Killer Designer Lawn Campaigns 2017


No, the featured picture is not showing an Apple store on the day of a newest iPhone release. It is Sana Safinaz in Karachi on the day of a lawn release (you may rub your eyes and take a second look). It’s that time of the year again in Pakistan-lawn season. As frenzied women make attempts at attaining the most coveted designer lawn suits, I thought I may shed some light on this Pakistan-only phenomenon for my non-desi followers who have no clue what it is like to shop for a designer lawn suits in spring.

Around this time, sweat finds its way into weird crevices of your body in Pakistan and women must wear something to avoid feeling like a sweaty gym all the time. So what is the best thing to do besides upping the electricity bill with air conditioning? Wearing lawn. What is lawn? Lawn is a lightweight, almost sheer, plain weave cloth chiefly of cotton. It is designed using fine, high count yarns, which results in a silky feel. It is perfect for hot weather like in Pakistan where temperatures reach 110 degrees Celsius in summers. Hence, you do not need to major in Economics to realize that the demand for lawn is high here and designers and brands spend countless amounts of hours and monetary resources to come up with new designs year after year.

So what makes a killer lawn campaign? I stalked several designers’ Instagram and Facebook accounts to see the upcoming lawn collections. And there seems to be a common pattern in successful campaigns. First of all, you need to have the shoot in some exotic locale-yes, the beautiful landscapes of Pakistan will just not do. Then you need to hire a top model of the industry who will bear hours of torturous makeup and creative posing. Apart from the stitching of those bolder-by-the year prints that your neighborhood darzi can do, you need to accessorize your outfits with international brands and designers. And there you have it- a lawn campaign that will prompt millions of not-naked-women to splurge on another lawn suit to wear at kitty or iftar parties.

Here is information about six Lawn campaigns I found that made a big splash:

Sana Safinaz

Model: Amna Barber

Prints Style: Classic Sana Safinaz; florals, white base with vibrant colors; Not many geometric prints and very whimsical and romantic.

Location: Unknown

Farah Talib Aziz

Model: Iman Madaani

Print Style: Floral delicate, feminine designs; pastel pinks, lavenders, canary yellow, and an occasional black or red.

Location: Monte Carlo


Model: Gigi Jeon and Albina Kireera

Print Style: Venetian and Renaissance feel; flowers with architectural designs

Location: Seville & Cordoba

Zara Shahjahan

Model: Raskia

Print Style: ethnic motifs-Indian and Mughal; deep colors

Location: Vietnam

Zainab Chottani

Model: Amna Ilyas

Print Style: Blues, pinks & black; bold colors with mostly delicate prints

Location: Venice

Faraz Manan

Model: Unknown

Print Style: Deep, dark colors with vibrant motifs; you can’t miss the giant flowers and leaves on the dupattas.

Location: Siciliy

Chances are these lawns are already sold out online. However you can go to a retailer (if you live in Pakistan) and hunt down these designs. They are truly pretty. Happy Shopping!