Live In Comfort Daily With Cotton Blends & Wool Blends



While the modern time’s Madonna was a huge fan of rich silk fabrics, Michael Jackson loved the look and feel of cotton, especially Egyptian cotton. He has immortalized the ancient Egyptian culture symbolically and literally in his music videos (See HEREHERE). He called anything he loved “bad”, so naturally he used the word to describe cotton.

I first learned about this interesting play on words in a weekly dance class he taught in Pakistan one summer which became my favorite dance class outside of school. My mother was pregnant with one of my brothers and needed me out of the house most of the day. While he was teaching us moves & learning moves from us through our awkward interactions, I began honing in on his lyrics playing in the background. And I loved his song “Black or White” & “Bad”, while my cousin Seher liked “Billie Jean”, which I was told I shouldn’t like because it is not about me since I am a baby (anyone got older cousins here? sheesh!). I had to be 3. 

So during this one class, after I wrote out the lyrics with the help of my cousin, Seher & listening to the song on a cassette player a 100 times at least, I showed the piece of paper to him which he promptly put in his jacket pocket & told me to “dance”.  I was like “okay”. And then while everyone was dancing, I got frustrated & stopped. So he looked at me while dancing himself & said, “oh you got the hunger now”. And I was like, “yes”. He said, “Bad is good.” to which I replied, “Huh, that makes no sense. I can’t say that to my teacher.”

And then the Former US President Obama who was very young here showed up laughing & told Michael Jackson to explain “bad” further to me. So Michael Jackson stopped the music & professed, “Bad means you are so good that you are bad.” I understood that. I was excited and I got happy & walked home with a big smile on my face with my cousin, Seher.  

Wool Blends To Know:

  • Wool
  • Mohair
  • Cashmere
  • Angora
  • Alpaca
  • Velvet

Cotton Blends To Know: (for specific weave styles see HERE)

  • Cotton Laila
  • Linen
  • Lawn
  • Grip Silk
  • Velvet
  • Synthetic fiber weaves as Rayon, Nylon, & Polyester

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