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Hello All About Sana readers! Hope you are doing well. I have been feeling great because of the mini vacation I took last week to Walnut Creek, California, a town about an hour away from the original Silicon Valley, which BTW has expanded into San Francisco now. I am still glowing & gloating over how well the pre-awards ceremony part of the SAG or Screen Guild Awards 2019 went. I am not hearing a lot of “thought out” negative press this year, which contributes greatly to my inner satisfaction & glow. Yesterday, I covered the concept behind the grey carpet & the nostalgia the color entails visually & energetically in the Hollywood industry & American culture. Today I want to discuss the fashions of the stars, starlets, & celebrities who walked the carpet on Sunday. 


It is hard to pick my favorites from Sunday because everyone looked so beautiful & crafted. All actors & actresses looked clean from the opinions of stylists & shone brighter in my eyes through looks they visualized themselves. I could tell the grey carpet really tone down the craziness that is the red carpet. It was so cute to see the show’s directors & their assistants telling the stars & celebrities to slow down while getting their pictures taken by the press. I guess the vibrancy of the red hue just makes you feel more alive & energetic, but you can miss priceless photo opportunities so critical for personal relations.


The fabric interplay & color palettes chosen by the stars were gorgeous. There were some stars who chose the monochromatic look like Emily Blunt in a tea pink gown & Sandra Oh in a burgundy gown with a simple, but dramatic tail. Some of my favorite fabrics from the night were Tafetta, Tafetta Silk & Tulle. Lady Gaga in an ivory gown with a side-slit & Fiona Xie in her Asian princess sleeveless gown were two stars aceing the fabric game. Gemma Chan who is a fashion minx in my eyes chose a particular weave, which shows just a tiny hint of darkened threads, which is an optical illusion. That’s why her fabric is considered Tafetta, not Lame. Julia Garner looked like a mystical mermaid in that aqua blue & aqua green Taffeta gown.  Rumor Willis was another star that played the Tafetta game strongly with a grapefruit red gown. Some stars used lace to add prints for their fun & flirty gowns, while others opted for the proverbial favorite – the polka dots to style up the print game I hope dies soon.


It was so fun to see veteran stars or more mature stars play with different textures for a change. Angela Bassette, Shangela, Ryan Michelle Bathe, Jane Fonda, Kirby Howell- Baptiste, Kia Stevens, Danai Guirira, Rachel Weitz, & Sibley Scoles looked STUNNING!

The silhouettes were gorgeous as well & I could tell the stars & celebrities looked healthy in them. That is what is precisely to be expected when you focus on just one or two aspects about a star’s dress or makeup & jewelry. When the vision is so defined, the star can actually do the “talking” on the carpet. Focusing on the sleeves & necklines, the deep V-necks were the belles of the ball & one-shoulder gowns made a statement for me. Rachel Bloom’s Grecian look was both exotic & ethereal because of the sleeve on her left arm. It showed just the right amount of skin & the perfect amount of constraint to let her inner beauty shine. Laura Harrier showed her exceptionally toned arms by having both her sleeves lie on a very different position of her arms. Other trends I spotted were the tiered look & shorter hemlines. Constance Wu & Rachel Broshnahan were my favorites stars here. I loved Emma Stone made the SAG Awards 2019 a “date night” & chose to wear pants with an asymmetrical sexy top with an attention-grabbing bow tie. She looked glamorous & chic at the same time. Amy Adams & Mandy Moore looked divine in their all-black figure-hugging gowns.

When it came to makeup & jewelry this season, so far Michelle Yeoh & Gemma Chan have been the front-runners for me.

In conclusion, I think SAG Awards 2019 fashions were winners as each actor & actress showed their fashion & PR prowess by the fabrics they chose to wear, the designers they chose to dress them, & of course the makeup & jewelry they borrowed/used to enhance their evening look.


While Madonna was a huge fan of rich silk fabrics, Michael Jackson loved the look & feel of cotton, especially Egyptian cotton. He has immortalized the ancient Egyptian culture symbolically & literally in his “music videos” (See HEREHERE). He called anything he loved “bad”, so naturally he used the word to describe cotton.

I first learned about this interesting play on words in a weekly dance class he taught in Pakistan one summer which became my favorite dance class outside of school. My mother was pregnant with one of my brothers and needed me out of the house most of the day. While he was teaching us moves & learning moves from us through our awkward interactions, I began honing in on his lyrics playing in the background. And I loved his song “Black or White” & “Bad”, while my cousin Seher liked “Billie Jean”, which I was told I shouldn’t like because it is not about me since I am a baby (anyone got older cousins here? sheesh!). I had to be 3. 

So during this one class, after I wrote out the lyrics with the help of my cousin, Seher & listening to the song on a cassette player a 100 times at least, I showed the piece of paper to him which he promptly put in his jacket pocket & told me to “dance”.  I was like “okay”. And then while everyone was dancing, I got frustrated & stopped. So he looked at me while dancing himself & said, “oh you got the hunger now”. And I was like, “yes”. He said, “Bad is good.” to which I replied, “Huh, that makes no sense. I can’t say that to my teacher.”

And then the Former US President Obama who was very young here showed up laughing & told Michael Jackson to explain “bad” further to me. So Michael Jackson stopped the music & professed, “Bad means you are so good that you are bad.” I understood that. I was excited and I got happy & walked home with a big smile on my face with my cousin, Seher.  

Wool Blends To Know:

  • Wool
  • Mohair
  • Cashmere
  • Angora
  • Alpaca
  • Velvet

Cotton Blends To Know: (for specific weave styles see HERE)

  • Cotton Laila
  • Linen
  • Lawn
  • Grip Silk
  • Velvet
  • Synthetic fiber weaves as Rayon, Nylon, & Polyester

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