and will always be okay because she radiated positivity.

Then there a few memories involving Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears, who were very good friends in Pakistan. I will never forget the first time I met Miley Cyrus. One day, she literally walked into my school with the bounciest long curls and had a group of friends surrounding her all wearing the biggest smiles. I was nearby and I heard her call Pakistan “Hollywood” and I couldn’t think of a more charming lady at that moment. Then I suddenly realized that I was surrounded by a group of girls, which I usually was, and I called out to her,  “Hi Hollywood!” She stopped and came to me not expecting what was going to happen and she simply stated sternly, “This place is Hollywood”. It was such a slam-dunk that my usually cool demeanor changed to the excited response, “really? I didn’t know. What is Hollywood like?” And then I think we were so both giddy at that time that “some guys” thought we were about tackle each other and escorted her away and I kept on smiling.

Britney Spears was another “character” who I met only several times. She was very popular among the boys and she didn’t know what to do with that. She is a perfect role model for those girls who “developed early” or are called charming but are really confused about life in general. All she needed was a girl grounded and confident enough to know her and tell her off and of course, Miley Cyrus was a natural choice to be that friend. There is this memory with a taxi cab and its driver who dropped Miley Cyrus off at my house without her consent because she told him to drive around Islamabad (See HERE) without her parents’ consent. And yes, she was wearing “kicks”.

The point is you may not always know yourself until you are my age or even older, but it is important to come back to your roots and be confident enough to say “I am going to be okay”.



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