Judith Leiber Clutches with Bunto Kazmi Bridals: A Love Affair


Hi Guys and a Happy Monday to you! I had such a fun weekend that I am ready to return home relaxed, refreshed, and motivated to do new things to the blog. My uncle is a doctor mA and a blogger of interfaith work (his and others) and finding an identity as a Muslim in today’s world. He was kind enough to give me many tips to incorporate in the coming months iA.

Today, I wanted to start the week with a bang! That means to cover one of my favorite hobbies-fashion. This time I am incorporating two designers, whom I have talked about before, but with Valentine’s Day in mind. So here goes…

They say Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year. Even though I am far from being agreeable here, there is something about Valentine’s Day that reminds us that we have someone special in our life. Some couples get married on Valentine’s Day, others have elaborate or special dates where they exchange gifts; however, I like to have a quiet evening indoors. To me getting to know someone intimately or renewing your passion for another is a wonderful way to celebrate your relationship. And you can’t achieve that over mood-light lit dinner. And my idea is a lot cheaper!

For couples getting married on Valentine’s Day (it falls on a Wednesday this year) or Valentine’s Day Weekend (I just made this up, this doesn’t really exist. lol) can gain some designer knowledge from today’s post. Or if you are not really into this sort of thing, recognize today’s post as adding entertainment value.

Many of you remember me mentioning Bunto Kazmi because of my posts (HERE and HERE and HERE). For those ladies who will be wearing or plan to wear Bunto Kazmi on their special day(s) can do something fun than carrying the usual Bunto Kazmi batwa. I love the idea of pairing Judith Leiber clutches with Bunto Kazmi bridals. Now I know this may be unattainable for some, but you can find many crystal covered clutches for your bridal attire, Bunto Kazmi or not, that are budget-friendly and beautiful. You just have to use your imagination.

Honestly, if your budget allows it, you can either invest in a Judith Leiber clutch or a Bunto Kazmi bridal. They are statement pieces as standalone. I have seen only a few ladies pair them together and they probably did what I do. Buy uber-expensive items like a Judith Leiber clutch and a Bunto Kazmi bridal or formal one at a time. That’s smart budgeting for designer fiends out there.

While you have very little say in the exact end product of a Bunto Kazmi bridal, you can add a little personal flair to your bridals with a Judith Leiber clutch. And if you know the latter designer well, you know she has clutches in a wide array of designer prices and for all designer budgets.


I have looked around and although there are many places that sell Judith Leiber clutches, the department store which has the best selection in my opinion is Neiman Marcus. I have been on the hunt (this is a serious investment so PLEASE take your time) for quite some time. I have looked online at Vestiaire Collective (See HERE) and The REALREAL (See HERE) and love the quality of pre-loved handbags on Harriett’s Closet (See HERE), which are online portals for luxury consignment pieces. The first two websites have great prices on Judith Leiber items, however, the quality of their pre-loved pieces are not the best. Either the hardware is scratched or the embellishments are missing. You can go to a private seller, but you really have to have an eye to judge you are getting a Judith Leiber item in excellent condition.

That’s why I would turn to Neiman Marcus to avoid any fraud or surprises. Yes, you are paying ALOT more, but these are heirloom pieces and should be bought ONLY when you can take care of them AND when you can afford them. If in doubt over what to get in Neiman Marcus, check out some of the selections I am posting here:

For those ladies that like pretty things, how about this ultra whimsical Monarch Crystal-Studded Butterfly Clutch Bag (See HERE) or the Multi-color Cupcake Rainbow Clutch Bag (See HERE)?

For something stylish, but true to Judith Leiber DNA, look at the Gilded Bird Cage Framed Clutch Bag in gold (See HERE), the Crystal Bow Clutch Bag (See HERE and HERE), or the Fromia Starfish Crystal Clutch Bag in Red (See HERE).

If you want to display your playful side, then the Sodalite and Green Onyx Crystal Camel Clutch (See HERE), the Cubana Conch Shell Crystal Clutch (See HERE), the Magnolia Blossom Clutch Bag (See HERE), the Rocking Horse Evening Clutches (HERE and HERE), or the famous Swan or Flamingo clutches (HERE and HERE) are the way to go.

For something more budget-friendly, the Natalie Full-Bead Foiled Clutch Bag (See HERE), the Madison Satin Bow Clutch Bag in Crimson and Silver Platinum (See HERE and HERE), the Velvet Coffered Rectangle Box Clutch Bag in Ruby (See HERE), the Monogram Crystal Slide-Lock Clutch Bag in Fuchsia (See HERE) are safe investment pieces.

Ladies and gentlemen, these two designers are not for the faint-hearted. They are expensive. If there are any young girls out there wishing to wear these designers for their wedding SOMEDAY, put aside some money each month in a savings account (or give money to your mother if you are afraid you will overspend), but know items by these designers cost a month’s rent, your groceries, and all other bills COMBINED. For everyone else, please be realistic and do not put designer items (especially these two) on your credit card thinking the debt problem will go away. Credit Card debt is one of the worst decisions to undo so please act responsibly. Save, save, and save and you will attain iA.

So guys, here are two designers in one blog post, a love affair to remember.




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